Rumor: HTC One’s successor may be called the One+, reportedly will have Snapdragon 805 CPU

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 3, 2014


Just yesterday @evleaks revealed what he called “preliminary” specs for the HTC M8, which included a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB RAM, a 5-inch 1080p display, an UltraPixel rear cam, 2.1MP front cam and KitKat with Sense 6.0. Now if a new report from recognized XDA member Mike1986 proves correct, we’re learning even more about the handset.

First, the phone will reportedly be named the HTC One+, and supposedly it will feature the newer Snapdragon 805 CPU. That said, previous reports have suggested that the Snapdragon 805 won’t arrive until later 2014, so keep that in mind.

If the rumored hardware details prove (at least partially) true, we also have learned a bit more about battery size, camera and other specs.

Rumored specifications

  • 5″ FullHD 1080p covered by Gorilla Glass 3
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 805
  • 6 or 8MP UltraPixel camera (possibly with double lens)
  • 2.1MP front camera
  • Software buttons
  • 2900mAh battery
  • Android KitKat with HTC Sense 6.0
  • micro-SIM, microSD
  • NFC

As you can see, the HTC One+ might not be a massive leap up from the original, but it look like it will feature some welcome changes when it comes to processing power, battery size, screen size and — most importantly — it will have an SD slot for memory expansion.

Of course it’s important to note that these specs are still unconfirmed, and so details of the so-called HTC One+ should be taken with a hefty chunk of salt. If the rumored specs are true however, the next-gen flagship from HTC is certainly worth looking out for.

What do you think of the HTC M8 (aka HTC One+) based on the rumored specs, impressed or not?

*articled edited to take note of the fact that the Snapdragon 805 will likely not arrive with the next HTC flagship due to the fact that the new processor isn’t  believed to be shipping until much later in the year.*

  • fraserb64

    That’s more like it, if that’s what they release.

  • ‘As you can see, the HTC One+ might not be a massive leap up from the original, but it look like it will feature some welcome changes when it comes to processing power, battery size, screen size and — most importantly — it will have an SD slot for memory expansion.’

    Lol. You say not a massive leap, then list some awesome additions. How is that not a massive leap!? SnapDragon 805 alone is amazing :D

  • AndroidBoss

    Battery life will be perfect for a 1080p display. No need for 2k displays yet. Software buttons will be good and a micro SD card is perfect. It might be even better than the S5.

    • jayps21

      Very nice specs but I hope this is not finalized… 2gigs of ram is last year’s specs. They need at least 3, specially with the rumored GS5 specs.
      64bit processor, 4gigs of ram and 2k display… Not to mention the possibility of a metal body. HTC has to bring it to go toe to toe with Samsung.

      • 3 is not needed. Would be a welcomed addition but 2gb on the One is super fast. SD 805 will boost it automatically.

        Samsung needed 3GB because of how laggy touch wiz gets sometimes

        • MadCowOnAStick

          Samsung isn’t stupid, they might refresh TouchWiz this year

          • AndroidBoss


          • MadCowOnAStick

            Don’t jinx it! fingers crossed!

        • AndroidBoss

          You’re right. I mean on stock Android Snapdragon 800 and 2 GB of ram is butter smooth on my Nexus 5. A Snapdragon 805 will indeed be even faster. I’m sure it will be fine but if Sense 6.0 has more features etc. 3 GB of ram will be needed.

          • Simon Belmont

            100% agree. I love my Nexus 5 and 2GB of RAM has been perfect.

            I routinely have over a gig of RAM free (which is great, so more apps can be cached and open instantly without reloading), and that’s with a lot of apps and services running in the background. KitKat’s Project Svelte really did ameliorate RAM usage a lot.

          • jbrandonf

            RAM is meant to be used though. If you constantly have a gig free why bother?

        • Simon Belmont

          Exactly. 2GB is actually really good right now.

          3GB is really just for bragging rights and, well, TouchWiz (very heavy skin). HTC made Sense 5.x run great (very lightweight), so I assume Sense 6.0 will continue that trend.

        • TjaldidTjaldid

          are you really complaining about company’s putting more into your phones??

    • Dave Weinstein

      there’s “no need” for a lot of things. but it DOES need a 2K display and 3 or 4GB of RAM to be competitive as a flagship.

      HTC’s software policies are MUCH better than Samsung’s. But the odds of them beating Sammy on the hardware are pretty low.

      • AndroidBoss

        No, it doesn’t need a 2k display. Can you see any pixels on a 1080p display? No. Why do you need a 2k display? Next year everyone will want a 4k display…

        • Aniruddh

          You never saw any pixels on 720p or lower screens – until you used 1080p screens.

