HTC demoes the One in Times Square during Galaxy S4 launch (video)

by: Bogdan BeleMarch 19, 2013


Right as the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event was unfolding in the Radio City Music Hall, the HTC One was being shown to people in the Times Square. HTC chose to get its people to demo the One’s features directly, LG rented billboard space right above Samsung’s ads, while Apple went for a ‘Why iPhone’ page on its website.

HTC has now posted a video of its people showing the HTC One’s features to people in New York, as well as the street reactions to the new phone.

Among the highlighted features was the Beats technology used for the headphones and speakers, which sounded well, despite the noisy surroundings. The new UltraPixel camera was also demonstrated, and so was the One’s wide angle front camera.

Everyone was very excited, as you would expect. Reactions must have been music to HTC’s ears: from “slick, smooth, excellent” and “this man blew my mind” to “better than Samsung” and “I might have to switch from my iPhone”.

This sort of marketing tactic seems to have become the norm in recent days, and it’s even more effective when you have the goods to show.

Here’s the video that shows just how things went down in Times Square for HTC.

How about you? Which one of the recent flagship smartphones appeals to you most?

  • Bone

    HTC One, coming to you this May in limited quantities.

  • No One


  • Cedricnmarvin

    Definitely the next phone on my list….Awesome powerful specs, great design and build quality. I’m also glad that HTC took their time to put features that people will actually use and its also a good thing that they’ve watered-down sense to a minimum.. It was one of the reason why their past phone had terrible battery life, hopefully this time round it won’t be the case. People who had fallen for Samsungs marketing for the GS4 will argue otherwise that GS4 has the best specs and has so many new features, but those features are no more than gimmicks and plus all the phones that are coming out this year will have more than enough processing power to run everything. In my opinion the only good thing going for the gs4 is the CPU and maybe the battery.

    • John Mortimer

      Yes but you be getting no updates as always

  • These actors are worse than the ones that were inside Radio City Music Hall.

  • hassan

    go hell HTC one with its aluminium body i hate HTC i will go with sammy and of course GS4 is a superking of the year

  • The one is lacking in the display, storage and battery departments.. for a phone coming out in 2013 it should have an SD card slot, an AMOLED display and a larger REMOVABLE battery.. there’s a reason samsung galaxy phones outsell them every quarter.

  • Rohan patel

    Htc gotta do more stuff like this to get their phones out their

  • yungqb7

    GS4, 16GB, Black Mist please