It’s not all bad news: HTC One sales hit 5 million so far

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 23, 2013

HTC One Stealth Black 5 1600 aa

Amidst a flurry of negative reports, a glimmer of hope for HTC – the One is selling relatively good, moving five million units since launch.

The last few days brought us a series of worrying news about HTC. According to insiders cited by The Verge, there’s an executive exodus going on at the embattled Taiwanese phone maker, with the company’s Chief Product Officer and top marketing exec leaving for sunnier shores. Then CNET Asia reported that two top executives from HTC Asia, one of the company’s critical markets, have also decided to pursue other interests.

The wave of departures is a sign of internal struggle, but amidst all the bad news, there is a glimmer of hope. According to an anonymous HTC executive cited by WSJ, the crucial HTC One is selling “pretty good so far.”

The executive revealed that HTC sold about five million One units since launch, a performance that is deemed encouraging. However, sales have been limited by the persisting supply issues (documented here and here) that still plague the production of the HTC One.

Here’s the key quote from the HTC executive:

[quote qtext=”Orders are pretty good so far and are still more than what we can supply. This is partly due to the shortage of components. When the issue is resolved next month, we will have a better idea if it’s doing really well or not.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

As you can see, the demand for the One is larger than the supply, and the component shortage is only partially responsible, which could be good news for HTC. To speculate, it may mean that customers love the HTC One and that sales could further increase once the manufacturing issues are finally solved.

How good is the 5 million sales figure? Samsung just trumpeted today the reach of the 10 million sales milestone for the Galaxy S4. The HTC One began selling in late March in Germany and the UK, and in late April, in the US, China, and other markets. Given the supply issues and the stuttered release, it’s probably safe to say that the One and the Galaxy S4 have been out for about the same time on the market.

I think that the fact that HTC managed to sell 5 million Ones in about a month of full availability is encouraging. Consider that HTC is nowhere near the influence it had in its heyday, and it now lacks the carrier clout and marketing spending power that Samsung uses so liberally. So the fact that HTC managed to sell half as many phones as Samsung is a pretty good sign.

We’ll see how the HTC One does once the supply issues are fully resolved, but so far, it’s good news for Peter Chou, who reportedly vowed to step down from the top of HTC if the One fails to bring a turnaround to the company.

  • Balraj

    Wow that’s good…
    Still hoping for a India release

    • APai

      although I will not be picking HTC one having seen it first hand it’s a great looking device, the best I have seen!

    • Released in India a week ago and now available at multiple major retailers.

      • Balraj

        oh but its just one variant
        I’m waiting for another :-)

  • ipo

    Indeed very happy to hear that!

  • Jack

    Love you HTC the KIng

  • No One

    Well done HTC, with better ad campaign, you could have sold a lot more.

    • APai

      absolutely! samsung & apple have shown how to do it – effective marketing blitz

    • rythmic

      HTC J One will sell even more, if it released internationally. too bad it’s not the case.

    • They can’t afford it, sadly. I don’t think any OEM can afford the kind of money Samsung and Apple spend on marketing and “other means” of advertising.

  • APai

    HTC one is a great phone, so clocking 5 million should not be a surprise really.

  • Kirin

    If HTC ONE is best phone, how come consumer report has choose Samsung Galaxy 4S? I still don’t understand why other review site care about the aluminum case, because almost everyone will use rubber or plastic cover anyway.

    • Ivan Budiutama

      Because Samsung spent millions of $ for commercial, not to mention their “free advertisement” on patent war. then again distribution, newest OS adaptation, service center availability etc,etc. In many cases, Samsung win hands down and HTC is clearly forget (Lack of dedicated Service center, advertising is nothing compared to Samsung, no world wide release not even butterfly here) in the biggest market: Asia.

      • Kirin

        you mean consumer reports accecpt money from product maker? or samsung wins because they have more money to spend commercial?

