The HTC One X is, by far, the most exciting Android-based smartphone to launch in April (or May, for that matter, if the Galaxy S3’s release date will be pushed towards summer, as rumors state right now), and the Taiwanese certainly know how to build up the tension and expectations for their upcoming flagship.

After being finally put on sale in select European countries yesterday, the 4.7-inch beast might be coming to North America as well in the following couple of weeks. Yeah, it’s still “might” and “could”, because HTC’s officials are, for some reason, putting off the official release date announcement for USA and Canada as much as possible.

In an announcement concerning the expansion of its LTE network, Rogers Canada let it slip (was it a slip, really?) yesterday that it will offer the HTC One X for sale in just a “few short weeks”, which almost certainly means that the smartphone will be hitting the Canadian market by the end of April after all.

Unfortunately, the loose lipped guys at Rogers haven’t mentioned a thing about the pricing of the One X, so we’re still unsure of how popular could the handheld become in the True North. In US, early rumors pointed towards a $599 price tag (with no contract, of course), which could easily make this one of the most successful 2012 Android-based smartphones.

If you’ve been living under a rock lately and you don’t know much about the One X, you can check out all the details on our website. We had an unboxing article last week on the site, where the list of features is also available, and if you want to get a taste of what the One X can do in terms of taking photos, here is a short, but very interesting comparison between HTC’s future flagship and Apple’s iPhone 4S.

Oh, one more thing, before I forget. The HTC One X at Rogers Canada will be made available with 4G LTE connectivity, which means that it won’t be powered by an Nvidia quad-core processor (Nvidia chips don’t support LTE speeds), but a dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset.

Don’t worry, though, because it seems that, after all, Qualcomm S4 “Krait” processors might just be as snappy, if not snappier, than quad-core chips.

Any Canadians reading us? What are your thoughts on the HTC One X?

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  • Androidandwp7equalsPower

    By the time US carriers have it, it WONT just be the One X, knowing US carriers it will be the HTC Droid PLus HD Fire Rapid Evo Devour Jet. -_-

  • JC-Gamer

    OMG I need some more tissues…

    I have yet to get a phone and don’t know whether I should get this one when it comes to Rogers or wait for the S3…


  • I’ve found that the Rogers One X has the same low memory as the AT&T model… that will mean that I will have to purchase an unlocked international one since I will not buy a phone without add-on space with less that 32gb of internal memory. I have a Sensation with a 32gb card and I refuse to run less than 32gb these days since my phone is also my media player.