HTC pledges to provide 2 year’s worth of updates to new flagship devices

by: Adam KoueiderFebruary 15, 2014


One of the big sticking points to purchasing HTC smartphones in the past few years was the relative lack of updates provided for flagships, and while there are more than a few reasons why HTC is no longer at the top of the Android tree, the fact that many customers have been burned by HTC due to a lack of updates is definitely a big factor.

HTC has acknowledged that it hasn’t been the best in the business when it comes to updates, and as such has improved in both speed and regularity with its 2013 flagship the HTC One, which has received reasonably quick updates. Now HTC is looking to go one step further as it has pledged to provide a full two year’s worth of updates to new flagship devices after their release date as it looks to win back the trust of customers.

[quote qtext=”We don’t have a perfect track record regarding updates along with almost every phone manufacturer, but we’re dedicated to bring more transparency to the process and doing our best to deliver updates as quickly as we can.” qperson=”HTC USA Product Team” qsource=”Reddit AMA” qposition=”center”]

This was revealed in yesterday’s Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), which was undertaken by the HTC USA product team to help bring a little more transparency and improve communications with customers. Unfortunately, they did not specify what was considered a “flagship” device, but we can safely assume the successor to the HTC One will be one of them.

[quote qtext=”Today we are making a commitment to support all new North America flagship devices going forward with all major Android updates for 2 years after their release date.” qperson=”HTC USA Product Team” qsource=”Reddit AMA” qposition=”center”]

The AMA also revealed some good information for owners of the US version of the HTC One X. HTC had previously announced that all variants of the HTC One X, and One X+ would be stuck on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. This was due to the lack of support from Nvidia for newer versions of Android for the Tegra 3 processor found in the International variant of the One X and all variants of the One X+.

However, the US variant of the HTC One X uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus, which can be updated to Android 4.4. While HTC had previously decided to keep the US variant of the One X on par with the rest of the One X family, an uproar of displeasure from customers, HTC is now “actively exploring” how the US variant of the HTC One X can make the jump straight to Android 4.4 KitKat.

You can read the whole HTC USA product team AMA thread in the source below, which contains some more information, including the likelihood of the addition of RGB LED notifications to HTC smartphones, the update schedule for the HTC One Mini and One Max, and more.

Are you convinced HTC is making a comeback or is this a case of too little too late? How important are timely updates and support to you?

  • AndroidBoss

    2 year is little, but that’s better than nothing.

    • Adam Koueider

      Not really, the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus both got around 18-20 months of support and they’re Nexus devices.

      2 years is fantastic, because most people are stuck in 2 year contracts meaning they’ll be supported for the life of their contract (if they buy at the launch of the device). I hope Samsung, LG, Sony and other OEMs follow HTC.

      Big props to HTC, looking very likely to be my next smartphone purchase.

      • AndroidBoss

        Yes, you’re right about the contact thing. Just that if you look at Apple, for example, the iPhone 4 runs iOS 7. They might be a different story, but still you’re right, this is good.

        • Adam Koueider

          The iPhone 4 runs iOS 7, but not well. Apple is the best at these sort of things, but you’ve got to remember that Apple controls the software, hardware and the chip that the hardware runs. HTC only controls hardware, so it’s much harder to do.

  • dandroid13

    Only in America, the only place where people still buy HTCrap.

    • AndroidBoss

      You’re the only crap.

    • Heisenberg

      Why do you hate HTC soo much?

      • Adrian Remus

        Hate This Company.

        Btw, cool name :D no knows you now.

        • Heisenberg

          Hopeless Taiwanese Company!

          Do you know who Heisenberg is?

          • Adrian Remus

            I know, even if i don’t watch Breaking Bad lol

          • wezi427

            Brian Cranston

          • Adam Koueider

            The one who knocks? ;)

        • AndroidBoss

          Nice supporting answer to why you hate the company.

          • Adrian Remus

            Well that was just a joke. I don’t hate HTC, but i don’t like it either…so it’s …meh.

          • AndroidBoss

            Ohh lol.

  • phuongot

    Are you convinced HTC is making a comeback or is this a case of too
    little too late? How important are timely updates and support to you?

  • Marius

    LG phones are worst whennit commes to update….I hâve an LG Optimus G and I stuck with android 4.1.2…i can’t install a bunch of apps…it’s sure that my next phone it not gona be a LG…it sucks!

    • Arcybiskup

      The article is about HTC.

      • Marius

        …and i was making a comparison…

        • Arcybiskup

          And i was just saying :P I got LG G2, but when i bought it, i was fully aware of it that i might get no updates from LG, specially when we look at how they support(/ed) their previous flagship (which you said you have)…

          Who cares for manufacturer’s updates if there’s XDA…

    • AndroidBoss

      LG phones don’t suck man, I mean they keep getting better. Yes, the updates are a problem, but that doesn’t mean they suck. Why not update?

