HTC One SIM-unlocked models currently out of stock

by: Tanay SoodApril 10, 2013


HTC has done darn good job with the HTC One as evidenced by our review, and now it seems the public has also learned about this stellar piece of hardware. After T-Mobile One preorders ran out on the same day the page went live, the SIM-unlocked versions are the next to bite the dust.

As of now on the HTC USA website, both the 32GB SIM-unlocked and the 64GB Developer Edition (sporting an unlocked SIM and bootloader) are currently showing as “out of stock.” Considering all the media attention the One has been getting, coupled with the fact that it is launching a couple of week before the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is not surprising that the sales of the One are proving to be promising — at least if the volume of preorders is to be used as a measure.

If you absolutely need to get your itchy hands on one, the only options that you have are to preorder either the Sprint or the AT&T model. Also, looking at current demand I would recommend ordering it as soon as possible. Who knows how much stock the carriers have left? As always, we will keep you guys updated once the SIM unlocked editions come back in stock or start shipping. To keep an eye on availability yourself, head over to the source link.

  • Larry

    How much was the unlocked 32GB version?

    • TJ


      • steves1111

        Pre-ordered the same day HTC sent emails out to early registered fans. Costs $574.99 tax free. Also got a case worth 39.99 for free and free shipping.

  • Nice to hear some good news for HTC, hopefully they are making enough of this phone for “sold out” to be a good thing

  • Frank Merfalen

    I am going to miss my Galaxy Note 2 when the HTC ONE becomes available!!! The ONE is what I have been waiting for!!!

    • Rohan patel

      Y the downvotes? The htc one is amazing

  • Tarek Assaf

    Nice job HTC…