HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmarks

by: Robert TriggsMarch 29, 2013

HTC One vs Galaxy S4 benchmark header

The scores are in, and now its time to find out who gets to take home today’s converted Antutu benchmark trophy.

Following up from the initial Galaxy S4 benchmarks we covered a couple of weeks ago, we now have the Exynos 5 Octa version of the S4 and the mighty HTC One to put to the test. We’ll also compare them against the current top of the line handsets as well.

Just for a quick hardware recap, the HTC One is running a Snapdragon 600 chip using a Krait 300 CPU clocked at 1.7Ghz, the same chip found in the most common Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 Snapdragon 600 is clocked slightly higher than the HTC One at 1.9Ghz, so we can already expect the Galaxy S4 to pull out slightly ahead here. The Snapdragon 600 used in both handsets has an Adreno 320 for its graphics processor.

Finally we can also compare the Exynos 5 Octa version of the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500) against its Snapdragon 600 powered brother (GT-I9505). The Exynos 5 Octa uses four of ARM’s new Cortex A15 CPU cores for maximum processing speeds, running at a slightly slower 1.8Ghz. The Samsung SoC also uses a tri-core PowerVR 544MP3 overclocked to a mighty 533Mhz, which could give the Exynos 5 Octa a decent boost.

So without further delays let’s have a look at the results.

HTC One vs Galaxy S4 benchmarks

And the winner, by a decent enough margin, is the Exynos 5 Octa powered Galaxy S4.

The score difference between the two Galaxy S4 handsets works out at about 6%, so that’s not a tremendous gap in terms of a real world performance. As we expected the HTC One was slightly slower than the Snapdragon Galaxy S4 based on the small clock speed difference, which only resulted in a 7% margin between the two.

If we compare the next-gen processor powered handsets against top of the line smartphones using slightly older processors, like the Xperia Z, then you can see a substantial improvement across the board. The HTC One beats the Xperia Z by a decent 18%, and the fastest Galaxy S4 thrashes it by a massive 33%.

Finally it might also be worth noting the performance improvements in Samsung Exynos chips. The Galaxy S3 sits at the bottom of the table, powered by Samsung’s old quad-core Exynos 4 chip. The new Exynos 5 Octa improves on this SoC by a huge 74%, which is a significant performance gain in a single handset generation.

Of course please remember that this is just a single benchmark result, so the performance differences will vary slightly in the real world and in other test.

Are you impressed with the performance of the Exynos 5 Octa, and are you disappointed that so few regions will be receiving the fastest version of the Galaxy S4?

  • VPBENQattack

    In SGS4 Snapdragon is overclocked 600 which is located in HTС One because Qualcomm no more versions with Snapdragon 600. Similarly, you can overclock the 600 and HTC One, because it maximum frequency 1.9 Ghz !!!

  • Uses PowerVR 543MP3 not 533

    • aa

      Siddhartha Sharma

      exynos 5 octa use

      sgx 544 mp3(533mhz)

  • The S4’s design+finish still looks boring…The HTC on the other hand feels very “premium”

    • Randy Hinbjorg

      When will you people learn that looks can only go so far. If all you care about is premium finish then go for it. When you’ll be going everywhere looking for a place to charge your phone every 3 hours the only thing you’ll enjoy is watching your premium phone charge.

      • Jared Persinger

        You do relize it has basically the same battery life as the s4 right?

        • Kiran Kumar

          You might have not seen the battery endurance test in that case,

          SGS4 stands at 63hrs,& htc1 at 48 hrs! is that the same?

          • poop mcguinness

            It actually beat the s4 in most cases. But seems to have an issue in standby, thus the lower endurance rating. Which will be fixed with an update just like they’ve already tweaked the camera.

          • Nicktrance

            No, it’s just that the S4 has a larger battery, while being used, the screen and processors use more power than the ones in the one, so the two have pretty similar battery life. While in standby, the display is not wasting any battery at all so bigger battery will always win, there’s nothing HTC can do. That’s not to say battery life is bad on the one though…

          • Elias Ortega

            The standby battery drainage is a software probles that shouldn’t be pro

          • Henry Léon

            Really? Have you had S4 in your own hand? Please do your own benchmarks if you don’t trust and believe Android Authority.

          • Henry Léon

            # Kiran Kumar > HTC One does not beat S4 in MOST CASES, but in ONE CASING (read : premium look outside of phone casing rather than tech look inside of phone-warez mastering). LOL

          • amine ELouakil

            lol that one usefull metric, also I think that endurance rating is due to radios, if both phones uses the same chip and doesn’t make sense at all that they have that much of a difference when it comes to stand up time, yet on the other hand when used the One thrumps the S4

          • Kiran Kumar

            tHATS called optimization bro. Besides, we all know how stupidly htc optimizes its battery to os & hardware.

        • Cole Raney

          You do realize that of the S4’s battery does, you can swap it out, where as that’s not possible on the htc one right? I had a phone without a removable battery, not going back to that.

      • Arsenal™

        well battery life’s not an issue for me….although replacing batteries can be hectic, the One really shud have come with a replaceable battery

    • Kiran Kumar

      Looks?? Oh c’mon ppl! Who cares about looks??

      “The HTC on the other hand feels very “premium”, Keepflaunting the phone saying its designed superb rather than using the real features! Get a life pls!

