HTC had a little bit of a reboot this year with the One series, led by the HTC One X, which was meant to be the best smartphone on the market. And the One X really was the king of the hill for a while, but, shortly after its release, the Samsung Galaxy S3 made its appearance and stole most of its thunder.

To fight the Galaxy S3, HTC will have to introduce a new and improved phone soon, and it seems that’s exactly what it’s doing. A Nenamark benchmark shows that there’s a new HTC One X+ phone on the pipeline, that will feature a quad core 1.7 Ghz Tegra 3 processor (possibly the Tegra 3+), an HD 1280×720 resolution display, and will run the latest version of Jelly Bean, Android 4.1.1.

Now, I don’t know why someone would still use Nenamark, as it’s been reaching the max FPS limit even on older processors from last year. It’s a pointless benchmark tool at this point, especially when there is a new and improved GLBenchmark 2.5 out. But that’s another story.

While I don’t think Android manufacturers should release tons of models every month, it must be hard for them to release a very good phone and then see it just a couple of months later deprived of the consumers’ attention by a competing, better equipped device.

Then there’s also the design of the phone. A lot of people buy phones based on how they look. If a newer phone is just slightly better in specs, that might not affect the buying decision of many people. Hopefully the HTC One X+ will impress us with a lot more than just a slightly faster processor and Jelly Bean, which should come to the original HTC One X soon, too.

  • Yamsen

    I love the SGS3 but all htc had to do was release the original One X with a removable battery and microSD card and you wouldn’t have the SGS3 steal the show as much as it has… As for the SGS3 if only it came with a body design and material like the One X, that’s really its only flaw in my opinion.

    • leoingle

      agree with you 110% on both comments. i couldnt of said it any better.

    • BDGE

      I came to the comments to say exactly the same thing. I have owned a Hero, a Desire, and my wife has a Sensation. I was ready to get a One X, and ended up getting the S3 because of no removable battery and expandable storage. I still think the One X is a prettier phone.

  • Sondre Krumsvik

    So instead of giving the One X jellybean they release a new phone?

    I thought HTC was supposed to launch less phones this year. Liars!

    • its not really a new phone its just a new chipset,…based on teh limited info so far