August 5, 2010
HTC Paradise

HTC Paradise

This is an meant to be an image of the HTC Paradise. It was purchase off Craig’s List recently and at the time it was alleged to be an “AT&T sample”. Given the fact that this device has gone quiet for a very long time, we are excited to see it back. We first mentioned the HTC Paradise back in December 2009, but back then we had no idea as to what this device would be like. Since then, it has become clear that it is a full QWERTY slider, perhaps destined to AT&T?

I am always very careful when making comments on leaks such as these. How on earth did this device end up on Craig’s list anyway. Presumably no one at HTC missed it and someone took it home. A device that died before the mass-production line? Alternatively, this could be some ninja work and someone stealthily took this from HTC HQ and we should prepare for 100,000s more to head our way soon. Let’s hope!

[Source: Cell Passion]

James Tromans
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