HTC One wins Gold at Computex 2013 design and innovation awards

by: David GonzalesJune 10, 2013

The good news for HTC just keeps on piling up. Earlier this year, it managed to win the “Best Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet” category in the Global Mobile Awards for its flagship HTC One. Now, that same phone has also netted the Taiwan-based company the Gold award in this year’s Computex design & innovation awards held in Taipei, Taiwan.

It is said that winning the award is a very prideful moment for HTC, so much so that the Android-powered HTC One is now being referred to as the “Pride of Taiwan.” And in case you are having any doubts about the title’s high status in the mobile industry, you should know that Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou himself was the one who presented the award to HTC.

HTC One award winner
HTC’s Chief Marketing Officer Ben Ho had this to say:

“For the new HTC One to win yet another international award, it demonstrates how HTC’s proven design capabilities, both in product design and user experience, is bringing a new perspective to the industry. We will continue to innovate and provide consumers with the highest quality products.”

To win the award, the HTC One had to compete — in terms of design and innovation — against 254 other product entries from dozens of other mobile computing device companies. In the end, as they say, there can be only one. And the HTC One turned out to be that one which is worthy of receiving the Gold award over everything else.

  • No One

    Well deserve HTC.

    • No name

      yes they are deserve the reward. I hope they make 5 inch i will definitely will getting one.

      and for samsung they did not change the design. Samsung should learn this time. always the competition good for us as consumer.

  • Downtoearth2

    samsung galaxy s4 was robbed.

    • Luka Mlinar

      For dragging around the same old design for what, 3-4 years? I think people who buy it got robed.


        Samsung has only used the same design for 2 years and they improved it quite a bit. If you sell the most phones in the world with a design why change it to just refine it and that’s what Samsung has done with the S4. You need to put a case on either phone if you don’t want one slip up to end in a smashed screen so who cares about metal really. I’d rather have the lightness of the Z Samsung polycarbonate as well.

  • Abdulrahman Al-jassar

    The competition is in Taiwan and HTC is Taiwanese

    Soooo they helped them

    I do say that HTC one design is bad

    Its very stylish

    • OMGgary

      Yeah, this was like totally not fixed.

    • Amine

      because all the other awards the One won such as the Global Mobile Award were held in Taiwan, I

  • Luka Mlinar

    This was a deserved victory. I don’t like HTC all that much but there is no denying that this mode is one sexy looking phone.


    It’s a beautiful phone but it has a big performance issue due to that same all metal design. Turn the volume up and play a game like REAL RACING 3 for over an hour or two and it begins to lag really bad after heating up drastically and the metal construction transferring that heat across all interior components. If your not a gamer then it’s a great phone, but if you are then stay away from the HTC ONE. I have the HTC ONE & Galaxy S4 and I prefer the design of the S4, especially since you need to put a case on either one. The S4 feels so much better to hold for long periods of time.

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Your science flawed sir.


        How is my science flawed sir? They attach all the components to 1 single solid piece of aluminum then all components heat up as heat is transfered through the aluminum like a heat sink. If it’s not that then why does the HTC ONE start lagging bad when it heats up exactly professor?

        • Gilles LeBlanc

          I’m not a PHD I’m a BSCE ive answered this a couple of times before on this site. I would rather be wrong then then get wrapped up in this argument and end up seeming like a epic smart ass douche :-)

          • KID ANDROID

            Ok then, I’ll just say that there’s an issue that I have found first hand then when the HTC ONE heats excessively up it lags badly and it’s my opinion knowingo that aluminum is a great heat conductor that it is the aluminum that is causing this as not one spot of the phone heats up but the entire thing. I also have the Galaxy S4 (which I’m typing on now) and have made it heat up as much as possible and it doesn’t lag and in my opinion it is due to the plastic build which doesn’t transfer the heat across the entire device it stays localized to about a quarter if the phones area. Any way you put it the HTC ONE lags badly when it heats up to a certain point while playing graphic lyrics intensive games . both phones run the exact same CPU and GPU so the only thing differs is the build.

          • Gilles LeBlanc

            Yup sorry, hard to explain to people aswell. FYI my frat name at Uni was actually “Douche” lol.

    • Amine

      I have a One, I have RR3 I’ve been running it for 3 hrs and there is no issue what so ever, the phone is alittle bit warm but nothing much to fret about. The only way to get really warm, is to plug to a charger while running intensive programs, such a navigation + another software to detect speed camera, this is the only case scenario where the phone get warm to become a bit unconfortable in a hot day, and with no performance issues!


        Ok I guess HTC sent me a bad review unit. I’ve talked to others who have replicated the same issue. Is the volume turned up so the amplifier is producing heat as well and your not in an air conditioned room?

        • Amine

          Yes with beats audio activated, no air conditioned room, the phone is not in a case, the only case to make it very warm is like I mentioned, plug it to a charger while using intensive apps that uses gps/screen/audio output…

  • Борис Михаилов

    I bet Sony wasn’t competing, marked as PRO with the Z.

  • SonyFan

    i dont like HTC…i dont like the design from HTC One from the front…the back is just fantastic…just my opinion

  • dandroid13

    Being a BB Z10 copycat is innovation now…

    • Luka Mlinar

      And here i thought BB Z10 was a copy of the iPhone design :)

    • Amine

      They managed to design, prototype, test, set the industrial process, sent to carriers for testing, produce, deliver to supplyers, in the One or Two weeks time difference between the One and the Z10, Wow HTC are the most genius with the most ressources in the world to achive such a thing! heck it took Samsung almost a year to produce an iPhone copy cat (according to Samsung executif)

      Btw the design of the One is the same as the butterfly, with one an extra speaker grill, and I’m sure the butterfly/dna whatever you want to call was out before the BB

  • Cactac

    It is a beautiful and smart phone but it has a big performance issue due to that same all metal design.The back of HTC is really good.

    • Dusan

      Not sure what you mean by “performance issues because of metal design”. Are you talking about WIFI signal? I hardly doubt performance can suffer from having metal casing.
      Honestly this phone looks great. Finally speakers in the front.


        He’s talking about what I am above probably


      Thank you, tell the guy above this, he obviously doesn’t believe me ;-)

  • htcrap

    computex is a joke so….


    held in taiwan? what would you expect to win>>>>>

    • amine ELouakil

      Maybe the other 5 Awards listed down the picture would answer your question, hint : they got them outside Taiwan

  • john

    Woot woot!

  • john

    Woot woot!

  • ugur

    thanx for htc,

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