  • cycad007

    Thanks HTC! This is definitely something to make me consider buying from you again. I loved my HTC One S but hated your lack of support. I’ll look forward to your offerings later this year.

  • Arcybiskup

    What will they do, if Qualcomm will again say “Sorry guys, no more drivers for that SoC”… (just please dont answer “HTC will make their own drivers” because my answer will be “just as they made for One S”)
    I’m just curious…
    And… Honestly Its something i cant belive, BUT let hope that i am wrong. Something like this would be gr8. Something like this would maybe also force other manufacturers to give longer support their devices

    • Adam Koueider

      Qualcomm has been generally good at providing drivers for their SoCs. Unlike Nvidia, Qualcomm is proving to be hugely successful so it’d be very unlikely that they’d drop support for a chip in under two years. Case in point, the S4 Plus was announced in early 2012, and can still run Android 4.4, 2+ years later.

  • Chris Lutes

    Lies…..burned twice to the tune of $1400. Since after a couple months thier phones might as well be doorstops. Not compatible, no updates and no response from support on what they will do to fix or please overcharged customers. Burned for life sadly.

  • Mike Bastable

    Way too little way too late….

  • Balraj

    So north America is some great place & rest of world sucks ?
    Nice going…Will stop recommending HTC to ppl !!!!

    • AndroidBoss

      Yeah because without your recommendations the company will die…

      • Travis Atlas

        They’ll die anyway, but that’s a starting point. Neither are they getting mines.

        • AndroidBoss

          They won’t die, because Google got their back.

      • Balraj

        That’s not true, I wrote that comment bcuz of htc biased opinion on America & other countries
        I’m from India & htc devices are pretty over priced here…
        Incase someone buys the phone & after a year no update but he reads some other country got the update…
        It doesn’t sound good..No equality.

        • AndroidBoss

          Well, most phones are overpriced in other countries. Best thing to do if you’re in that position, just buy a Nexus device. Nexus 5 is a real good choice, you will get every single update (hopefully).

          • Balraj

            See, since we are paying more
            We atleast need equal support…
            That was my point…
            Why only America

          • AndroidBoss

            Harder in other countries… But I feel what you are going through man.

    • Arturo Raygoza

      move to america?

      • Balraj


  • Heisenberg

    It’s a good move by HTC, but it might be too little too late.

  • Brendon Brown

    And so HTC becomes the king of OEM updates! Just look at the support the One got. Wow.

    • Clarence Alvarado

      And as if many devices were perpetually updated. Checking their page, it seems only the One series ( with different variants) were only updated…

  • jack

    pathetic.. “actively exploring” updating the phone software to the latest version. android and its crippled world

  • Jayfeather787

    I wish they had done that with the HTC sensation. Maybe we would have had project butter and other jellybean goodies.

  • Travis Atlas

    So… Only USA and only from now on? Pfff Screw marketing commitments and HTC all along. If they were trully trying to improve their services to their customers they’ll do it worldwide and would have started with the One X getting the 4.4.1

  • shah52

    I stopped buying HTC because their updates were too late if any. I had the Evo 3D, which came worth Android 4.0 on purchase. I bought the device about two weeks after its release because I wanted to get away from the clunky Windows Mobile software on HTC Touch Pro2. With in a few days after the release of Evo 3D in summer of 2010, HTC promised an update to Android 4.1 ice cream sandwich in about 90 days.

    The update, however, came more than a year later when 4.1 itself was out of date. And the update was clunky, and HTC never fixed the glitches. I also had hardware issues that did not get fixed adequately.

    And HTC is notorious for short changing customers with less mega pixels on the cameras of most of their flagship devices even as of now. Instead of putting two 8 mega pixels cameras on the Evo 3D for the 3D feature, HTC put two 5 mega pixels cameras despite having 8 mega pixel camera on the first generation Evo 4G. So the picture quality on the newer Evo 3D was less than on the older Evo 4G. That is a downgrade.

    They also had the audacity to lock the bootloader on the Evo 3D so as to deny warranty for installing custom software to fix their glitches or to install a custom ROM with the latest Android update, which they were too cheap to develop.

    So I gave up on HTC. So long!

  • Rijoenpial

    If they last that long, that is! If they continue on this downward path, with losses after losses, I doubt they will last a year, much less two… So, this promise may well prove quite empty…!

  • Oliv

    So they are saying that because of Nvidia and Tegra 3 they will not update the HTC ONE X/X+. But Nexus 7 (which is powered by Tegra 3) was updated to Android 4.4 by Google. For me this is just a lame excuse. I think it was better when they said that HTC ONE X/X+ is older then 2 years and they will not support it anymore.
    If they want to regain their customers back they should start working on those updates!!!

  • xlSamsonlx

    How HTC burned me :/ promised an update in December then february and then announce this like they didn’t know this already.

  • CheeseMonsterHD

    This is good but im still unhappy about being stuck wih 4.1 on my One S..Not Fair!!!