HTC One release delayed in India

by: Ankit BanerjeeMay 8, 2013

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There was an excitement in the air with the official launch of the HTC One in India. Considering the high price point at which the HTC Butterfly had released with, the Rs 42,900 price tag of the HTC One was comparatively reasonable. HTC had also got the timing of the launch right, with a promised arrival of the company’s 2013 flagship a week or so before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4. With a device boasting a premium build and some great new features, HTC was ready to make waves in an Indian market that it has had difficulty capturing in the past.

Everything was in place for HTC, but somewhere along the way, something went wrong. The problem is that there hasn’t been any word on what. Of course, the obvious reason is the ultrapixel camera component supply shortages that had plagued the availability of the HTC in other major markets as well, so that issue may not have been fixed after all.

After the device didn’t show up by the previously expected April 22 availability, the folks at found out from a listing by online retailers Saholic that the availability of the device may have moved to May 7. A quick glance at your calendar will confirm that yes, May 7 was yesterday, and still no HTC One. The same listing on Saholic now lists an arrival date of May 15, while some electronic stores suggested a May 20 availability. Further, an reader who had signed up for the “Keep me Informed” newsletter on the HTC website mentioned receiving an email that said that the device would be available in stores only by the end of this month.

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When will the HTC One finally be available? While the smartphone could show up even tomorrow, the end of the month timeline seems most accurate. Saholic mentions May 15. Another online retailer, ShopYourWorld, has the HTC One listed as “In Stock,” but with a notice stating “Due to popular demand, the HTC One will be shipped in 2-4 weeks,” which is as vague as it gets. Another point to notice is that other popular online retailers like Flipkart, Infibeam, and others, don’t even have the listing yet. Usually, at worst we’ll see a “Coming Soon” tag, and at best, the phone will be up for pre-order, with a definite shipping date mentioned. With both not online yet, the mystery of when the HTC One will finally be available deepens.

This delay is certainly going to affect HTC negatively, considering the fact that both the Sony Xperia Z, and the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S4 are already available around the country. All priced around the same, it all comes down to how eagerly you’ve been waiting for the HTC One. If you’re in the market for any high-end smartphone, then the alternatives are already there for you to pick from, and at this point, only fans of the HTC One are going to wait around for the device to be released. So is it worth the wait? Check out your detailed hands-on review of the HTC One, as well as the comparison between the One and the Galaxy S4, to decide –

There’s a lot to love about the HTC One, and I think it’s definitely worth the wait, but if this goes on for any longer, HTC’s comeback year may not go as smoothly as hoped.

What are your thoughts? Are you planning to pick up the HTC One? Are you disappointed at the delayed release? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • YSB

    I have been waiting eagerly for the htc one but there is no word yet about the date of availability.Now i am actually considering the s4. Htc should have released the one before s4.The sheer marketing force of samsung is difficult to fight and now with delay in availability, htc is is going to struggle a lot even while having the most beautiful android phone on their side.

    • S4 is laggy according to reports and 90% phones have heating issue

      • John Mortimer

        That was fixed with firmware update the other day, its not the HTC one where you get no updates

        • amine ELouakil

          Because if you had took a few seconds and did some research you woudn’t look as stupid as you do right now, The HTC One got a 200mb+ update a while ago enhancing most of the aspects of the phone.

          • Updates come to add features and remove bugs. HTC rarely has any bug and features come slowly ;)

          • HTC rarely has any bugs, hahahaha

            Headset noise on low volume, Soft button not responsive, screen not responsive, signal issues, heating issue, all those for HTC One alone

          • amine ELouakil

            I have none of those thanxokbeybey , where as the S4 on the other hand….

          • Because you don’t have it doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist, Ok? Many people have the problem. Android authority, Pocketnow, Droid-life had issues with the capacitive soft button responsiveness, some reported it while many others didn’t.

