Source: HTC One stock Android edition could be “announced within two weeks”

by: Bogdan BeleMay 23, 2013

HTC One Stock Android

A launch of a HTC One stock Android edition in the U.S. is “imminent”, according to sources quoted by the same writer that mentioned the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition before its release.

Normally, this could be treated like yet another HTC One stock Android rumor, but this time the information comes from’s Russell Holly, a man known for not being a fan of baseless rumors, and, most importantly, the man that broke the news about the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition being launched at Google I/O.

Quoting “multiple sources,” Holly says that the “senseless” edition of the HTC One will be a reality very soon – it should be announced sometime during the next two weeks. The possible release date of the device, which would be running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, is said to be at some point during the summer.

The HTC One stock edition would be available in the U.S. at the beginning, which makes Holly think that it’s possible for Google to sell it itself, through the Google Play Store.

The reason for HTC’s decision to make the device available would be that, while the HTC One is clearly a very good handset, with encouraging sales (despite delays that even caused the company to apologize to users by sending them Play Store gift cards), HTC was impressed by the way the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition has been welcomed with.

While this is all as unofficial as can be, since the announcement is said to arrive “within the next two weeks,” we won’t have to wait too long in order to get a confirmation (or not). On the other hand, this report seems to shed a totally new light on HTC employee Leigh Momii’s tweet, posted after the Samsung Galaxy S4 running vanilla Android was announced.

While HTC has denied preparing an HTC One running stock Android, it might have changed its mind since. Or it could have just decided to wait a while longer before making the announcement.

Would you want to buy an HTC One running stock Android or would you prefer the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition?

  • Doesn’t really matter what flavor of the OS it has, bottom line is that it’s still lacking a micro SD slot which makes many of us say, nope.

    • Sudeepto Dutta

      True mate… also the non removable battery is a bummer IMO…

      well I guess with class & premium feel , there are some sacrifices to be mad :)

      • Ruzveh

        removable battery is ok buddy considering it has gapless aluminum construction.. yea i agree on microsd or atleast they should have given higher storage such as 128GB or 64GB or normal 32gb phone with built-in microsd card in non removable format :D

    • HitokiriX

      That’s exactly what’s keeping me from buying it.

    • ludmila

      your idiot when you had iphone years ago before you shut your piehole back then. not everyone need sd card you just cant find excuses to hate on htc all samsung fan boys do that

      • MasterMuffin

        Fanboying a lot?

      • PLEASE don’t call someone an idiot when you don’t even know the difference between you’re and your.

      • AussieGreek

        I’m with you on this one. I’ve had enough of these “no SD card, no removable battery” losers. Do you ever here them complain about no SD card on the 32 gig Nexus 7???

        • ruby

          nexus is a lot cheaper, can’t complain on that.

        • SeraZR™

          guess u have nothin to store on your sd card :/

        • Tony Willis

          Yea you can be happy with your built in crap that limit’s you that’s fine with you.But speak for yourself and only yourself. .If it ain’t got removable battery or at-least SD it ain’t worth it. And HTC used to have removable battery and SD card slot.Then they decided to stop making phones with removable battery and sd card and that’s when they started sinking heavily ..go look it up… Google it.Its Only shows that more people use SD card slots and like the option of that removable battery they thought. And for the record nexus is a lot cheaper.

          • Mark Mann

            your lack of grammar skills takes away from the impact of your argument…

    • Same ol’ same ol’… Move on already!!!

    • soldad

      htc company is in a mess already, exec abandoning ship.
      don’t go with htc, you’ll get a better future with other phone.

      • nicedudex26

        troll i will go with htc not matter what because they make the best phones go home paid troll

      • mkay

        On contrary, it is the perfect time to support the best Android OEM unless you wish to give full power to samsung, which will never ever again innovate anything and keep the same phones on the S5, S6, S7 names. You will be forced to buy bs because there will be no other choice

        • OMGgary

          Yeah, cos the only only company making Android phones besides HTC is Samsung.
          Android phones from LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE, ASUS, Pantech, Oppo, Lenovo, Acer, Alcatel, Kyocera, Gigabyte, Panasonic, Sharp, Karbonn, BLU, Xiaomi, Meizu and the thousands of smaller Chinese manufacturers are just figments of your imagination, put there by the devil (aka Samsung) to fool you into not buying a HTC.

    • It’s got 64gb. I’m quite certain even power users rarely need more than that. It is a good thing for you to complain about I guess, because there’s not much else.

  • Sudeepto Dutta

    HTC ONE with Vanilla Android 4.2.2 ?? !! Jeezz

    That is one hell of a dessert you are asking buddy …

    Premium device getting stock android is what everyone wants…

    MAY my droids get what they want :)

  • Rollin Ronemus

    HTC one.