          • k

            You will see pixels on 2k displays when 4k displays come. And when 8k displays come you will see pixels on 4k displays, and when 16k displays come you will see pixels on 8k displays.

            Pixels will always be seen no matter how much you increase the resolution.

          • jbrandonf

            No. Just no.

          • jbrandonf

            Point of diminishing returns..that won’t continue. Goung from the excellent 720p screen of the One X to the One wasn’t nearly as big of a jump as 940×560 to 720p.

            Everyone would much rather have the (more than) ‘good enough’ 1080p with better battery life than 2K with same battery life.

        • Dave Weinstein

          Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. It’s simple math, if they don’t match, or exceed, each of the G5’s specs then they won’t beat Samsung for this round.

          They need a 2K display and extra memory because Sammy has them, and the Snapdragon 805 because Sammy had the 64 but Exynos 6. If the benchmarks are good for Sammy, then even the 805 won’t be enough.

          • k

            Samsung is beating others using availability and better prices more than its using specs.

          • jbrandonf

            It’s about the user experience, and how effective their marketing is, not benchmark numbers which regular people don’t give a shit about.

            Explain how the iPhone sells as many phones as they do using DUAL CORE.

        • Markus

          They don’t need a 2k display to attract us, but (sadly) there are much more people out there who think different; they just buy the phones with the highest specs and the biggest brands on it, they wanna have something to brag about

          • number29

            That’s Samsung’s target market; the uninformed.

      • Amine Elouakil

        3gb or 4gb? this is not touchwiz we are talking about 2gb is more than enough and apparently they are using a faster ddr3 ram so that’s even better, as for screen, 1080p sounds weird, if anything HTC leads in terms of screen technology, so unless they are planing something or their new 1080p if off the chart I dont see them without a 2k screen, Althout I’m not a believer in 2k screens I need to see one before judging

        • Dave Weinstein

          No need to defend Sense’s sensibilities. :-p

          Its simply about matching specs with the G5.

          • Amine Elouakil

            Wasn’t the S4 supposed to be slightly faster than the One; yet it’s laggy and it does shutter…. if it is the same story again I’d preffer having the slightly inferior internal specs, but better experience overall

          • hohopig

            mmm just a question, did you use an S4 personally or is that an anecdote (seeing someone use it) or just a hear say?

          • Amine Elouakil

            I did use it for a week or more and I was considering buy it to replace my one ( I usually give phones their fair testing time) and had it side by side for a while, if you didn’t use other phones like the iPhone 5/5s or the One or Nexus 4-5 the lag and shutter won’t be as noticeable sometimes it will get frustrating (opening contact takes like what 3s-4s same with calender and some other native apps) but once you do use the devices I mentioned above your frustration just grow some folds because you’ll have a reference point, trust me on this, and I suggest you to do it sometime and you’ll see for yourself.
            End of story, I brought back to the shop before my retractation periode was over

          • k

            Availabiltiy is where HTC flounders. In many countries its tough to find htc flagships in smaller towns.

            2GB RAM is perfectly enough for android.

        • Brendon Brown

          2k screens is actually .. uhm , 2k isn’t what they should call it because – K stands for horizontal pixels , so then 1920×1080 is already almost 2k ? 2k is 2048×1536 … so really they should be calling it 2.5k not 2k …

          • Amine Elouakil

            Yup I think he refers to 1440p screens

    • Luka Mlinar

      S5 will have a Galaxy Note size display so the One already wins there.

  • AndroidBoss

    Didn’t you guys say Snapdragon will come out later in Q2?

    • Jayfeather787

      Yeah, it will. This is most likely to have the Snapdragon 800 if it released in quarter 1.

    • Dave Weinstein

      I’m sure Qualcomm is under pressure to get it out ASAP. It’s got a short shelf life, since clearly they’ll be announcing a high-end 64bit solution, to complement the 410, either at CES or MWC.

      But I suspect that Oppo would be a better early release partner than HTC, at this point.

  • Chris Harris

    Id be the most excited about the Battery life, my HTC ONE has good battery life, but it could be better to be sure

  • AndroidBoss

    Should of guessed it. HTC One X then HTC One X+. Same thing here.

  • Tuấn Ankh

    way better than the name “One 2” we’ve been seeing, lol

    • jjordan

      Agreed but I still think the HTC 2 is simple and sounds good

  • jayps21

    This is nice…. These are the specs I’ve been waiting for. This One+ might make me go back to HTC and leave my GS4.
    SD Card slot, better camera and bigger battery! Wow! But the 2gigs of ram I’m not sure about.
    I don’t know if it will beat out the GS5 with the rumored 4gigs, 64bit and 2k display.

