HTC’s next flagship, the One XXL, gets its specs revealed in leaked screenshot

by: LucianJune 22, 2012

htc one xxl rendering

HTC is working on a new flagship One device, presumably called One XXL. The name of the device might lead you to believe that it’s that Galaxy Note competitor that we heard about. Indeed, One XXL would’ve been a well suited name for a HTC-made phablet, but it seems that the device is actually an upgrade to the HTC One X (or One XL on AT&T and Bell).

The new One XXL can be called a next-gen device, seeing how it will have a quad-core S4 Pro SoC, with Adreno 320 GPU, and 2 GB of RAM, although the rest of the specs are not that new. You get the same 720p display (not that it should be any higher) and an 8MP rear-facing camera, which, if it would take higher quality pictures than the One X, could be called an upgrade. As for front-facing camera, it will have a 1.8 MP sensor, with presumably HD video recording.

For some reason, Phandroid thinks that it will have 802.11 ac, the next-gen Wi-Fi technology that I’d really like to see in phones that come out by the end of the year. However, it’s probably just a mistake on their part, as I can only see a/b/g/n Wi-Fi in the leaked image.

The One XXL will probably only come out sometime this fall. I think that the folks at HTC won’t mind this leak, considering that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is now launching on all carriers in the US, posing a very serious threat to the HTC One X. Rumors about HTC’s next-gen phone running on a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, instead of the dual-core in the American Galaxy S3, might just convince some to wait for the HTC One XXL.

What about you? Would you pass on the Galaxy S3 for this One XXL?

  • that is a pretty nice phone especially with a quad core 2gb ram.. but again, the US will only get the dual core :)

    • well, that’s not so sure. there are some compatibility issues with the tegra3 and lte, but that could be handled until then. plus, the quad core snapdragon can be compatible with lte. :)

  • Igal Neshto

    Damn, That’s one SEXY phone!!!

  • Ozy

    Every single time. I decide to get a phone. A leak like that pops out and ruins everything!!! Thanks a lot

    • droidsg

      Same.My contract will be due on August and when HTC announce the One X I’m very sure that I will get it then Samsung announce the S3.So told myself to get the S3 but I hate TouchWiz.But now I think I will wait for this phone.

  • aqk

    If they make the same mistake as last time and decide not to have a Micro SD slot and fixed battery, then I’ll be a let down.

  • skynet11

    I’d pass on both of them in favor of the next Nexus phone.

  • droidsg

    Hopefully it will have a MicroSD slot and a replaceable battery that is at least 2500MAh.The device also need to last through a full day of heavy usage with out any charge.

    • i agree! if they can confirm this device and its specs asap, i’ll put off having to buy a phone now! hopefully it will be worth the wait :)

  • Ed O’Sullivan

    You do realise this is a fake, and was knocked up by some guy in May? See here: Someone has clearly taken this concept and photoshop’d the setting screen from a One X to make it look real

  • Do check your sources a BIT harder…

  • it will came out to malaysia?

  • J K

    Whenever you see a “ULTRA-thin vessel” around the screen which looks like twice or third times thinner than other up-to-date phones, consider it a fake. It never was a true. In fact, it is impossible to make that thin vessel with current technology. sigh.

    • I’m not worried about “thin” on a 5″ phone. I want all day, maximum usage battery life. Actually I’d like a 7″ phone with all day battery life.

  • of course…One XXL is much better than S3