  • Ruzveh

    thank God i waited my purchase of HTC One.. My wait shall provide me with better fruits now.. m happy to wait :)

  • Linwood Davis

    No to plastic and that $600 price tag. I don’t care for a removable battery, more money in my pocket so when I upgrade won’t have wasted it on a us less battery. And I have tons of cloud storage no need for a tiny card to add more storage. So Hurry up HTC I need that great build quilty your know for with stock android on it

  • HTC didn’t deny a One running stock Android. They denied a “Nexus experience” device. Meaning it might not be sold on the Playstore or maintained by Google.

  • Secret Agent Man

    This is somewhat irrelevant because you can just flash 4.2.2 Rom on your HTC with Cyanogenmod

    • dogulas

      But if Google is treating it as a Nexus device, you won’t be waiting 6 months for the modders to hack together a nearly stable version. You’ll be getting the polished, newest stock android very soon after it comes out with every release.

  • SonyFan

    Htc wont release a stock htc one…
    My friend works by htc…there are no plans for such a phone

    • HardyHarHar

      Yeah like we will believe your friend who we don’t even know what position he/she has on HTC compared to Leigh who’s one of the head developers on the software department of HTC. I’d rather believe someone who’s under the exact department in charge of it than some random employee.

    • nicedudex26

      who is going to believe you troll

    • SeraZR™

      as if we are blind to not see the Troll

  • No One

    HTC One with stock android, definitely is a go for me. Solved the issue with OS update and also I don’t have to lose too much features like what happen with GS4 GE. It will be even better if HTC change it to 8 or 13MP camera. I’m not fan of UltraPixel.

    • Noel

      No, 8MP cam, it will have to be 13MP just like its competition…that is if they decide not to use the Ultra pixel cam.

  • Personally I think its a positive thing (helps sales) for just about any manufacturer to have a good high-end Android Smartphone available in the Google Play Store with it running Stock Android, get timely upgrades (like a Nexus device do now), and is unlocked right out of the box because some Android users including myself prefer stock or pure Android over skins and bloatware from the manufacturer and carrier. I would think Samsung should also offer the Galaxy Note 2 as well.

    As for the HTC One itself, its ok, but its not my cup of tea. It has nothing to do with HTC as a manufacturer/company. Its actually because of the device itself. Mainly, I don’t care for the design, it looks like an iPhone gone wrong and it doesn’t have a removable battery. Of course I can live without a microSD card slot by using either an OTG cable, SD Card reader and the Nexus Importer app (if it works on an HTC) or a Kingston Wi-Drive or another device that streams via Wifi. But I would review if I had the opportunity.

    And on a sidenote, I like the plastic battery door on a Samsung Galaxy device, its easy and cheap to replace and having a removable battery means if there is a battery problem, then I can replace the battery, instead of calling on a warranty.

  • For me I don’t care which one get in U.K first I will buy it

  • For me, it doesn’t really matter what “skin” is on the phone I get, because I just throw on Nova Launcher Prime anyway. It’s the updates, the features, and what value they add to the phone. A HTC One w/stock would be nice only if it gets the “Nexus” treatment, where it gets the latest updates faster.

  • Wes

    I hope it won’t only be for the US :/ There’s at least one Canadian who would buy one.

    Although, I suppose once it’s released we’ll be able to flash this to any rooted One, huh? So hopefully we can turn any One senseless.

  • GF

    The unlocked 32GB (25.5GB actually) version is $580. The developer edition 64GB (56GB) version is $650. It all depends on the price, though I’d miss BlinkFeed.

  • cycad007

    Dang….really wanna get this! :)

  • HardyHarHar

    Samsung S4 minus the Smart sh*ts = External hard disk with a touchscreen interface & phone functionality.

    So I’d better go with an HTC One for this.

  • nicedudex26

    HTC Nexus

  • Laz99

    I must be one of a very small minority that just doesn’t like the HTC One hardware at all. I love, love, love Android–and I definitely love STOCK Android–but in terms of hardware, the HTC One is not “premium” like the iPhone is premium. Still two different worlds. And I hate TouchWiz, but I’d take the S4 over the HTC One right now in a heartbeat.

    • Shut Up

      Have you ever held a One before making stupid claims?

    • Richie

      Bull, the HTC One is definitely a premium phone

    • you lost.

      If using a higher grade aluminium and a tougher anodizing process, along with the front facing speakers, larger screen, better screen, better cameras, better hardware, better software, and better battery life doesn’t make the HTC One a more premium device than an iPhone, I don’t know what does.

  • John Linden

    HTCrap. If I wanted a non-plastic phone, I’d rather have an iPhone than an HTCrap phone. HTCrap simply does not have technology to put a removable battery + sd card slot.

    • trololololo


    • Who cares? 99% of users don’t need those features at all. But what IS nice is a better screen, better body, and better interface than the S4. (Just like the HOX was to the S3)

    • Pradeep Viswanathan R

      Seriously ?? Does your iCrap have the removable battery & SD card slot you want??