February 24, 2014


Just yesterday AT&T HTC One owners received the KitKat update, and now the update is reportedly rolling out in Europe as well! In an initial tweet, HTC UK confirmed the update for those in the UK (unlocked, Vodafone, O2 andThree). Shortly after this, another tweet indicated that the update would also be making its way out to other “select markets” over the next few weeks.

While some countries in Europe will likely be stuck waiting a week or more for the rollout, the good news is that we’ve received reports taht suggest the rollout is beginning for at least a few other countries outside of the UK including Germany, Italy, Spain and France. Of course, even if you live in one of these countries, this is still a staged rollout so it could take days or longer to reach you.

If you have yet to receive a notification asking you to update, you can always try manually grabbing it by going to Settings > About > Software Updates > Check now — though there’s no guarantees. The update is a sizable one at 308MB, so you’re probably going to want to be on a Wi-Fi connection before you start downloading.

So how about it, have you received KitKat on your HTC One yet? If so, in what country (and what carrier)?

Andrew Grush
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