          • amine ELouakil

            It’s not responsiveness, get your fact straight, it’s the sensitive area is small on early device, something that was fixed with the update for most.
            PocketNow does not have any issue with the One and the gave it the highest score for anyphone they reviewed and concluding it’s better. I’m not saying the One is a perfect phone but you are defending a wrong claim from someone who said that the One will never get updated.

        • Ishan Mahendru

          HTC recently updated the one series dude. So don’t start blabbering without any facts up your sleeves.

  • Sholih Rmd

    the HTC One was launched at April 22 in Indonesia. But no word about availability until now. maybe I’m just gonna get S4 instead (which, a lot of people in Indonesia already did).

  • Sholih Rmd

    the HTC One was launched at April 22 in Indonesia. But no word about availability until now. maybe I’m just gonna get S4 instead (which, a lot of people in Indonesia already did).

  • V P Manavalan

    yes i am very disappointed for delay in release of HTC one in india because by this time samsung galaxy s4 would occupy the substantial portion of the market, hence please release immediaty
    V P Manavalan

  • Gaurav

    I waited for HTC ONE till May 7 ie Yesterday, but could not wait any longer so i bought i phone 5.

    P.S HTC SUCKS!!!!

    • Rohit

      haha, i am using iphone and will sell it and buy htc one

    • That sucks for you. HTC One is the Sh*t.

    • Arsenal™

      lol iCrap?

      i agree HTC is not good but really Iphone?

    • wow. massive fail. should have gotten an S4 or a butterfly.

  • i am still waiting for the htc one.
    i have been waiting for it to atleast be listed on flipkart. the fact that its not in india yet, is not an encouraging fact at all! I hope it is gonna be worth it.

    in the meantime. i’m actually considering xperia’s Z!

  • no ….I am going with Xperia Z

    • Arsenal™

      ok then deal with the poor viewing angles and finger prints :D

  • Frustrated. Lost patience, gone to enquire at the local store for the umpteenth time and finally bought S4, and i don;t enjoy the plastic so much. I shall never ever purchase a HTC product again

  • Anup Prakash

    This is too much.. HTC has the worst market of all..Let them keep the device for themselves :P am moving on…

  • parvez

    HTC your delay will make you loser……

  • parvez

    you scared by Samsung marketing…..LOL

  • Ryan

    Its coming on 18th !

  • chetan

    This clearly shows how ppl around the world neglect Indian market. Never ever buy HTC products. As simple as it is.

  • Saurabh Saxena

    I am eagerly waiting for HTC one and will wait until it gets arrived… Its the best smartphone way above Xperia Z or Galaxy S4….

  • Kshitij

    I am very much disappointed with this latest delay. HTC you are gonna loose market share in premium handset category as your rivals are already out with their latest flagship devices. I was a prospected buyer for HTC One but my patience is running out. I think i will switch to Samsung Galaxy S4. HTC stop playing a hunch and have decency to actually announce the exact date of releasing the device in indian market.


    I am not sure if HTC is playing its cards right. Most of the people who were torn between S4 and HTC one would have made the choice by now, I mean who wants to wait?
    The initial opportunity for a good score has been lost by HTC but I am sure it’ll even up if the phone really lives up to the Buzz. As far as I am concerned, my friends in US tells me its worth the wait. I am waiting for ONE before I get rid of my iphone, I hope I am making the right decision

  • varma

    every day i am checking for the release date, htc is wasting precious time in market. i hope one will come into market before iphn next model.

  • steve

    Samsung has given $50 million to HTC for delaying its launch in India.

  • Manvendra Pandey

    I was waiting for HTC One but enough is enough. S4 launced later than One but already is in the stores everywhere. Going for Iphone 5 now.

  • ruon

    it will be available by 10th june

  • priyank

    Highly dispointed. I ahve also sent mail to htc and got answer thaqt will be available in
    Last week of may.

