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HTC surpassed Samsung for fifth place in the Japanese smartphone market during the first quarter of this year, according to market research firm IDC Japan on Wednesday.

IDC’s report found that HTC managed to secure a 6.6 percent share of the Japanese smartphone market in Q1 2013. But rather than the popular HTC One, it appears that the J Butterfly has been responsible for much of HTC’s success in Japan.

The handset was released in Japan last December and has managed excellent sales since. The handset made it into BCN Inc’s top 10 mobile devices ranking during its launch period, but unfortunately the handset suffered production shortages, just like the One, which saw the device fall out of favour. However the J Butterfly returned to the top 10 list once the shortages were sorted out, and has managed to maintain its position since mid-April.

Interestingly, Samsung held fifth place in the fourth quarter of 2012 with a 8.8 percent share of the market, which means that Samsung’s market share has to have slipped rather significantly in the space of just three months to fall behind HTC.

Apple, on the other hand, easily retained its top spot with a 39.6 percentage share of the smartphone market in Q1 2013. Second, third, and fourth places were made up by Japanese firms Sharp (14.6 percent), Sony (13.3 percent) and Fujitsu (8.3 percent) respectively. Overall the Japanese smartphone market grew by 4 percent from the previous year to a total of 6.81 million units sold.

This is yet another positive sign for HTC, following on from the company’s strong profits and decent sales figures lately, which hopefully means that the company is finally moving clear of its rough patch. With a decent line-up of products potentially heading out later in the year, the HTC One Mini and Butterfly S could be particularly strong, HTC looks set to capitalize on its recent success.

Robert Triggs
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  • Cycad007

    Good job, HTC!

  • Bone

    So after all those years, it’s still the cover that sells the book but not what’s inside. I own neither device or any phone from them, but I see no reason to go for the in many ways limited One over the more user-feature packed Sammy.

    • The Loyalist

      Well, you’re gonna look at it several times a day so I would say that the ‘cover’ is just as important as the inside. Since they’re pretty much on par hardwarewise, why go ugly? ;)

      • RussianDroid

        It’s more of a personal choice.

        Hardware is NOT the same, the biggest difference is the screen. Screen is much bigger, brighter and crisper on S4. Plus most people would go for features, I personally think they are mostly just gimmicks to boost sales but to each their own.

        Design wise HTC wins hands down, software and especially hardware. I’ve held both devices in my hands and even with it’s gorgeous screen S4 feel like a cheaper phone and I was way more pleased with how HTC One’s curves feels in my hand. Although one can argue that a case on S4 might make a difference.

        I was strongly considering HTC One until I heard about the jumbo version of that. So I’ll wait till it’s released and grab it instead.

        • Gilles LeBlanc

          I agree the HTC One Max is gonna be bomber. Why am I wrong to lean towards Togari ovet HTC Max as note 2 replacement? I’m open to anything, sway my opinion.

          • RussianDroid

            I don’t think i can sway anybody’s opinion but I’ll tell you what, I love Sony and I honestly think that Sony as an electronics company is way underrated nowadays. For their slightly higher prices you get exceptional devices and simply amazing build quality. I got a bunch of Sony gadgetry at home so I’m definitely considering Sony’s ZU.

            I’m also a very cautious buyer, so I will wait till both devices come out then read a 2-3 reviews for each device and finally hold and use each device before I buy. I’m actually contemplating getting Xperia ZU and One Max then pick the one I like best and give the other one away to somebody in my family (likely my pops). I’m really hoping the reviews will paint a clear picture for me so i don’t have to get both devices.

            I will also be getting Note 3 from work for developing and testing purposes, so i’ll have a chance to test and compare it against Max or ZU. I’m not a big Sammy fan nowadays, so it’s unlikely that i’ll personally own another S-device until they do some major design overhaul for hardware and software.

            I just love the flood of phablets to the markets. Gives consumers a lot of choices and with most phones having high end specs it comes to hardware and software visual design.

        • frhoward

          Have you looked at the S4 in the sun? It sucks, I had to take the S4 back :/ because I work outside with my clients a lot, and I always found myself squinting my eyes just to make out whats on the screen. So, I heard the HTC One screen was better for glares and to my amazement it is. The screen is amazing in daylight/sun. So like anything both screens have their drawbacks, its what suits your individual needs is what the key is.

          • RussianDroid

            I have heard about the sun vs screen issue but did not considered that to be a factor for me because as much as i like outdoor activities working as a code monkey i’m mostly indoors. Plus bigger screen is a big factor for me, One Max solves that issue of course. I do COMPLETELY agree with you about the individual needs when it comes to any gadget.

          • frhoward

            I agree, I do miss the 5″ real estate.

        • zero_be

          The screen may be bigger and brighter but the HTC is crisper and has more natural colors and outdoors the One runs circles around the S4. Everyone has their opinion that’s just mine.

    • Jack

      nothing about cover with HTC. HTC has 0% lag and updated UI smooth simple and styles sense 5.0 and all the features actually work, samsung phones. samsung need a better design doesn’t have to be
      metal just be hight quality plastic like nokia,stop using the amoled
      screens the colors suck and you can;t see nothing out side. they need to
      fix there ui its a big mess its childish looking they need more clean
      and simple upgraded new ui. they need to fix the big lag on there phone. the features on the s4 don;t work as advertised
      and then we can talk about the best phone

      • spg210

        So basically htc one is pure perfection. But you’re not a biased fan boy are you?

        • spg210

          You do know that the S4 fanboys can counter that argument in their favor and look just as foolish, right?

  • Chris Sword

    Really Good

  • Jaun Lombard

    I think the competition HTC is giving Samsung is good. Expect the S5 to be awesome! Samsung will always strife to have THE Android! Lucky I cant upgrade to the S4, but can when the S5 is released!

  • Anirudh

    In the far east , no Japanese , no Korean ! Its Taiwanese !!

    Its time for asus and htc to shine now..

  • afafaf