HTC One vs iPhone 5 camera comparison emerges. UltraPixels look great so far

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 22, 2013

htc one vs iphone 5 camera

The innovative camera of the HTC One was one of the features that the struggling Taiwanese phone maker has been promoting as a major selling point. The innovation extolled by HTC is the sensor of the camera, which features three layers of large pixels (dubbed UltraPixels), a feature that supposedly allows for better pictures in varied lighting conditions.

Although we’ve seen a few HTC One sample shots already, those were either supplied by HTC or taken during the launch event in improper conditions.

Luckily, CNet Asia published a quick comparison between the camera of the HTC One and the camera of the iPhone 5. The good news for HTC fans is that the One’s camera is as good as or better than the iPhone’s, which is quite an achievement, given the reputation that Apple’s smartphone has when it comes to snapping pics.

CNet Asia tested the two phones under several lighting conditions, and while the test isn’t comprehensive, it does give us a rough idea of what the One is capable of. By far, the HTC One proved its superiority in the image at the top of the post, where the iPhone clearly overexposed the subject.

It’s good news so far for HTC, but we’ll have to see how the One performs against the heavyweight of mobile imaging, the Nokia 920, before we hand out any laurels. Check out the source link for more full resolution images taken with the HTC One.

  • yahyoh

    HMM…..HTC are u kidding O_o

    sorry HTC u lost again in camera department , using a 4MP UP sensor was very bad idea :/

    • why was it bad? because its not 8mp? That picture looks great. People make a big deal about the cameras on a phone, but forget that first and foremost its a phone.

      • yahyoh

        no they aren’t great at all

        the image details so poor , and its so grainy

        • You seem the be fallen for the megapixel hype. Where is it grainy???

        • Nathan Cox

          This is why I name you fanboy.

          On my ultra-HD display I can look at the image and it looks fantastic. The iPhone images do things like making half of a face disappear in lighting contrast (rendering the picture useless and crappy) while the HTC looks natural and clear.

          Tell me exactly when you’re going to be blowing an image that you took with your camera to five thousand times the normal size? Megapixels only help in resizing otherwise they don’t give any advantage past about 3k.

        • cycad007

          Yahyoh…please get your eyes checked asap. I think you have a serious problem either with your vision or your brain.

        • carlisimo

          Not great because the sensor’s ‘pixels’ are still only as large as those in normal point and shoot cameras, several times smaller than those in dSLRs. But… they’re a few times larger than those in most smartphone cameras. So still not great, but not nearly as bad as most!

    • Nathan Cox

      Are you kidding me? The evidence above suggests that the HTCs camera is at least as good as the iPhone’s camera, and from what I’ve seen is considerably better at creating an image in natural lighting without high or low light points.

      I name you fanboy.

      • yahyoh

        LOL , please go to the source and look at the all image in full size then tell me which better

        • just no. The images taken by the iPhone are bigger, but the HTC One wins by big margin in terms of quality. Ultrapixels is the way to go.

          • Kuladoz

            just no, the htc one looks better, but try to take a photo with low light as you can see in the comparison.

          • CyBrix_21

            Ultrapixels gather 3x more light than regular cameras… So I think that’s better in low light…


    • In only one sample I think iPhone 5 won. And was barely… The iPhone’s pictures have the advantage of size. but in quality, the HTC One are even or better in the most of the samples!

    • G2525

      Tell me which one is grainier.

      Yea, the iphone is grainier, your argument is invalid

    • carlisimo

      There’s always been a tradeoff between packing more pixels into a sensor of a given size, or using larger pixels (in the HTC One they’re about the same size you’d get in a normal point and shoot camera, a few times larger than most smartphone camera pixels). With the latter, each pixel takes in more photons and noise is reduced. In bright light, noise isn’t much of an issue, so you have the downside of lower resolution without any upside. In low light, the images are definitely better than normal smartphone photos, even after they’ve been shrunk to the same size.

  • Gary

    All I see coming from you lot at “Android Authority” these days, is crap comparisons to iPhone’s or iPhone’s “dominance in the mobile industry still continues” blah blah blah.
    Unliked from facebook and now no longer a subscribers to you “so-called” Android lovers.
    Pick a real competitor next time like the Sony Xperia Z or Galaxy Note 2.. Honestly, iPhones are mediocre crap at best, and people like you Bogdan comparing the HTC’s 2013 NEW CAMERA to the iPhone’s 6 month old camera shows you are a secret Apple “fanboy” otherwise why even bring iPhone up?
    Anyways, nice try but you have lost another reader/subscriber and if you keep writing stuff about comparing Android handsets to the iCrap and you will lose many more

    • lol so now you just wont comment, but youll read.

    • You don’t make sense, sorry. We didn’t made the comparison, we are just referring to it because it’s the first available. CNet Asia decided to compare the One to the iPhone, so we at AA are fanboys?

      • RarestName

        Don’t worry, this happens at all kinds of blogs ranging from Google, Apple and Microsoft blogs.

    • CyBrix_21

      Maybe they want to compare an Android phone, with lower megapixel camera, to an iPhone to know that advances in technology… They want to know, IF a 6-month old phone with higher megapixel camera can compete with that 4 megapixel camera…

    • bluevoodo

      lol you’re such a dumbass.

  • MasterMuffin

    The photos taken by One are better, but noticeably smaller :(

    • Rasalas8910

      watch the other pictures – if you would change the size the One still got better pictures

      • MasterMuffin

        That’s what I said?

  • Jared Persinger

    Ohh android authority why is there an ad for iPhone 5 bumpers on your website?

    • CyBrix_21

      Advertisement. They want to earn money for this website to stay… It is not bad to have those advertisements…

    • No One

      Because they don’t live on air. I am not an expert here but from what I kow all ads are randomly appear base on what you have been viewed previously, they are not selected by the hosted website in this case Android Authority. The ad tool will check out your history and provide the best possible ad.

  • I realy like the results. The pictures are smaller, but I will not make a huge print of my phone’s pictures.

    The exposure and colors are well balanced and the grainy in low (yet not so low) light are acceptable.

    It’s not a revolutionary camera, but it is a very good camera! While the mobile phone industry uses 1/3 Inch sensors, I don’t think any manufacturer will have much more quality than that… Better in one side, but worst in otherside.

    All in all, I think this HTC One is a really great phone! But I still want to see the battery life…

  • John Smith

    This still needs to be independently confirmed, but One looks very promising.

  • Alex Abramov

    So, it was a green wall behind the girl?

  • Abhi

    Can you please compare tge HTC One’s camera with Sony Xperia Z or Zl?
    Love the detail & clarity of the One :)

  • Ivan Budiutama

    It’s extremely different result than the ones taken from the launching event. If this is the fully functional engineered of so-called ultrapixel. Then wow, you can droll over the result.

  • just start with the SoC , iphone dont stand a chance already , memory ? the HTC says bye-bye , screen size ? : look at my tail lights disapear , apple is has been , a ghost from past tech , it’s not a tech firm , but a legal firm , a patent troll , THE drag in techno innovation , and no big announcement since apples real death , the public one is just waiting an announcement to stock holders , the only hope i see is Woz taking over and turning the company on it’s head and publicly doing what it has done for years without telling dumb users : embrasse open-source and become a positive player in this sector and tech in general , but i’m not putting my hopes up because this company is a snake nest of lawyers and investment bulimics, a milking cow for looser 1% looking for a quick buck without having to break a sweat ,

  • stevesup

    How dare you pull the results out of context? Give all the results of the link or none. Worse than stealing.