HTC One’s launch in the UK gets pushed back to March 29

by: Bams SadewoMarch 12, 2013


Oh noes! Remember about that nasty virus that’s causing HTC to delay the release of the One smartphone in the Netherlands? Much to our dismay, we have to report the unfortunate news that the UltraPixel shortage has claimed another victim.

Clove has just posted an update of the HTC One’s availability in the UK. According to the mobile retailer, HTC has now pushed back the UK launch of its flagship handset to the end of the month. To be more precise, the device will only hit stores on March 29.

Again, a two-week delay may not seem like a big deal at any other time, but with the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in a few days, the delay may prove fatal for HTC — unless the S4 turns out to be a big dud.

Anyway, did you pre-order the HTC One already? Will the slight delay change your mind about grabbing the phone? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below.

  • David Brymer

    fukn gutted and pissed of

  • MasterMuffin

    Aand the camera isn’t even that great, one of the “megapixel nonsense” phones won it in taking pictures in darkness (well Nokia Lumia 920 was the winner but still)

  • VladUK

    Another fail from htc…shame…

  • Marlon Milligan

    They will be fine this just two locations (so far) and it seems that a lot of people are excited for it. The S4 will be a big seller off the rip because of marketing. If htc markets the hell out of the phone it’ll be fine whenever it’s released. HTC will have a premium build, and the better screen. That alone will hold people at bay over the S4.

    • nebsif

      Gosh its not just the marketing, samsung makes superior devices, plastic, but superior. No locked bootloader and warranty bullshit, infamous battery and mSD expansion, ability to swap back covers on S3 and Note, even fugly TW deserves some credits because it adds new features stock android lacks like multi window.

      HTC – Turd wrapped in gold paper (or aluminium in this case).

  • John Mortimer

    Sites are saying that ee in the UK will have the gs4 by the end of the month

  • charovis

    If I dont get delivery on 15th as I was lead to believe, then I will cancell my order and get something else. Sorry HTC but you are finished.

  • bluebayou

    Companies should really hold back on announcing release dates if they’re not capable of following up..really bad for PR, honestly. Not that I was looking into buying an HTC anyway. sigh.