HTC One for Verizon pictured: it looks like any other HTC One, and that’s great

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 1, 2013

verizon htc one

The famed purveyor of mobile insider info @evleaks now has a name – he is Evan Blass, the former editor of Engadget and Pocket Now. But coming out as the man behind @evleaks hasn’t stopped Blass from providing the leaks that made him famous. The latest snippet of illicit info concerns the HTC One on Verizon: @evleaks tweeted this image earlier today:

verizon htc one leak

At first blush, it’s just another HTC One press shot. But the 4G LTE logo in the phone’s status bar gives it away as a Verizon device.

What’s interesting about this shot is the absence of any customization on the device. Verizon has been known to plaster its logo on devices, and sometimes even on buttons, like it notoriously did with the Galaxy Note 2. Maybe Verizon learned from the Note 2 backlash, or maybe they just didn’t find a proper spot to put their logo on the HTC One. Anyway, we’re happy that the HTC One remained unspoiled, at least on its front.

Now for the big question – when is the Verizon HTC One going to be released? We think it will happen sometime this month, though Big Red only said “later this summer”. The phone in the press image shows the September 5 date, but we hope that’s just a placeholder.

  • Guest

    HTC one killed the s4 it out shine the s4 not only that HTC one is 0% laggy. the s4 sales are damn down hill

  • MariaxXT


  • Hothfox

    I am hoping I can replace my Galaxy Nexus with this. If it comes out too late, I will just wait until my contract is up and switch to AT&T. If the September theory is true, I will just wait.

  • dave

    Why would they randomly pick sep 5 as a placeholder?

  • frhoward

    They still can put their logo on the back like AT&T.

  • Guest

    It’s releasing Sept 5. All their other phones that show the date use their release date

  • Joyce Albright

    85° September 5th in Chicago?