HTC OpenSense SDK now includes Infrared API. Better remote controls, anyone?

by: J. Angelo RacomaFebruary 23, 2013


Infrared is so 1990’s. I remember IR being a premium feature on my old Nokia phones. Even up to the mid-2000s, my E-series Nokia featured an IR transceiver for data exchange. Well, who would’ve known that IR would be back in fashion? HTC, in introducing its latest flagship HTC One, has included an IR blaster in the phone’s power button. The company is now looking for developers to build apps on this technology with the inclusion of the IR API its OpenSense SDK.

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Out of the box, the HTC One already has all the capabilities of a universal TV remote through Sense TV, which is part of Sense 5. The TV guide is updated with local content for watching and browsing programs. The API lets the phone “learn” key codes from other remote controls. HTC says that the API goes beyond television sets, as the infrared blaster can also be used to control other devices like digital SLR cameras, and the like.

Sense TV

IR is not dead, after all. Granted, infrared does have limitations as compared to other short-range communications technologies like Bluetooth and even Wi-Fi. But given the potential for legacy applications, such as controlling TV sets and photographic equipment, IR may still be relevant, and HTC is making sure the technology still has support from the developer community.

Hey, maybe someone would build an app for communicating with the old-version Furbies, which “talked” with each other through infrared.

  • bob

    I’m tired of people knocking this phone… It has the best specs than any other phone out there right now…. Last year’s HTC was better than the GS3 so I’m guessing the One will have a better camera than the GS4. I personally think HTC made a bold move by changing it’s home page. If you don’t like it buy a different phone stop bitching about it.

    • bob

      *Meant to put last year’s camera on the HTC was better than the GS3**

    • thereasoner

      This phone rocks! From what i’ve heard the new home screen is optional, we can still set it up any way we like so that shouldn’t deter anyone. Samsung is going to have a hard time topping this phone, atleast they will as far a design go’s!

  • bob

    *Meant to put… Last year’s camera was better on the HTC.

  • Sergio

    This phone is amazing in every spect. Design, features, software and even includes something really unique like control your TV set from your phone. Unless you are galaxy fanboy, you can attack this phone in any way

  • Rob C

    Samsung has a similar Device included with their TVs:



    and there is an Android Application: .


    The ability of the HTC Phone to download Channel Guides and automatically program your DVR/VCR to Record your favorite Shows seem like a plus not a feature to deride.

    Also fun is to fool your Friends and swap their TV Channel when they hog the Remote or even shoot through the Glass and change the Channel on TVs at a Storefront.

    Using it to control digital SLR cameras and watching the live view on your Phone (with Eye-Fi Wireless SD Cards) seems a neat idea.

    Why the seemingly negative Review. Lose your Remote in the Couch one too many times ?