HTC One will now launch on April 2 in the Netherlands, UltraPixel shortage to blame

by: Bams SadewoMarch 9, 2013


The streak of bad news for HTC – and its flagship handset, the HTC One — continues. Following our report yesterday about the company’s inability to produce enough of the phone’s camera modules, which is expected to have an adverse effect on its supply and availability, we now have the first UltraPixel casualty.

If you’re in the Netherlands, you can put your money back into your wallet, as HTC has confirmed to a Dutch media that the launch of the phone in the country has been pushed back from March 15 to April 2. While the reason wasn’t given, it’s quite likely that the delay is related to the above problem.

Now, two weeks might not seem like a long time, but let’s not forget that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be unveiled very soon. People might just have a change of heart about their desire to grab the incredible HTC One if it isn’t within grasp.

Initially, HTC is aiming for a mid-March worldwide release for the One, which sort of explains why the unofficial launch in Singapore was cancelled this week. Here’s hoping that the delay virus will not spread to other markets.

Disappointed that you won’t have the One by next week? Hit the comments below.

  • coolpix

    by the time SGS4 launched, ultra pixel shortage will be irrelevant then

  • Taios

    The HTC Sweden facebook site posted yesterday that the phone will be delayed until mid-April..
    Although they blamed that on “due to unexpected high demand of the device”

  • Can’t wait to get this gorgeous phone!

  • taz89

    So looks like those rumors of supply issues might have some truth to it… HTC really need to have this on sale ASAP everywhere if they are expected to survive past this year… With lg now not doing bad and Sony seemingly stepping up there game and don’t need to mention the imminent arrival of the s4 HTC can’t afford to mess up.

  • HTC idiots if you need to sell and do better why would you try something that you know takes time to make. who needs a 4mp camera anyway. the camera is so big appointment the camera sucks. i wont buy the HTC ONE and the only reason is the camera i take alot of pictures with my family and 4mp is not good i saw your pictures sample not impressed. i will wait for a 8 mp UltraPixel or 13 mp camera good luck next year HTC.

    • Next year HTC might no longer exist. The company is on its last legs and this problem with the camera supply could slice the hamstrings.

      • nebsif

        ..and instead of listening to people and trying to improve they blame everything on advertising. gl noobs.

        oh and nokia still exists

        • True. Never seen a company that has so stubbornly failed to listen to customers, as HTC in the past couple of years.

          I know what you mean about Nokia still existing, but I think they didn’t have all their eggs in one basket as much as HTC currently does. I think the situation is even more critical for HTC if they cannot sell their smartphones.

  • Hope T-Mobile USA’s date’s haven’t slipped from the 24th launch of the Un-Carrier and the HTC One release.