    • nicedudex26

      That’s actually funny Samsung s4 GSM arena mentioned as shipment of 10 million & androidauthority
      mentioned as sold? we know Samsung marketing hype hype pay money for
      fake media posts.

    • Marketing. If HTC had a marketing budget even half the size of Samsung’s, I’d bet the farm they’d be outselling the S4 2 to 1.
      Also, the fact that Samsung has gigantic production lines and no supply issues and that manufacturing a soapbox takes much less time and effort, only goes further to answer your question.

      • Jared Persinger

        Htc doesn’t have a lot of money to invest in money but having said that I have seen about 20 ads for the htc one and about 30 for the s4

        • Hambeast

          Considering most major tech blogs have One > S4 I have to wonder.

      • Kirin

        so you are saying Consumer report website make review based on marketing?

        • Matt V

          duh. Before this year, it was always iPhone..

    • Cao Meo

      All organizations (Consumer Report included) and people who run them want money, and Samsung has lots of it.

      • Kirin

        I personally Think Consumer Report is different, you should check out what they do to make review first to write a comment like this.

    • Balraj

      Galaxy s4 is selling high cause of heavy marketing n prev success of galaxy S2 &S3
      That’s all..but s4 is like a galaxy SC than galaxy 4 :-)

  • This article warmed my heart. I’m so happy to see that despite the limited supplies HTC manages to make good sales numbers. Only if they could make the logo a button…. that would be great. :)

    • David Brymer

      root ur phone and then u will have ur wish.

  • Bone

    Considering KGI Securities has leaked very accurate inside info and projected some 500k to manufactured until the Summer, I call an absolute BS on this number which has damage control written all over it. Most likely number is between 300-800k.

    • Company executives don’t simply lie about sales numbers, that can be verified relatively easily later on.
      500k to be manufactured until the summer? Are you demented? Only 500k units of their flagship, that is expected to sell in the millions, to be produced in 4 or 5 months? The numbers wouldn’t be that low in 5 months even if they hand made every unit! Take your hating ass and go elsewhere.

      • Bone

        In case you missed, HTC One was crippled by extreme manufacturing issues, 20% yield rate (80 out of 100 UltraPixel and HD audio chips coming out useless), so it’s impossible to sell millions of units all of the sudden.

        The reason I doubt this other than insider low unit predictions is the timing of this news, HTC needed something positive to stop the “free fall”, but 5M is a little too good to be rue. I even doubt the S4’s 10 million actual user pickups, but that’s still much more believable than the One’s 5M terrible manufacturing considered.

        I’m am not in the wrong with my suspicions, having followed the troubled launch closely.

    • le_lutin

      Your comment makes you sound completely mental.

      • Bone

        “800k-1M first half” (ending on June 30) to be precise. KGI Securities broke the delay in the first place, so they are to be trusted.

        Now logic tells that if HTC only recently upped the yield rate and by KGI’s numbers 500k manufactured before May is a reasonable estimate, it is very hard to believe they pulled out 4,5 million out of the factory, packed it, shipped it and solid it in around 3 weeks. As a matter of fact, that’s impossible.

        Apple plays the “good news card” every time the stock takes a hit, and today is the day HTC HAD TO come up with something overwhelmingly positive, cause their employees are urged by former employees to jump ship. Hence “5M units sold”. Too good to be true.

      • OMGgary

        I was also going to say something along the lines of what Bone has been trying to explain logically to you, but guess I must also be mental, because, contrary to my physical appearance, nationality, location in Western Europe, and ownership of an older HTC phone model, I am also a Taiwanese student in the employ of a company whose phones I have never owned or, to be honest, even liked very much, and am jealous cos my mommy won’t buy, a product which to me is just a glorified lozenge box full of glue, copper foil and a battery, but for which ex-Apple hipsters are apparently willing to go all jihad.
        Now that I’ve saved you all the trouble of typing insults at me, if there are any actual independently verifiable statistics on the sales of the HTC One to date can we please have them?

