HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE delayed, shipments still waiting US Customs review

by: Mike AndriciMay 16, 2012


Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC is and has been the only real competitor to Apple and Samsung for the past few years, both when it comes to financial numbers and in terms of overall product quality.

Although HTC’s previous financial year was kind of sluggish in the US –a market that is expected to account for as much as 20 percent of HTC’s income for the current year — the Taiwanese manufacturer has high hopes for 2012, a lot of them having to do with the commercial success expected from the HTC One X on AT&T and the HTC EVO 4G LTE on Sprint.

Unfortunately for both HTC and their fans in the US, the Taiwanese announced that the availability of the two flagship smartphones was delayed due to a prolonged US Customs review of shipments.

The review is required “thanks” to Apple’s court victory over HTC last December, that banned HTC smartphones using a  technology (a trivial popup) from entering the US markets starting April 19. Although HTC claims that the HTC One X and the HTC EVO 4G LTE do not infringe the disputed patent, the US Customs review has already taken a whole month and no decision was reached.

While it is highly unlikely for the two smartphones to be banned from the US market, this delay might translate into availability issues for the two hottest smartphones currently available in the United States. AT&T has released the One X on May 6, but now the official website says they are out of stock. According to Reuters,  Sprint’s release of the HTC EVO 4G LTE, initially planned to take place Friday, May 18 will be delayed until further notice.

At this point, it should be mentioned that the One X units that were sold up until now have reached US shores before the ban was effective, thus enabling its release. It’s too early to define the impact this delay will have on the overall sales of the two devices from Sprint and AT&T (and directly on HTC’s revenue). But it’s safe to assume that, if the smartphones are delayed by another month, nothing good will come out of it for HTC.

The Taiwanese manufacturer had definitely hoped to sell as many smartphones as possible before the Samsung Galaxy S3 reaches US shores. It’s not that the S3 is a lot better than the One X, but it will certainly sell more thanks to all the hype that surrounds the new member of the Samsung Galaxy S series.

It looks like a low blow for HTC, given that they’ve really struggled to come out with the next generation of Android smartphones months before their main competitors. I’m sure there are a few conspiracy theorists out there who will claim that the US customs took its sweet time in order to protect Apple iPhone 4S sales, but that’s a little over-fetched for my liking.

What are your takes on this? Any Sprint users that have pre-ordered the HTC EVO 4G amongst the readers of this post? Drop us a line below and tell us how you feel about this delay (note: feel free to blame Apple for this situation as well)!

  • Guest

    I think every other phone maker should dig up something to sue apple for. I mean ‘every other phone maker’.

  • Arb0171

    Sounds like Apple is playing dirty Corporate warfare. Many people like me will be upset by this and in the long run it will benefit no one. Shame on all for their manipulation of the American consumer. When the dust settles, I still will no longer consider an apple product. Just think of all the technology that Apple has stolen from their competitors over the years.

  • Imtosmartforyou

    i was leaving apple for the evo 4g lte for a reason…. they are pieces of s&it. This proves it further. I will never buy another apple product ever… ever.

  • I don’t care if this is how business really works but I think Apple is being selfish since start! We know for the fact that many people, including myself, are eagerly waiting for these powerful Android phones but Apple is here again putting a halt on them.

    Click on like if you HATE Apple and if you agree with me..

    • SamsaraGuru

      Apple has an inferior product; is as territorial and protective of what it considers it devinely bequeathed “turf” as a mother grizzly bear protecting its cubs and does everything possible to make sure its “customers” are essentially indentured servants beholden to their closed loop devices and cash cow marketing system.

      Should it surprise anyone that they would use every trick in the book to get their way and keep out anyone they view as a serious and credible threat?

      However, as Mahatma Gandhi said, and though obviously he didn’t have an electronics firm in mind, but something a whole lot more sinister – the basic principle holds true when anyone – even a company – goes beyond the bounds of propriety and fair play:

      “Remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall — think of it, ALWAYS.”

  • eFunk25

    Apple stole technology to get where it is today and now they are using unethical tactics to prevent better hardware from coming out and taking there market share. As much as I disliked Apple before I now hate them even more.

    • AppleFUD

      That’s apple in a nut shell, hypocritical. It came from S. Jobs and has yet to leave apple. I do hope Cook will be a better person to lead apple in a more ethical and dignified matter, Jobs lacked those qualities — good salesman but not a good person.

  • Raj

    I am so sorry that I allowed my daughter to get an Apple phone now…even though I don’t like Apple, have a rooted EVO 4G, built my own power PC…and love my freedom.
    If you believe this is really about copying, then you are part of a cult. This is about using the courts to stifle competition.
    Apple was unable to continue its leverage on creativity and now that other makers are moving ahead, it is trying to preserve the position of its products in the market, by preventing users from actually having those products…and also decreasing the profit margins on these products with these frivolous plays.

    Steve Jobs a Buddhist? Now that is a real laugh. More of a dictator. What happened to..may the best product win and let consumers choose? We know why.

