HTC One UK release once again pushed back, first stock now due out on April 3

by: AdrianMarch 27, 2013


Remember when the HTC One was due for a UK release on March 14? Good times! We actually thought HTC was on its way back to the top and Samsung was in big trouble.

But then the UltraPixel camera shortages came and HTC pushed back the launch. And again, and again. Now first British stock is apparently due out on April 3 (the silver One) and April 10 respectively, for the black model.

The dates have been announced by Clove on the retailer’s official blog, so it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to grab an HTC One earlier via a different seller. Just don’t hold your breath.

Even worse, Clove says orders placed “on or after 26th March are likely to ship late April”. Late April?!? Come on, guys, we understand the demand is high, but this is getting ridiculous. Not to mention we’re not ruling out seeing a couple more extensions to these new ETAs.


After all, Clove does not know “what quantity of stock we will receive, but as soon as we do we will advise you”. Or, in plain English, the retailer hopes to be able to fulfill a couple of orders by mid-April and again hopes to ship the HTC One to everybody before the end of the month.

The One on Clove goes for £510, including VAT, which translates into around $775. Meanwhile, Expansys, who has the beast listed for pre-orders at £519.99, still expects to have stock available in three days. Our two cents? Not going to happen.

Things aren’t rosy outside the island either and we expect Germany and Taiwan, the other two countries where releases were scheduled for this week, to be put on the waiting list once again. We don’t even want to think what this means for North Americans, which were said to get the HTC One by the end of April. Oh, the horror!

  • VPBENQattack

    wait wait wait….

  • Biologuy

    Different retailers are getting them at different times. The HTC one has been out with phones 4 u for 2 weeks.

  • Jonathan Pearce

    I’m got mine with 3 on the 15th of march

  • I would say that is with Clove..

  • Amine Elouakil

    Is this becoming a new trend from AA, another misleading artical when it comes to HTC

    The phone is available in the UK in other carriers, and the date concerns Clove…..
    But why not since it’s HTC.

    • le_lutin

      I gotta agree with you on this. I’m no HTC fanboy (currently rocking a Galaxy Note 2) but the tone of the articles reporting on HTC on Android Authority seems overly negative.

      I know plenty of people in the UK who have picked up a HTC One so the article’s headline “first stock now due out on April 3” is completely wrong.

      Can this be corrected?

      • Amine Elouakil

        Sadly I doubt it will happen, the new writter still a tad objective, but others that’s been here for a while seems to be under some directive this or they tend to mix their feelings (fanboyism/or just hate for the brand) to the writting which is not journalism but more like bloging, if AA want’s to become a serious tech new source they need to review this kind of points…

        • Adrian Diaconescu

          Okay, guys, I appreciate your feedback and all, but this thing with the gratuitous HTC negativity is getting old, not to mention it’s not true. The fact of the matter is I mentioned in my post that, just because Clove has pushed back the release, “it doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to grab an HTC One earlier via a different seller”.

          Also, I’m talking here about a real, solid UK release with all that it entails. And as much as it pains me to say (I really, really love the HTC One, by the way), that hasn’t happened yet and it’ll probably not happen by mid-April, at the earliest. Thanks again for your feedback and hope that you’ll continue checking out my posts even though I can’t convince you I’m nobody’s “fanboy”.