    • Guest

      4 gigs of ram with an operating system that doesnt use one gig, much less four. i dont see the point. if there is one, outside of idiotic bragging rights, then by all means please explain.
      its doubtful that the gs5 will have the 4 gigs anyways. it will no doubt be the three gig chip that they are using already. the odds of samsung being able to mass produce those chips on such a massive scale is slim. plus they have barely made use of the three gigger.

  • MasterMuffin

    Micro SD? Sure, not buying this. Also Snapdragon 805 was supposed to come later, so it is impossible for One+ to have it (right?)

    • Jayfeather787

      Yeah, 805 should be released much later in the year. Snapdragon 800 is much more likely.

    • Dave Weinstein

      some variant for the China market already have a removable back cover, dual SIM and SD card slot.

      • MasterMuffin

        I know but for some reason they just don’t want to give the rest of the world more memory!

        • Dave Weinstein

          Haha, Apple-envy.

    • Amine Elouakil

      Hmm, if Qualcomm is true to it schedule, I believe in that case they’ll be a One 2014 with a 8x74AB or AC, and then later a One + with an 8×84 AA would make sense since it reminds me of the One X and One X+, that way HTC Will respect it launch schedul and will not be left in the dust, if lets say Samsung decide to launch the S5 in end Q2 beginning of Q3 instead of the begining/mid Q2 as they are used to.

      But Qualcomm can do weird things from time, or rather TSMC

      • MasterMuffin

        BTW Wikipedia page of Snapdragon already tells what devices will have S805, seems legit

        • Amine Elouakil

          Yeah but wiki is wiki, it’s not a source, I can modify it right now if I want and put something ridiculous (although don’t want my account banned) they didn’t even put an appendix so we can see if there is an original source

          • MasterMuffin

            It has already been modified, now there’s only Find 7 (earlier HTC One+, Oppo Find 7 and LG G Pro 2 was there). Luckily false info gets often taken down fast. I just deleted the Find 7

          • Amine Elouakil

            :) the M8 SoC is not confirmed yet so meh, but anyway 8074 AB or AC vs 8084AA are basically the same thing cpu wise, IO and GPU side of thing where they are really different, also the instruction set, the 805 uses a updated standard

          • MasterMuffin

            And a new update: Snapdragon’s wikipedia page now says (again with no sources) that “HTC One 2” will have S800 (8974 AB!). I can’t see a difference other than the high Ghz (2.46Ghz), but this could possibly be true and that would explain the S805 rumors (someone has seen some material about HTC One 2 but didn’t understand what the model numbers ment but saw the 2.46Ghz and though that it was s805)

          • Amine Elouakil

            8974 or 8074 is the same thing, with 0 is the base model or SoC the 9 represent the modem, intel recently you want have models like the MSM7227 and MSM7627 both SoC are basicaly the same thing aside from different modems.

            HTC One 2 doesn’t make sense unless no one in HTC has some common sense they ll call it like that, they should keep the name as HTC One the year would be the reference.

            But anyway we should be fixed very soon, I doubt HTC will present anything in CES the show would be either in WMC or MWC don’t remember the correct order lol, or slightly after

          • MasterMuffin

            oh okay :) And yeayeah no way it’ll be One 2 :D And definitely not in CES!

          • Amine Elouakil

            CES should be alot of fun aswell, it’s been boring recently without some real new tech news :)

          • MasterMuffin

            Yup, can’t wait!

    • impulse101

      Correct the 805 is coming out in q3.the htc one is coming out in March so this whole article is bullshit

  • ihatehipsternerds

    I thought snapdragon 805 is coming out in late 2014. Thank you HTC for bringing back the SD slot for memory expansion.

  • Segroukin

    Is it just me or does android authority keep updating the specs daily???

  • icyrock1

    I would much prefer they keep 4.7 inch screen of the original One.

  • MrJigolo


  • Henry Green

    I’ll wait for the HTC One+2 I think.

    • Amine Elouakil

      3? maybe my math is wrong -.-

  • Joey Colclough

    Best get saving so, hoping these are the actual specs, but please let it have 32GB storage as the basic along with the SD slot, I don’t get the 16GB rumours seems a step backwards.

    A Google Edition as well would be pretty sweet.

    • Amine Elouakil

      I prefere the 32 gb over 16 + SD, but 32gb + sd would be welcome, although I’m not a fan of SD card anymore, they have more drawbacks than advantages when you have enough storage

      • perry

        care to explain what the drawback of sdcard ?

        you might never run out of storage space, so you view them as ‘liability’.
        but for people that store lot of stuff on their mobiles, sdcard is a ‘godsend’.

