Qualcomm will help HTC promote the One

by: Mike StengerMarch 26, 2013

HTC One to receive marketing boost from Qualcomm

The One faces some stiff competition, but according to trusted sources, HTC will get some assistance in marketing its new flagship from chipmaker Qualcomm.

Qualcomm has worked with HTC for many years, dating back to 2001 when the manufacturer of the Snapdragon processors  series made a minority equity investment in the Taiwanese company. Now, extending their relationship even further, Qualcomm has created the first in a series of promotional films for the HTC One. The videos will debut at the Game Developers Conference which started March 25 and ends March 29.

From a business standpoint, this marketing partnership makes a lot of sense. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 processor powers the HTC One and the more devices HTC sells, the better for both companies. And when it comes to marketing, HTC needs all the help they can get. The Taiwanese company has blamed poor marketing as a reason for their past failures and CEO Peter Chou said he’ll step down if the HTC One isn’t a success.

It seems that HTC is calling in all favors to make the One take off. Will they succeed?

  • SY

    It’s a great device. They just need to get it to market!

    • John Koetsier poyo

      The Taiwanese company has blamed poor marketing as a reason for their past failures and CEO Peter Chou said (he’ll step down if the HTC One isn’t a success).i hold what u say…2014 HTC ONE MINUS??

  • fixxmyhead

    they could also promote the (US) s4 which will have the same chip and will sell millions more

    just saying

    • daniel

      Actually it’s in there long term interest for HTC to do well and not Samsung, because if I was Qualcomm, I’d be terrified of the day Samsung decides to use late equipped exynos in their flagships! HTC is kinda stuck with qualcomm

      • daniel

        Lte *

      • cycad007

        I agree…Qualcomm would do well to continue to help their clients’ devices

    • oneAwake

      Qulcomm has an “interest” in HTC.

  • mirza

    i love this phone becouse it have beats audio <3 <3 i want 1,i dont have any fucking phone

  • Just get the phone out soon

  • HTC has made great gadgets and indeed pioneer the stylus in Flyer, 3d in HTC HD and now blink feed in One which will then possibly followed by others. I bought One X and nobody can unlock and root my phone except me. While others ???? The company and carrier can unlock it too. This is meant open source without liable to customers money. While HTC matters most to customers needs and spontaneously blocked all hanky-panky.

  • Jermaine Gray

    I’m a Samsung guy, but I have to admit this device is intriguing and I hope it’s successful because it’s better to have strong competition! We the consumers will win!

    • Jordan Awkward

      I’m a Samsung guy too but this phone is to good to pass up

  • I’ve had more HTC phones then Samsung. I just like HTC’s design over all other manufacturers. I’m not a fan of Samsung’s plastic or their cheesy bright colored childish looking UI (in my opinion). They add on some pretty bad ass features into their software though. I’m glad to see HTC step up their game with Sense 5. Keep up the battle!