    • AppleFUD

      It’s all the same situation as the PC Vs. Mac — apple couldn’t keep up then and turned to the courts however, then the courts were not burdened by these ridiculous software patents that have been liberally granted since the 90’s. . . . now we are going to have a real mess of things if the patent system is cleaned up, and quick like.

      What people don’t often get is that apple isn’t that good of a software company and that’s really all they are today, with some design. They needed MS back in the day and all their “great ideas” came form other companies (cough xerox cough) and this is all still true today.

  • Hellllo
  • I pre-ordered my as soon as it was available to do so and this disgusts me. I use to like apple products even considering their lack of features. Personally i think all parties involved and losing revenue i.e. AT&T, Sprint and anyone else this may effect should go after Apple in a class action suite for loss revenue. Especially if HTC did in fact comply with the required changes. The feature Apple claims to have patented was on devices and in ui’s LONG before it was on any Apple product, including the extremely disappointing iphones. This feature was on Samsung, HTC and Motorola phones before it iphone existed. Steve Jobs is staring down on us from above and laughing his @$$ off at this whole ordeal.

  • d_ray_84

    I hate to say it now… I own a Macbook, ipad, ipod touch, and a shuffle and was actually considering an ipod nano to replace my shuffle however I know that I will NEVER buy another apple product ever again. I pre-ordered the Evo 4G LTE and just started a family plan with only one active phone while my T-Mobile account is still active. Now I have no phone and I have to cancel my T-Mo by the 19th or get billed for another month. It’s all apple’s greedy, money grubbing fault!

  • Guestovic

    Samsung and HTC obviously copying Apple

    Very unethical companies

    • skeetorius

      Nice work troll. Your troll tactics will not work here.

    • jeff si

      Ya, like skeetorius says, “Troll”. Do you not realize that the original EVO from two years ago has this technology? iphony can’t handle the competition. Is crapple going to sue Microsoft IE and Google Chrome for using hyperlinks in their browsers? Go spend your time jailbreaking that awesome iphony of yours because the manufacture won’t let you install certain programs.

  • Shkinamaflop82

    Apple can go fuck itself.

    Adding them to my list of companies to never buy from.

  • Ebeveridge13

    So so so disappointed with what is going on. I pre-ordered the Evo 4g LTE. This will be my first smart phone. I had been putting it off for so long. I had to change my cheap 6 year old plan and upgrade to a plan that was suitable (not to mention twice as expensive) for a smart phone. So, now I am paying for a plan that I can’t use until this gets straightened out. I am very disappointed about wasting this money. But what makes me most disappointed is that Sprint has been stringing all of those customers along without letting us know the situation. My pre-order status has been very fishy from the get-go. A few days after pre-ordering, my status changed from: (paraphrased) we hope to get your Evo 4g LTE to you on or before the rest of the public on Friday, May 18th. to: your Evo 4g LTE is currently on backorder. The next day I checked my status and it had changed from backorder to the the original promise of getting my phone on or before the 18th. Finally yesterday, the language of the status had changed yet again to: (paraphrased) we hope to get your Evo 4g LTE to you on or before the national release. I get it; Sprint is back tracking their original promise of Friday the 18th. But, I have not heard a word or gotten an email from the company telling me why the language in the status has changed. They took my money happily (for both the phone and the new plan) and I have yet to hear about the customs issue from Sprint.

    • I agree. Have not had any problems with Sprint or the Customer Service to this point, However, the lack of keeping us informed is disappointing at the least. It would be nice to see Sprint comp us in some way. I’m sure not going to hold my breathe…was turning blue enough waiting for my email with my tracking #

      • James Johnson

        I am in the same boat as both of you.

        I pre-ordered a EVO 4G LTE but I pre-ordered through Best Buy because it was a bit a cheaper. I had the original EVO 4G but dropped it last month (April 28th to be exact) and knew this phone was coming soon so did not replace the EVO 4G but instead ordered this one.


        AS SOON AS I GET MY NEW PHONE I AM CALLING SPRINT AND GETTING PRORATED FROM APRIL 28TH-WHEN I GET THE EVO LTE AND HAVE THEM SLIM MY BILL DOWN. They will do this but you have to be persistent, sound very pissed and even threaten to leave the company for another if they do not take care of you.

        This is bullocks I tell ya straight bullocks I have now not had a phone for almost a month and this could possibly go on for another month.

        I also read somewhere else where it said the phones have been held up in customs for a month.


        Which would have then been April 17th to which pre-orders started May 7th. I am thoroughly disappointed that HTC and Sprint lead us to believe we would have phones in hand by the 18th for those of us who pre-ordered (even best buy promised this) so I am mad at them all.

        Its really sad on the other hand that Apple is really having a major impact on so many people and companies (consumers, beats by dre, cases for phones, accessories, etc…). I don’t know about you all but when I ordered my phone I also ordered cases, workout band, headphones from beats by dre since the phone has beats audio tech and If I end up not getting this phone all of that stuff is going back. Sad, just sad….

