Red HTC One is an error, doesn’t exist

by: Conan HughesFebruary 20, 2013

HTC One Red

Forget we told you yesterday that the HTC One will come in red, alongside the typical silver and black variants. We were under the impression that there’s a third choice available, given that HTC’s own website showed a red model. But upon checking back, that model no longer appears in the listing.

There’s no official statement from HTC explaining what caused the error. So for now, anyone interested in buying the company’s latest flagship smartphone is down to choosing between black or silver. On the other hand, there might be a chance of return for the red model. Who knows? It could end up as a Verizon exclusive. Such a move might appease its customers, what with the HTC One’s absence on the network.

What color would you buy the HTC One in? Black or silver? Or red?

  • It’s still there I just checked…

    • brararsh

      Troll.. :D

  • It will be a Verizon exclusive model.

  • Rob C

    I always thought the red version would be a special for Verizon, we shall see.

    For other Phones I would choose black but for this One I would choose Aluminum !

    I don’t know why they don’t offer a few different colors (like “Nokia Yellow or Cyan” and “Sony Xperia Z Purple”) in a limited run, it would increase the popularity even further.

  • Ranjith Thiru

    Its still available in Indian HTC website

  • Travis T
  • jordany argueta

    I would like to see a red version on t mobile. If not im not getting one.

  • Noel

    Again..i will SCREAM LOUDLY TO HTC ” NO MORE EXCLUSIVES, BE IT IN CARRIERS OR COLORS. Just give the device to the masses in what ever color flavors they have them…so far so good when it comes to carriers allotment but HTC will have to be aggressive on the sales side of things. With such a high caliber device they shouldn’t cede even an inch to Samsung who we all know will bring it with the GS4 tooting two specs that as we know are absent on the HTC One. But the HTC One is packing enuf fire power to withstand those two missing specs. As an avid HTC fan..can’t wait to get mine.

  • iamMisano

    I want it in Red, I’m in the UK. it’ll go with my red lumia 920 & iPhone 4S. if not have to settle with the silver