HTC: Our kick-ass phones have Samsung “worried”

by: Bams SadewoJanuary 28, 2013


We can imagine that most companies won’t have nice things to say about the competition. HTC isn’t exempted from this rule, as it lays down the smack talk on Android’s current golden boy.

Talking to reporters last week, HTC North Asia President Jack Tong said that due to the success of the company’s J Butterfly smartphone, also known as the Butterfly and the Droid DNA in different parts of the world, Samsung has been making “fewer moves” in order to see what HTC is going to offer next.

“This means HTC has the ability to make Samsung worried,” Tong continued.

We’re not sure that the assessment is accurate, but hey, at least HTC seems to be getting some of its lost mojo back. The J Butterfly jump started the comeback, as the 5-inch full HD phone reportedly sold more than the iPhone 5 during its debut week in Japan. The next test would be its launch in Taiwan.

Tong also said that HTC will do its best to leave the competitors in the dust by unveiling “eye-catching products” and setting “a higher standard”. Good luck with that, HTC. But for now, we think Samsung is the least of the company’s problem, as both Huawei and ZTE have surpassed HTC’s market share in Q4 2012.

  • Bianca Vela

    HTC go home, you’re drunk!

    • Hear, hear… and HTC take your moths and your daddy-long-legs with you.

    • sony>all

  • yahyoh

    “HTC has Samsung worried, HTC executive says”


    Fuck off HTC

  • Rob H.

    Yeah and you’re battery life sucks and so does your software support………..jackass!!!

  • Tom R.

    This has to be a joke, right?


  • galaxydude

    HTC has to improve the battery life
    In there devices before they start to
    See there sales go up

  • On a Clear Day

    Asians sometimes tend to overstate things. I don’t know whether it is a lack of real command of English; a lack of understanding the reaction most people have to overstatement and claims yet to be realized or what, but it does not a greater sense of credibility in the speaker make.

    • (anon)

      When you say Asians, it can also mean Muslim/Pakistani/Indian/Bangladeshi, especially here in the UK where we refer to the much larger South Asian population as Asians and the Chinese/Japanese/Koreans etc as just Oriental or Chinese/Other.

      You also mean the translation that comes across as muddled, sooner or later Mandarin will be the most important dialect in the world.

      • When you want to lecture somebody, ensure you have a fucking cogent argument, how on Earth does Asian = Muslim, such a link is a valid as classifying SE Asians as the smelly ones, and East Asians as the clever ones

  • cycad007

    HTC needs to focus on keeping their customers happy. Such as timely Android updates (still waiting on the official Jelly Bean update for the One S), adding requested features (SD slot & removable battery), and brand loyalty programs (Playstation Mobile feature is a nice start…how about a higher trade in value for HTC phones?).

  • michele michelu

    Noooo thanks Htc one s is my first and last phone by Htc,no root,processor swap case,painting goes off and f slow update times
    Well you have all my gratitude
    Anyway Samsung is moving less because probably she doesn’t fear anyone,well s3 is settled,note 2 is a blast,I wouldn’t worry I was in them

  • Samsung are probably worried why a middle aged man has reverted to talking like a teenager.

  • Lawrence Hitchens

    wow, lots of hate here. i’m pretty sure HTC set many standards and brought Android to you guys long before Samsung or other wannabe china-cheap companies like Huwaei..? and ZTE. Samsung doesn’t give a damn about their customers and that’s a fact. Yeah HTC fell off the past two years, but it’s really good to hear they are pledging to do better in their mistakes..what other company have you heard say something like that?

    • Jon

      Apple has also said that Samsung has been “worried”

      HTC is in bed with the enemy me thinks.

      • Well they signed some sort of agreement with the Evil Fruit about 2 months ago and last week they started attacking Android sites that were only hosting a couple of poxy RUU files…. HTC has already gone Anakin, fully fledged Vader can’t be far behind.

  • Jeff

    HTC was taken off my short list when they layed in bed with Apple and learnt their “don’t innovate, litigate” stance.

  • siddharth bachkaniwala

    well HTC is still miles away in innovation department n so are other Android manufacturing companies. U cant jus tell a phone is awesome b’coz its has big screen or 1080p resolution. U can brag abt it when u have a multi-window functionality, s-pen features that has again brought stylus into fashion. The prob wid HTC is they will give u gr8 phones but always something will be missing frm it.. good battery life, no external memory, etc. Samsung is at No.1 position ryt now.. they dont need to worry abt u.

  • Jay555

    Wow these clowns at HTC are even more delusional than I thought, first they think that lack of marketing is their biggest problem and now they think Samsung is worried…O_o…yeah Samsung is shitting in their pants over the Butterfly (btw, could they have picked a dumber name for their phone?). You morons better hope the M7 is the Jesus phone you claim it is, that’s all I can say about HTC at this point.

    • But it won’t be; it’s using all the same components as the Butterfly, with a smaller screen, smaller battery and still no expandable storage. They’re doomed to fail.

  • Funnily enough I was also talking to someone about parallel universes earlier today.

  • HTC has a lot of work to do if they want to be able to “leave anyone in the dust”

  • DedoMraz

    Dear HTCrap, close your mouth and update your phones.
    SGS2 received JB, where is JB for Sensation?

  • ronnie nelson

    Wow, a lot of hate for HTC’s products and I don’t know where the heck many of you all are coming from, but these companies make some cool tech stuff for us consumers to buy and that’s cool because so many of us love tech and gadgets. For those of you old enough to remember, phones were just lame before smartphone came along and I’ve been rocking smartphones years before apple even came on the scene. So people out there, lets get some perspective on today’s tech, even if it does from HTC, because I know there’s a good chance no one reading this could even begin to engineer a product like what these manufacurers are doing; I know, because cardboard, paper glue and tape just doesn’t cut it.

  • Simon Belmont

    Okay, fair enough, HTC. Why don’t you start by calling off the hounds that have been sicked on the people making custom ROMs that are making no monetary gain on them whatsoever.

    I get that you need to protect your IP, and I respect you asking them to take down the RUUs, because that’s YOUR stuff. But, come on, why even have if you don’t want people to tinker a little, huh?

    • Simon Belmont

      By the way, I’ve had three HTC phones in my household so far (2 mine, one my wife’s). I’ve been very happy with them, but I don’t like where things are going.

      I seriously doubt Samsung is worried. In fact, I’m thinking about jumping ship to Samsung when my next upgrade comes due.

      • ronmye

        same here,
        just got htc phone last august, but I’m already considering to switch to S3 or S4 next

  • ConceptVBS

    Time to turn up the hype machine HTC.

    If you cant beat them, try to make it sound like you can.


  • ronmye

    I think its the other way around,
    HTC worries of SGS 4, hence they release some of their flagship early

  • dfgjkl

    BS :) catch up with GS3’s sales :)

  • Well, Huawei remained silent while their actions speaks the loudest among all. P8 FTW!