      • poop mcguinness

        real features.. ? s-voice, s-lame, s-you realize these features are just gimmicks right.. You samsung fanboys are worse then apple fanboys at this point.

        • uu

          i dont think svoice as a gimmick.. it is more flexible than the others but slower in processing voice input..

          only gimmicks that i can see are the smartstay,scroll and pause.

          bu everything else are golden at their specific purpose

        • Kiran Kumar

          Oh i see you must be living under rocks not use/know about the features sammy offers!

      • uu

        to think that htc One does very bad in drop test and Repairability.. their premium phone smash away the word “premium”

        • yep 1/10 from iFixit … but then again, people will use a cheap silicon or plastic case on it …. now … which one look and feel cheaper …

    • I disagree I feel the s4 has a premium build too it and the ones design is very plain and boring

      • plus the speaker grills in the front are way too ugly …

    • Yea but putting pinstripes on a fiesta don’t make it a viper! HTC tried it with the One X, and it blew up on their faces. And they are trying it again now. This time though they are helping One dig its own grave faster by not making it available at all :D

      • At least Fiesta is decent car for it’s price which is way cheaper than a Viper …

        Maybe it’s more like HTC put stripes on a Swift then priced it like a Mini.

  • Filip Justin

    You can most likely get the I9500 with the Exynos 5 Octa at 3rd party retailers.. The world is full of them.. :)

    • Filip Justin

      Actually I can confirm that in Romania there are genuine online retail stores which apparently have both the I9500 and the I9505..

      • Bo

        Same for Serbia…

  • Guest

    And today I just found put Samsung’s Octacore is compatible with LTE. Waiting for the Note 3. I’m pretty sure it will be on it.

  • And today I just found out Samsung’s Octacore is compatible with LTE. Waiting for the Note 3. I’m pretty sure it will be on it.

  • Arsenal™

    does that difference in scores really mean that much? man i dont need that much speed……i need a phone that feels premium although the s4 isnt that bad
    my heart is still with HTC

  • So, AA only had the time to run one single benchmark? Were other benchmark suites not available?

  • hoggleboggle

    and yet by the time the S5 is released there still won’t be any games or apps that tax the S3 let alone any of the newer handsets.

    • Elias Ortega

      This is what people don’t understand, software needs to be optimized, adding a bunch of cores doesn’t mean it’s better, take a look at iOS, they bearly use 2 cores and their phones run smooth, apps load fast. Android needs optimization, less handsets.

      • Kiran Kumar

        hahahah!! ios,,run on dual cores,reason they cant even handle tasks like androids do(multi tasking)! So y on earth would they need more cores?

        • Elias Ortega

          I have an HTC Amaze running jelly bean, it has a dual core processor clocked at 1.7, runs smooth, multi tasking is a breeze, I bet it’s better on a quad core, but my phone got faster and smoother after I put jellybean with project butter, goes to Show that it’s all about optimization.

      • EKfine

        i jailbroke my 4s. added heavy customization but not as heavy like on my gs3. guess what? i think it needed more cores. lol.

        • piyush

          Becoz dude jailbreak themes are not optimize as other apps from appstore

      • Henry Léon

        Don’t you know that iPhone has a good and fast (above average) GPU to make many processing faster and better? So that it is not surprising at all why the heavy games can be played so smoothly in an iPhone. # This is not just a matter of CPU only, but, beside RAM ammount, GPU does matter too. # It sounds good that S4 has a better GPU than iPhone 5’s, that theoretically will make its performance much better and its processing speed faster than iPhone 5, moreover it will have a higher tech level of faster CPU.

    • try Eufloria on maxed settings

    • Netto

      Try making it play 10 bit 1080p mkv files XP

      • I’ll be amazed if there’s any android device can perfectly play that. Without frame drops or de-sync …

  • amine ELouakil

    AA didn’t run a single benchmark they just took the screen shot for granted, heck even the tech site who managed to test the S4 Octa and the Compared to the one said the average score was 25k something with the highest run at 27k ( 3 runs) and the HTC One manged 24K something average with the highest run at, but again what can you tell a S2 owner…..

    I dont mind the S4 being fast but what I mind is unrealiable news and twisted truth, and here it is the case.

  • amine ELouakil

    I don’t want to sound like a hater, but with that much power why on earth, the S4 lags like a Froyo single core phone??? maybe the phone tested are not on final software but still…. the One when it was first revealed or the Xperia Z didn’t suffer such issuses

  • Jack


  • Uriah Romero

    Though we won’t be getting the Octa processor, the quad-core should do just fine. Either way, I’m just looking forward to seeing how good the 1080p display looks. Since it takes a while to get there, I like to kill time while I’m on my way to work at DISH by watching my live and recorded shows on my phone. I can stream from my DVR wherever I am going with the DISH Anywhere app and I think it will work wonderfully on a higher resolution display.

  • antutu is sponsored by samsung and has been optimized for testing. 3Dmark is more reliable. There are not real 8 cores running at the same time. Galaxy s4 Pentile ppi involves 441pixelsX2=882 subpixels per inch. new htc one 468 pixelsx3=1404 subpixels per inch. The life time of subpixel enormously decreases when the size of subpixel is reduced due to the limited acitivity of the AMOELED small chemical compound.