HTC One trade-in deal deadline extended again

by: Chris SmithMarch 23, 2013

HTC One [aa] 600px (1)

After failing to ship the HTC One according to the initial launch schedule, HTC has decided to offer potential buyers another extension for the HTC One trade-in program.

This is the second time HTC does this in a matter of days in order to cope with the HTC One shipping problems. Here’s what HTC told AndroidGuys:

HTC is thrilled with the positive response we have received to our $100 trade-up offer. Due to this, we are extending the offer for customers who purchase the HTC One by 4/26 and trade in their old device by 5/31. We are pleased to bring this offer to even more customers so they can upgrade to the HTC One at an amazing price.

HTC One buyers that register on the company’s website until April 4 and buy the device by April 26, will get some cash-back for their old handset.

Depending on the trade-in value, you’ll a pre-paid Visa gift card with at least $100 credit on it (perhaps more depending on the value of your trade-in) as long as you complete one more step by May 31. That’s mailing a copy of the proof of purchase of your new HTC One alongside the handset you’re trading-in for the new HTC smartphone.

Are you buying an HTC One this year? What handset will you trade-in?

  • joe barkho

    So i can trade any flip phone for 100$?

  • JT

    There not getting my Galaxy Note 2. They can have my old HTC EVO 4G, lol.

  • fukapple

    boycott htc, they sold out to apple and now they apples little bitch

    • Weston

      You are a stupid little bitch

    • cycad007

      As opposed to Samsung making & supplying components to Apple? Because obviously, there’s nothing wrong with Samsung cooperating with Apple.

  • fukapple

    boycott htc, they sold out to apple and now they apples little bitch

  • open source

    i have a 2005 lg flip phone i like to trade in, will it do ? if so, i will get the htc one. i would like to hear from anyone who has traded in there flip phone, thanks.

    • n900mixalot

      You have to have a proof of purchase and those won’t be available until the bloody phone is available which will be … Oh roughly … When?

      • amine ELouakil

        The phone is available in several markets now, it’s not ideal but getting there.

        • Jared Persinger

          I’m curious as to know why htc is getting so much hate in the comment section

          • kruolife

            It’s understandable, Samsung Fanboys has become as agressive and arrogants as the Apple fanboys were a few years ago, they want to deny anything outside their dreamy Galaxy S phones and some other Notes, but these people can’t seem to understand that a healthy competition will only bring the best of the other brands in terms of innovation and also will lower the price, If Samsung become dominant then Samsung will be controlling the product prices and deliver some lowquality product (they already do in some aspects regarding their phones).

            Sure HTC is not perfect, they did mistakes especially when it comes to carrier bound phones like the Thunderbold, they should follow Apple in this aspect, but sadly they don’t have the power right now to do so

  • Rchia

    Trading in my 3GS… lol so I’ll have a One and a One X

    • n900mixalot

      You mean a One X and a One? My next question … WHY?!

      • Weston

        Because the iPhone sucks

        • n900mixalot

          The iPhone 4 was released at the same time as the original Evo 4G, three years ago. Apple has come up with two phones since then, which they still support. HTC has sold and ditched how many since then? 15? 20?

          I don’t like the iPhone but I’d take one over anything from HTC because it will last more than 90 days.

          • Wei Hong Ho

            And your HTC phone will magically stop working after 90 days. FYI, the One X and S is still receiving updates, at least for international versions.

          • n900mixalot

            HTC Flyer, HTC JetStream, Evo 3D, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Desire HD, HTC Sensation … All of these phones and devices and nothing with a strong history.

            The HTC One is coming with 4.1 but the Galaxy S IV is coming with 4.2! That’s pathetic.

            And what’s new with this phone? Zoe, Sense 5 and new speakers. Samsung has split-view multitasking. LG has their own interesting version of multitasking. What does HTC have?

          • amine ELouakil

            Let’s just compare the comparable shall we, the HTC Flyer was updated to android 3.0 where is the Galaxy Tab was not, the HTC Jetstream? lol a flop made by the arrogance of carrier and the thunderbolt is the same thing, the Desire HD was update further than the Galaxy S …

            And what if the HTC One is coming with 4.1? it’s already on sale where as the SGS4 will not for another month and a half yeah sure why not they both can be compared as the Xperia Z or the LG Optimus pro are shipping iwth Android 4.3 …duh /s

            Ah yeah S-Voice and all the gimmicks showed in the Samsung release of the S4 are not gimmicks ! of course lol! HTC is building stuff that can be used by the average, front stereo speakers are something usefull not only they work pretty well for hands free call, but allows to watch videos or play game if that’s your thing properly, as for Zoe and so on, alot of usefull feature that samsung them self copied from htc like taking picture while filming and so on but hey it’s better, what the One the competition doesnt? The best built quality periode , the best screen periode, the best sound INPUT and OUTPUT periode, the best front facing camera periode the best…, not to mention the suggestive parts as design and so on, and yes Blinkfeed is a gimmick but it make the phone stand out as unique, and that’s how you build a brand around a phone.

            Troll more.

          • n900mixalot

            Photos while taking video has been around since … ICS. No one Android partner stole that from anyone else. Carriers only play a minimal part it is up to the manufacturer, ultimately, to make sure the product is successful. HTC didn’t have to keep going back to the same carriers, that’s a cop out.

            HTC updates regularly to lock developers out then asks developers what they will create for them. Their unlocking program was killed off after a few months.

            You can stick up for them all you want but most people know that their phones just don’t stay relevant for very long and it had nothing to do with carriers. I’ve owned plenty

          • cycad007

            Samsung’s multitasking is *NOT* a standard Android feature and something Google actually discourages. Besides only a handful of apps actually work with Samsung’s multi-tasking….most apps are *NOT* supported.

            So yes…I’d rather have HTC’s loud speakers than a Samsung ‘mult-tasking’ feature that only works with Samsung apps.

  • Benitez Burns

    I don’t understand how this works….

    • n900mixalot

      Ha, I don’t think anybody does. Even HTC.

      • amine ELouakil

        troll much hater. the iPhone 5S is almost there, prepare your tent so you can camp in front of the Apple store

        • n900mixalot

          Almost there? The Apple store? Hahahaha. No wonder HTC has you fooled.

          • amine ELouakil

            had fooled in what way my dear sir? keep the troll up!

    • amine ELouakil

      everything is written on their website…..

  • brock

    can I trade with my Samsung fridge instead ?

  • J.V.

    Is this working all aroung the globe? Or is it just couple of countries?

  • Tpny

    I am interested in the trade-in, I have the HTC ONE X that is abou7 months old, am in London

  • Benmartin1974

    I’d been thinking about buying a htc evo for a while. I read plenty of reviews and this one was great , I received my order last month and am very happy. I Would highly recommend to anyone still unsure.