HTC One X gets a Jelly Bean snack

by: Nate SwannerMarch 7, 2013


There’s nothing more frustrating for Android fans than hearing about a great new iteration… and going wanting for it. For HTC One X owners, today is a good one. Reports suggest that the AT&T device will soon get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean!

One X owners have been relegated to Ice Cream Sandwich since purchasing the device, first available in April of last year. Jelly Bean was first released to the public about 3 months later, putting the HTC One X almost immediately behind. Ice Cream Sandwich is good, but Jelly Bean is great, and HTC One X owners are about to get a taste.

What’s so good about Jelly Bean? Oh, plenty. You’ll get that good, good Project Butter which makes your phone smooth and delicious. Google Now is a delight, keeping you on track in just about every aspect of life. There is an ISIS mobile payment function (good luck finding a place it works at), and the carrier bloatware we’ve all come to loathe and ignore. Don’t worry about having to re-learn your interface… HTC Sense 4 is still there.

What’s the twist to the story? I thought you’d never ask! It seems AT&T has pulled the original blog post regarding the update, which also mentioned Jelly Bean would start hitting handsets today. Maybe they noticed a problem, or just wanted to surprise the One X faithful.

Have you received your update yet? We’re anxious to know!

  • Tim

    In Missouri. Just received notification. Downloading now.

  • Anthony Gallo

    Downloading now in Georgia!

  • amine ELouakil

    In your artical you make it sound as if it is HTC fault and they’ve just updated the One X Jellybean where as it was updated for half a year now. if there is someone to blame it would ATT for delaying for so long

  • I am hoping the update I am downloading is Jellybean that would make for a great Thurs!

  • melissa

    i am in Hawaii and downloading my update right now

  • I had an update on my HTC One X – downloaded it and it was NOT Jellybean. What the F*ck HTC & ATT…..

    • Eastern37

      That may be the battery update, if you restart your phone there should be the Jelly bean update waiting for you…..At least that’s what happened when everyone else in the world got the update a few months ago ;)

      • Eastern37

        Also don’t blame HTC, the update has been out for a while now, AT&T are solely the people to blame!

  • An AT&T customer service rep just told me that it wasn’t released, but I then gave them the url from AT&T website saying the One X has been updated. All he said was I should get be able to get the update by this weekend.

  • rvichar

    Still doesn’t FIX re-loading. Maybe Sense 5 in 2015 will. Until then Nexus 4 is my daily driver.

  • SAJoe

    Downloaded and working in the Alamo City

  • I finally got the update over the weekend. I also keep hearing conflicting stories, here in Seattle, about who is to “blame” for the late arrival of the update. Now I know not to expect anything from ATT or HTC til its in hand. My One X does seem run smoother with the Jellybean update. I really wanted it for google now, which is now on my phone, yeah!

  • markeb

    article sais oneX has been updated to jellybean 4.1.2 well ive got 4.1.1 and no further updates available misprint maybe ?