        APPLE you suck, but Sprint YOU especially could have handled this better by being open and upfront with the people that make Sprint, well Sprint (US… the consumers).

        So just sad all around. And god for bid if HTC is not in compliance and cant make it out of customs and the phone is banned in the US altogether then shame on them as well bc they knew about this the whole time. They think their stock in the US was hurting in 2011 if this phone does not make it out they will have no stock in the US for sure in 2012.


        A cranky (LOYAL) HTC/SPRINT customer who has been locked out of the smart phone tech for almost a month and is having withdrawal symptoms.

  • Bignoodles2005

    To hell with Apple.I hope all their phones explode.

  • Neonlampshade

    I’d say its not apple trying to stop the phones coming out, but just simply delaying them before the next iPhone since they are behind HTC and Samsung now in terms of specs, I still find it strange how you can patent things so trivial.

    • The next Apple phone won’t be out any time soon so i don’t completely agree, however…THIS does make HTC look bad and might persuade some impatient customers to get themselves stuck into a contract with a 4 or 4S from crApple…I plan to wait it out at this point, my money was spent almost 2 weeks ago and i’m just waiting so when the next Apple phone comes out i can laugh at how slow, restricted and behind it still will be

  • Mychaelslife

    I will never buy an iPhone again, nor any apple product…these legal battles amongst manufactures is ridiculous… I will do my best to make sure I slam the apple name as much as possible … Everyone needs to just focus on there own devices… This delay tactic is uncalled for..

    • Hey, someone tell Ford or GM to file a suite against Chrysler or another auto manufacturer for making a truck or car because they are already making them

  • Gdredge

    Booooooo. I was on the fence, even though I pre-ordered the phone. I think now I will refuse shipment, wait for the One X to be delivered and switch over to AT&T who at least has 4G LTE. Sorry Sprint…you lost a customer.

    • This isn’t Sprint’s doing, and since you brought up ATT…the one X is sitting in customs with the EVO 4G LTE’s as it is basically the same device branded diferently. I left ATT because of their rates and poor customer service, not the actual service of the devices

  • Pre order here. Been without cell service for close to a month now(dropped ATT) and waiting diligently for the phone to be released. its a huge let down as I thought once again I was going to be connected soon. I hope this is resolved soon. I do find it a bit ludicrous that sprint did not have any stock of the phone, and was planning on receiving, and shipping so many phones so close to the national release date. One would think that they would have had a nice stock pile ready to support the pre orders and stores, and that this shipment should actually be the 2nd shipment of phones to arrive. My real question is what stock did the reviewer phones come from?

  • per a post by a user on the forums at i checked my account balance as they did and low and behold….they’ve applied my $211.99 pre-order payment to my account wiping out this months bill and leaving a credit for the difference on my account..WTF so what, they going to bill me again when/if it finally ships. That’s a crock, should have credited it back to my card i used when i purchased it and what does this mean for the pre-orders and the devices………NOT looking good… and after all this waiting, forum watching and the credit on the account. STILL NO WORD from Sprint in any fashion about the delay, reason for the credit or ANYTHING

  • Shadowrayne101

    I pre ordered the evo and i blame apple and sprint,sprint for.promising a phone that they did not even have in there warehouse and not even telling people untill now! And all they can say is oh we are so sorry here have a stinking galaxy nexus insted……its bulls**t!! And apple bc there phones are garbage and they cant face the fact that droid is better and will allways be better f**k apple and sprint,htc makes the best phones and thats that!

  • Jaranjames

    WOW!!!!!!!!! IM JUST GLAD I DECIDED TO GO TO THE STORE AT 8 AM INSTEAD OF PREORDERING??? I FEEL YOUR PAIN IF YOU PREORDERED? I would be pissed…… This now just buys me more time to see when the GSIII is comin to the US…. Dammit Apple i hate u and thank you in the same sentence……

  • Jriverabautista

    As a matter of fact I’m happy that HTC feel the frustration of previous owners of HTC devices and can do nothing to change things. I own a HTC ECO VIEW and a HTC ECO 4G and in less than six months both devices are classified as ”obsolete”. So let them feel the heat for a while…

  • Gilstrap_tina

    Not happy at all about this….apple thinks if they can delay the HTC they will sell more…..that’s a laugh to many negatives for me to buy an iphone…HTC has not interfered with your release date….get over it! I pre oredered the HTC almost a week before the release date and now I as well as many others are in limbo! Really ticks this sprint customer off!!

  • Doubledd

    I pre-ordered the phone on day 1. I will see what comes first. The release of my hostage phone or the iPhone 5. I just hate that Best Buy has my money (or others have lost theirs to Sprint) and yet I don’t have a phone. I’ve hated my HTC Hero almost since I got it so I’ve been counting the days until I get an upgrade.

  • THB101

    wow whats new Apple fear is coming out again using the legal system as their backup plan because they are being passed up. Talk about sinking the ship with them. And that’s just an understatement.