HTC Butterfly S and One mini will have Ultrapixel cameras!

by: Nate SwannerJune 3, 2013

HTC One and One mini

Do you love Ultrapixels? HTC thinks you do, and they’re giving you more of it.

The upcoming Butterfly S and One mini are both set to have Ultrapixel cameras. That’s about where the similarities, end, so we’ll start with the One mini.

The mini, which is clearly a Galaxy S4 mini competitor, has a 4.3” screen displaying in 720p, but keep many of the same specs as the HTC One. It will reportedly have a 1,700mAh battery, and 16GB of storage.

The Butterfly S, however, is more like a beefed up One. While no reliable specs are available, it is said to have a larger battery, Micro SD slot, and updated Snapdragon processor. Expect the phone later this month.

Does all this mean the HTC One is dead in the water? Not at all. With an upcoming Nexus experience device, and these two new phones designed and built from its architecture, the One is HTC’s new blueprint device. The Taiwanese company seems to be riding the wave of admiration and attention the device is getting, and is set to release two color variants – blue and red – sometime this summer.

Do either of these devices interest you? How do you think the One mini will fare against the S4 mini? Let us know in the comments section!

  • Gilles LeBlanc

    I really dont care about any of this. I just want to know if that HTC One style Note 3 killing phablet is real or not. Confirm that please :-/

  • Justin Winker

    I’m interested in how a 4.3″ device is going to compete with the Galaxy S4. I think you meant Mini.

    • Fred Chiang

      He did say S4 mini…

      • frhoward

        Originally he didn’t.

      • Justin Winker

        What @frhoward said.

  • frhoward

    What specs it has that the HTC One has? The mini has a smaller screen, less ppi, smaller battery, and older processor, less memory. It has none of the specs of the HTC One. The HTC mini is def not the S4 competitor. The HTC One is. This article is a joke.

    • Kyle

      S4 mini competitor u moron!

      • frhoward

        Um I know the S4 mini but read the f’n post it doesn’t state that stupid. I know what he meant but if he’s going to write and article it should clearly stated so others would know. And “moron” lol Kyle lets not go to name calling. F’n internet thug. Lol and now the article is corrected. So I retract my statement.

        • Kyle

          Thanks for proving my point on your stupidity! The person who wrote the article is human and we make mistakes but everyone including yourself knew what he was talking about but u still wrote a whole paragraph like u were a confused dumb a$$ when in ur next statement saying u knew what he was talking about the whole time!

          • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

            When people argue with IDIOTS it’s hilarious

          • Franklin Howard

            Its ok, get your panties out of a bunch Kyle!! You seem upset, would you like to talk to someone about this?

          • Name

            YO YO NIGGA

      • Joshua Hill

        If the ‘guest’ is a moron I don’t think there is a word in the English language to describe your level of stupidity Kyle.

        • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

          saying moron does not put someone in a differnet class of stupidity

          • Joshua Hill

            I’m not sure whether your agreeing or disagreeing with me because I can’t understand your statement. That makes one of us also moronic or stupid.

          • Sky Ang

            respect for you Hill

  • jetsliketaxis

    I really want a smaller phone, so I’m pretty geeked about the One Mini.

  • jokester

    L O L bc ultrapixels are sooo freaking amazing

  • Randy Sylmar

    Why didn’t they put the 4MP Ultrapixel on this phone and a 8MP “Ultrapixel” on the HTC One. The camera is more of a miss than a hit which is a shame because on video the audio is fantastic while the camera struggles to take any decent footage especially (even) in low light.

    HTC did a good thing converting iPhone users but iPhone 5 users have been disappointed in the camera. Even on instagram, pictures take a hit and pixels are clearly visible. I’ll probably wait for the HTC One + to hope for a better camera on a pretty decent android iphone.

    • Joshua Hill

      As far as I know an 8Mpixel “Ultrapixel” CCD array doesn’t exist. That’s probably why HTC didn’t use one.

  • Pablo Calero

    seems like HTC doest want to lose samsungs trail

  • Shashank Bhardwaj

    No Ultrapixel camera please. The loss in clarity is not worth it.

  • No One

    I hate Ultrapixel, that is the reason why I sold my HTC One even though I really love the phone and the boom sound.

    • SeraZR™

      good for you! :P

  • truth

    At 4.3 inches 720p is plenty sharp enough, much higher than the iPhone anyways which will be is main competitor at this size. Finally, a smaller phone with an HD screen, amazing build quality from HTC, and fairly high end specs. 2gigs of ram is not low end, and the resolution breasts the s4 mini. When iPhone users complain about android phone being to big, I’ll point them to this.

  • TY

    I believe they are using Ultrapixels (i.e. sensors with the same area as 13MPs, but divided into 4MP) in order to allow many camera software features to actually work.

    By doing so, the 4MP photos (mind you, it’s already 2688×1520) can have comparable quality to those 13MP ones. By drastically decreasing the pixel count, features like Zoe, instant video editing etc. can be much better handled by the CPU. If HTC chooses the traditional high-count way (say 13MP), either processing time will be much slower, or the camera is forced to use only 1/4 of it’s sensor area (i.e. only using 4MP) which will lead to much worse quality photos.

    Thus, almost nothing is sacrificed if you only use the phone for Facebook uploads or something like that. An additional bonus is that you have comparable photos as 13MPs using only half the file size! Of course, the details are worse if you zoom it to 100%, but how often do you do it?

  • Anonymousfella

    If the pricing is done right, HTC One mini becomes the best mid-ranger for sure

  • Duncan_J

    Id buy a 64gb 5″ butterfly S outright in an instant as long as no specs are reduced from what the one has. if a nexus/ aosp version was being offered id be willing to pay double. sploosh