Unlocked HTC One pricing increases, goes from $575 to $600

by: Andrew GrushJune 4, 2013

htc one coming to verizon

Normally when a phone has been on the market for a little while, it is only natural to see price changes. Almost always this means lower pricing than before, but not in HTC’s case. Apparently the HTC Store is now selling the unlocked HTC One for $599.99, a $25 price increase.

When HTC first started selling the HTC One through its store there was no indication that this was limited time pricing, so what gives? While we can’t say with any real certainty, it seems likely this has something to do with the HTC One with the Nexus User Experience, which will arrive to Google Play on June 26th for $599.99.

Having a $25 price difference between the HTC One NE and regular version wouldn’t have made a lot of sense, after all. Okay, but why didn’t the HTC One NE just price at $574.99 to begin with? Only HTC and Google know for sure.

One possibility is that the change maybe had to do with keeping the Samsung Galaxy S4 NE and HTC One NE within a similar pricing range (a $50 difference this way).

That’s assuming that Google requested the $599.99 price tag. What if it was the other way around? HTC might have decided that it wouldn’t get involved with putting stock Android on the One unless they could make a few extra bucks out of the deal, and then simply decided to raise its earlier pricing to reflect the new Google Play price.

Of course both of these theories are complete speculation on our part, and are admittedly pretty lame reasons. Then again, can you think of a good, not-lame reason for a price increase at this point? I certainly can’t.

To be fair, a $25 price increase probably isn’t going to break the bank, but that doesn’t make this move any less strange. What do you think, is the $25 price increase a big deal? Any interesting theories as to why HTC increased the pricing?

  • doode

    What a crock of $h!+

  • thartist

    It’s amazing how innerly f*cked up HTC is

  • icyrock1

    They should have kept it the same price. That way someone who wants a one would be more tempted to get to one with Sense for $25 cheaper.

  • simpleas

    Hmm wonder why

  • Pablo Calero

    not good at all bad news for all htc fans


  • Joshua Hill

    HTC start to regain traction with consumers based on comments over the last month or so then they go and do this. I guess they don’t want to be successful. No wonder their COO just resigned.

  • paxmos

    I would never buy an HTC, but to those who are interested, pay the difference. A “sense less” phone makes perfect sense!!

  • kurolife

    lol @ comments :
    1- it’s just a 25$
    2-It’s still 50$ cheaper than it 16gb competitor
    3-Carrier prices of the phone did not change, if anything they are getting cheaper
    4-it concerns only the phone from HTC website, if you get it from somewhere else it will be cheaper.
    5-I can assume, that it might be related to the change in mic, it might be that HTC opted for a more expensive solution to preserve the quality