Although T-Mobile has technically had a black version of the HTC One S for a while now, it was previously a special variant only given out to T-Mobile store representatives who achieved certain sales goals with HTC devices. The good news is that T-Mobile is finally offering the Ceramic Black edition of the One S to its customers.

What could be better than the introduction of a new color? Giving the phone away for free, that’s what. The special black One S is on sale now through T-Mobile’s website with a limited time offer that gives you the phone free when you sign a 2-year contract. What’s the catch? You will still have to put a little money down for the device, but will get it back with through a mail-in rebate.

The HTC One S might not be as exciting as Verizon’s upcoming HTC Droid DNA, but it is still a solid dual-core smartphone. If you want a deal and don’t need the “latest and greatest” device on the market, this could be exactly what you are looking for. Any T-Mobile customers out there tempted by the HTC One S Ceramic Black Edition?

Andrew Grush
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