HTC’s One was supposed to launch in Taiwan today, but now it’s due on the 7th

by: ŠtefanMarch 3, 2013

HTC announced their 2013 flagship smartphone, the One, on Febrary 19th. That’s less than a month ago. According to Focus Taiwan, the company wanted to launch the device in their home market today, but the launch had to be postponed until the 7th. That’s this Thursday. Why was the launch delayed? We don’t know.

Strangely enough, when HTC unveiled the One, they said it would be available in 32 GB and 64 GB configurations. The One that’s meant for Taiwan will have just 16 GB of on-board storage. Why? Again, we don’t know, but it probably has something to do with cost.

When will the HTC One reach your respective country? Oh boy, that’s a tough one. If you want to wait until your operator offers it, then you could be looking at April or even May. If you want to import one from a site like Expansys, then you could probably have yours by the end of March. It really depends on what channels you prefer going through.

Should you even buy the One? We feel that you owe it to yourself to wait until the 14th to see what Samsung does with the Galaxy S4. Then, and only then, will you be able to make a fair comparison between what are arguably the two most important Android smartphones that are going to be released during the first half of this year.

What’s going to happen during the second half of the year? We’re looking at the Note III, the next Nexus, the first real Motorola phone from Google, and as much as it hurts to say this, an upgraded version of the One. Similar to how the One X got refreshed as the One X+ in 2012, we expect the same thing to happen this year.

  • 16gig won’t do well. If I don’t have a 64gig option I’ll wait for something with a micro sd card slot. Yes cloud/box options seem awesome but not many people have the data plans to accommodate it.

    32gig would be minimum I’d consider but I have that now and my phone is nearly maxed out.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      You must’ve misread my article. The One will have 32 GB and 64 GB options, but this new variant, for the local Taiwanese market, will have just 16 GB, which is weird.

      • cloudburst

        perhaps he live in taiwan :)

      • lolhaha

        That’s to make it more cheaper because not everyone needs 32GB. HTC will still provide 32G and 64G version.

  • cycad007

    Hey Stefan…thanks for delivering the news. You seem to always have the latest scoop before anyone else….its quite impressive.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      I don’t think of myself as a “scoop” guy. I’m just lucky because I’m in Thailand for the next few weeks, so I get a bit of a leg up due to the time zone difference.

      • Welcome bro

        R u coming for a vacation? i’m sure u will like Thailand and honestly, i’m Thai people. You are welcome! haha …anyway, thanks for the news

      • Your definitely NOT the “scoop” guy. You have terrible information. Read what everyone else has said. Why on EARTH would HTC offer a buy back of your old phone if you purchase it before 3/31 and not release the phone till April or May. I feel like your not an HTC fan, hence the hating. Don’t write biased articles. It’s bad journalism.

  • There won’t be an upgraded version of the HTC ONE like the One X+, HTC already said that the HTC ONE will be the only flagship they offer in 2013.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Do you honestly believe everything a marketing person tells you?

      • Mike Reid

        Yeah. Define flagship. And redefine as you go to suit.

        Say the market changed, and customers demand more models. And Verizon needs their version. It’s the same phone, pinky swear…

        LOL. 1 step above ZTE, or none at all ?

  • lolhaha

    The 16G option will only be provided to make the HTC One be available to more customers as it will be cheaper. HTC will still sell 32G and 64G version of HTC One in Taiwan! All three versions will be launched on the same date.

  • wzhyd

    I thought HTC says their flagship phone of this year will only be the HTC One. So I’m not too sure about what you’re saying on the upgraded version.

  • The IR blaster really solidifies the HTC One choice for me, and the phone is sexy (minus the stupid 2 button configuration). I doubt the gs4 will change my mind, but I’ll wait anyways.

  • blair

    it’s postponed because the new “htc” home button has shortage supplies :D

  • Anon.

    “When will the HTC One reach your respective country? Oh boy, that’s a tough one. If you want to wait until your operator offers it, then you could be looking at April or even May.”

    Where does that news come from? All of the operators and retailers in the UK say 15th March:

    • HardyHarHar

      It is very clear the author likely doesn’t want HTC. He’s even way very exaggerated at giving release dates. April? May? lol! Just because the home country of HTC has postponed the released date by 3 days then the author predicts already that international stores would delay the released date by 2 months lol!

      • CLEARLY the author is out of the loop.. Everywhere is pointing to a march 15th or 22nd launch.. Even go on HTC’s One page and it says if you buy it BEFORE March 31st they will buy your phone back for at least $100. If it wouldnt release til may then how would that work? Somebody needs to get their sources fixed as the One made it through the FCC last week in the US so it is Ready for sale when the 15th comes

  • bubu

    Stefan…mai usor cu fanboismele…de ce mentionezi producatorul de plastic in orice articol ?

    For everybody else…I was just saying to Stefan to slow down on mentioning the cheap plastic manufacturer in every article..

  • Beautiful and well built phone with excellent spec! Who wants plastic rubbish like S4

  • Daveydog

    Htc is offering 100 bucks for your old phone if you buy it on sprint before 3/31

  • Ben Solomon

    16 GB would be fine in Taiwan. Most the data plans there are unlimited, reliable, and very fast.