HTC rolls out OTA to fix software issues with the One X

by: Ankit BanerjeeApril 20, 2012
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The release of the HTC One X has been received with an overwhelmingly positive response from the Android community. With the 4.7″ Nvidia quad-core Tegra 3 powered device, HTC has certainly made its intentions clear, aiming for the top in the race for the title of best Android device of the year.

But, as with any new release, the One X has not been without its issues, with a lot of users complaining about:

  • Poor battery life
  • Device overheating
  • Issues with using hardware buttons instead of the Android 4.0 recommended on-screen keys
  • Auto-brightness setting issues
  • Icons and text appearing glitchy in the notification bar

As a testament to the importance of a successful One X debut, HTC is already pushing an OTA update to fix this software issues. The official 30 MB download can be downloaded by going to “Software Updates” in the About section in the Settings menu, which will bring the version number of the device to 1.28.409.1. This is just a software tweak and does not overwrite any data.

Users are reporting that the update brings an improvement in battery life, along with fixing auto-brightness issues and on-screen menu problems. According to some benchmark tests, there is an overall performance enhancement, as well. It’s good to see HTC sticking to its promise to listen to customers and provide timely updates and fixes to its devices.

Have you faced any issues with your HTC One X? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Hongkuang

    Yup I got a hot hot phone…
    my spouse is using the onex too… her battery seem to last longer than my unit.. same network & settings..

  • Ghulamm777

    i have facing a battery heat up problem with my HTC oneX. please tell me how i fix it???

  • Bogus

    ran the update, phone still buggy especially heat-related “No SIM” problem which still persists

    • Erik Isaksson

      I have the exact same problem the phone gets warm super quick and only notices the sim for about 5 minutes when i first insert it.

  • Jonloveshorses

    gps unable to fix position….no almanac found, no ephemeris found, snr 0 …via z-device test

  • Sanjay

    After making a call for about 10mins the screen goes blank and never comes back. Nothing works. Need to reboot everytim. Please let me know what to do for this.

    • Pjywolf

      Mine does that too let me know if u get any answers

  • Prapz30

    HTC one X is heating up very quickly …its severe problem is not there in Iphone and other smart phones as this mobile have….its causing the user avoid phone …please fix it as soon as possible.

  • Zakiabbas

    even after downloading the update… its overheating while using wifi and while charging…

  • Faithfool1990

    sometimes very sluggish when multiple apps are running… quadcore???? Why?

  • Benzbeni

    I have just bought HTC one x , it. is definitely a good phone but battery life is really very poor and it heats very quickly from the upper portion near camera. I have used many phones before but this is the first one which has a heating problem and it has a very poor battery life. My phone is up to date but still I have these issues, hope HTC is doing something to fix this.

  • Mahesh

    I bought this phone on May 2nd and the screen flickering issue was there which is a hardware problem and i got the replacement for the same. Unfortunately the second phone also has got the same problem. So i replaced it again. Now the problem with the 3rd phone is heating up. If you switch on the data or charge the phone it is heating up like hell. I hate this phone for all these issues. But the features camera all are really awesome!!!

  • Demondg

    I have a latest update on my one x (1.28.02720)
    and i still facing gps and wifi issues.


    Device get overheated sometimes while using internet over 3g

  • chandana

    I got my phone on the 18th of may and it had a screen flickering issue and over heating, i got it replaced , still the problem persists.

  • Adeshgokhale

    My HTC heats up under the camera if I speak for more than 10 mts , the effect , it just goes power off , power on does not work till phones comes back to normal temp at times after 12 hr or at times after 20 mt.

  • Chris940515

    Did anybody facing a problem that the music player and some other apps cannot be launched?The phone then will restart suddenly.

  • Elro8791

    My device crashes a lot. It can happen 10 times a day on a bad day.
    I also notice the screen turnin on and off without touchin tee device. Sometimes it o into car mode for no reason.
    Have you come across rid problem.

  • Joseph

    With mine, GPS is unusuable!!!

  • Fosorio3

    This phone is terrible. I get a no service msg ll through out the day. wish I never purchased it.

  • dj301

    I have installed the update and now my one x is overheated 53o and the brightness changes of autobright and that’s annoying

  • ds1965

    My HTC one x has microphone problems, when I make a call I can hardly be heard unless I use the headset. I believe an upgrade caused the problem as I don’t recall anyone saying they couldn’t hear me when I originally took possession of the phone

  • HTC user


    One week ago I got a new HTC One X. Today when I put it on charging, after an hour of charging it switched off itself and when I touched it I felt that it was overheated. I pushed the power button for 10 secs and the three lights below the screen started blinking. I was able to turn my phone back on.

    Should I be worried about the situation? Is it a common problem?