  • Because of its delays, all excitement is melting away. Now I think it’s better for Htc not to launch HTC one in india. They are keep moving the release date further and further. Samsung galaxy s4 already here with xperia z and other got good response, now few weeks time Nokia 41 megapixel camera phone (catwalk) will be announce in London and aft that in June iPhone 5s going to come out.
    So now I am waiting for iPhone 5s and Nokia (catwalk) phone. Sorry HTC better luck next time. And pl. launch yr. device when it is available.

  • alan

    waited fr HTC one fr a long tym….have to giv to thm they hav tested mi patience…
    now adjusting wid d new Samsung Galaxy S4….

  • HTC suckers

    Though of waiting till May7th but when there not even an announcement from HTC regarding the delay or availability which makes us think the device is not gona hit Indian Market. Let move ahead.. Jus got my hand on Xperia Z

  • kaikoy

    Yes, I am dissapointed and disgusted the way Htc is playing with everyones emotions. No doubt Htc One is one of the best device as of date, but that does not mean you can take people for a ride. There are strong contenders in the market and only very very loyal Htc fans will possibly wait for their favourite magical pc. It’s hight time HTC, please release the phones asap otherwise, God help you.

  • the phone is up for pre book on snapdeal … i am expecting the price will be around as same as samsung galaxy s4 with in a week … and world knows htc one beats samsung cheap plastic in terms of build and software.. …. give me a thumbs up guys so everyone can see and those who r wiiling to buy this beast can pre book to get their hands on the device first ….

  • thang khual

    what happen to htc..I been waiting to loooonnnngggg, I give up better to buy Samsung which has a 5 inch display..

  • I bought a Galaxy S4 here in India on April 30th. If the One had been in stores by then, I could have easily been convinced to buy one. They lost one sale to me at least…

  • Well, the word from HTC India is that the devices were shipped to India, but due to shortage in the US market, they were sent there, as India is not viewed as a ‘Priority Market’.
    I bloody sold my Samsung Note 2 for the HTC One, about a month back, still waiting!! Come on HTC, it’s high time that you learn something from your other Asian Competitors.
    Not treating India as a Priority Market has reduced your chances for attaining market superiority.
    I think Mr. Peter Chou, CEO of HTC would have typed in his resignation, as he had earlier stated that he would resign if the HTC One is not successful.
    All the best Mr. Chou!

    HTC, wake up guys! just get over with it, and please for the love of god, don’t price the device atrociously!
    Learn from Samsung and Sony!

  • P.S The Phone is available on

    it is lowest amount that you can pay for the phone.

  • pareek

    hey htc one loosing it’s market I am using xperiaz waiting for s4 and htc one my patience is not allow to wait for htc one hence I am buying s4 within 2 3 days waiting

  • I think India will get the non-HD microphone shipments and who knows what else. Its just that India is not a priority market for HTC and they certainly don’t seemt o be trying to make it one. All the while Samsung, Apple, Sony and LG are lapping up the sales in millions.

  • Madhav.A.Menon

    HTC one is having premium build quality, true, but is that all u look for in a phone. Their software upgrade track is very bad. HTC one is launching with 4.1.2 and more over even Galaxy S3 is running on 4.1.2 and is going to get Key Lime Pie, and I wonder whether there HTC One X the older model is qualified for that. Now Galaxy S4 is eligible to be used in Pentagon coz of KNOX, so think twice b4 buying…

  • Dipak

    Is any one able to tell me what is fix date of Launching of HTC one.?

  • don

    have been waithing for long time… might go tomorrow and buy a s4 which i don’t like but cant wait any longer

  • Shell

    The beggar company has released a awesome phone and now it cannot meet the world’s requirement. What a pity….Wish sammy or sony had released this phone.

  • krishna roy

    If htc takes one more week i ll change my mind to samsung or sony htc thinks they can fool us by extending its launch date or by booking policies
    Then htc is making big mistake

  • Ganesh

    Haha, I am using one in Mumbai for over two weeks. Amazing phone anyone who didnt wait around for it will cry sour grapes.