        • Bone

          There are no such figures, only HTC knows how many unit passed quality control and hit the ships, no independent firm can estimate accurately the sales over 50 countries, 150 carriers and official/unofficial channels. So we can choose to trust or not trust numbers that are often too conveniently rounded and timed to believe, say 10M S4s in a month, just how they estimated…. right.

          • OMGgary

            That’s what I thought.

    • MariaxNY

      paid student by Samsung

      • Bone

        And how did you come to that conclusion, smartpants?

        • now dont say that you work 4 free,or u work for bones,is that samdung pays u

    • Anonymousfella

      I agree 5million seems a bit much especially considering all they shortage problems they were facing.They had a target of 2-3 million in the first month and now they are claiming to have sold 5million handsets? That too when they have yet to launch it many markets yet like you said.
      That said i liked reading it because the One is a really good device and I’m confident that they will reach this milestone as soon as they are able to sort their supply chain shortages.

  • dandroid13

    Hopefully HTCrap won’t survive 2013. All their execs are jumping ship, not even fanboys can save them anymore.

    • le_lutin

      “HTCrap”? Are you eleven years old?

      • David Brymer

        hahaha very good. give him a break m8, hes just pissed he cant get the htc one. in a few months it will be cheaper dandroid13 and ur mummy might buy u 1.

  • Cao Meo

    This sales number proved my suspicion about HTC executive exodus:

    The new marketing chief won the power struggle within HTC leadership and pushed the old dead wood out of the door, with some of the losers bad mouthing in revenge.

    All in all HTC is moving forwards.

    5M is less than Samsung’s 10M but considering the size and momentum of both companies, this is monumental success for HTC.

    • Garry DeWitt

      I wonder though how it compares to the one x sales in the first month? I know there are supply shortages to consider as well, but It’d still be an interesting comparison.

  • Justin Flynn

    I hope they survive, they are pushing out stunning handsets, Samsung ain’t even close

  • Jared Persinger

    Well done htc, I think you deserve it after all the hard work you put into this phone, if you keep it updated then I will get another htc when I upgrade again.

  • zzzz

    Who buys that POS?

  • taz89

    i have the s4 which i like and my brother has the one which i like too…honestly if the one had a sd card slot and had the home button in the centre i probably would have gotten the one as those speakers really are amazing and the feel of the phone is great too.removable isnt must for me but a sd card is no matter how many people here say no one uses it, nearly everyone i know uses a sd card…as for the sale of 5million ones thats great but i think the problem with htc is also the fact that the profit margin is very low on there phones…its why you see apple and samsung making billions in profit were as others are just making billions.

  • I’m happy for htc although I’m set to grab the note3. Good luck and have a healthy competition. For futures sake, I’d like to see all companies success.

  • I find this hard to believe. Today was the first time I’ve ever seen someone using a HTC One, but I see about 100 people using the S4 every day.

    • nicedudex26

      Samsung 10 million shipped but not sold most setting on store selves and some returned do to lag,over heating near the camera,pink blur,you cant see anything in the sun on the screen. i walk around New york city i don’t see anyone carrying Samsung s4. most i see i htc one and note 2

    • Matt V

      You see 100 people using the same phone everyday.. Wow.. What do you do, just hangout in the subway following people.. You’ve never seen 100 phones in any given day. Let alone them all being the same one. And as a side note. I know of about 5 people with the One, and only 1 whos ordered an s4.

      • You don’t? Wow, what do you do, hang out under a rock all day with your 5 buddies? You need to get out a bit more.

  • Ignacio Martín

    I own a HTC one and needless to say it’s an amazing phone

  • fridge

    Look, phones are easy to pick. iPhone for the masses, Samsung for the slow witted that watch the silly gimmicks Samsung sells as a “feature” and think they’re cool (bump a song, really? With 4G you can’t just email faster and easier?). The geeks mostly flock to HTC because they build the best Android (open source) sets. Don’t get me wrong, Samsung builds a nice phone, but they are still the imitator, and are simply out classed across the board by Apple and HTC.