        • Amine Elouakil

          There many drawbacks just do a little search on the issue and you might find alot of stuff, but let me mention some

          Peformance issues read/writte speeds
          Reliability issues (data decay and stuff)
          Security issues
          Usually when you have a phone with SD storage it will low nand storage like with the S4 and thus force users to move app to sd (when they can that is)
          and in that case scenario here are the drawbacks (copied from internet)

          Cannot use apps moved to SD Card if it’s unmounted.

          Kind of self-explanatory: if you un-mount the SD Card for removal, the
          apps that reside on it need to be stopped and um-mounted as well to
          prevent crashes and data loss if you do remove the card.
          Inability to use widgets or sync adapters when you move those apps to SD Card.

          This is a design limitation that stands from the above point. Since the
          apps stored on SD Cards need to be able to be removed on demand, things
          like widgets or apps that hook into your account settings (e.g. Skype,
          LinkedIn) will crash, with no easy way to re-start them. So Google made a
          compromise by requiring these apps to stay on internal memory. Even if
          you do manage to force them to the SD Card (some custom ROMs allow
          this), you simply won’t be able to use them.
          Longer boot-up and shut-down times when the system mounts/un-mounts all of the apps stored on SD Card.

          Apps that were moved to SD Card are not stored in plain sight to prevent
          rampant piracy. Instead, Android sets aside some space and creates a
          virtual partition for each app that you move. This means that at the
          initial boot-up, all these virtual partitions need to be mounted before
          apps stored on them can be accessed. The same holds true when you turn
          the handset off – each virtual partition is un-mounted before other
          shutdown processes can happen. Depending on the number of installed apps
          this can take an extra minute or even longer for the system to
          “stabilize” upon boot-up (and about 20 extra seconds for shutting down.)
          Once this happens though, launching these apps doesn’t take any longer
          than those on internal memory.
          Extra wear on the SD Card.

          This point is debatable, since writing to SD Card (which causes wear)
          doesn’t happen that often. And besides, the SD Cards these days are
          cheap enough to not worry about their life time.
          Apps require an update to support this functionality.

          Ability to be moved to SD Card is not automatically granted to older
          apps. Developers must change their apps to support this feature and
          issue an update via Market (or whatever distribution method they use.)
          Some older apps may not be supported any longer, and so may never get
          this feature. Although some custom ROMs can override this, for most
          people that are running stock firmware, this is a problem.

  • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal.P

    Hope it can record 4k video and finally an 8MP ultrapixel camera (4 was just stupid great as the it was it just needed more res) NOT a fan of on screen buttons though as reduces screen viewing area

    • Amine Elouakil
      4K ? you have a 4K screen?
      I feel like today is the day to kill this ultrapixel myth, I’m tired of hearing people that never owned a One and less taken a picture with it complaining about the Camera

      • Bishop

        Why not have the capabilities to record in 4K? 4K TV’s will replace 2K/1080p TV’s, so why wouldn’t you want to record those moments in the best quality possible when you’re on the go? Eventually you will view have these sets to revisit those videos and why would you want to view them in a lower quality? You can save the original 4K videos and re-encode them into better looking 2K/1080p videos then what the cell phones can shoot.

        • Amine Elouakil

          2k TV are not even popular, do you even know somebody with a 2k TV, it’s not happening anytime soon, we’ve been hearing of 2k and 4k tv for 3 years now yet still nothing and they are ridiculously expensive.

          Also if the One 2014 has the 805 I see no reason for the phone not having 4k recording alhough it’s going to be useless and just for show and e-peen :”oh looky my phone can take 4k videos huehue”

          • Bishop

            Um, you do know that all 1080p TV’s are 2K right? 1080p refers to the vertical resolution of 1920×1080, 2K would be the horizontal resolution 1,920 rounded out to 2,000. Just like 4K is 3840×2160. That’s 3,840 rounded out to 4,000. So most people do own 2K tv’s and phones. Just like the HTC One is a 2K phone.

            Recording in 4K Is about future proofing your videos, not a useless feature. Years from now, it will be better to view the videos you recorded in 4K from your cell phone in a 4k/2160p tv rather than upconvert 2k/1080p videos to that same 4K tv.

          • Amine Elouakil

            No you are mistaking, 1080p resolution = 1920x1080p, 2k resolution is 2048 × 1080p with a totaly different screen aspect ratio, they are close to each other but definitly not the same thing, we are talking about standard denominations, and No the HTC One is a 1080p you’ll never see any spec sheet or any techsavy person calling it 2K because it’s not the same thing, a standard is a standard.

            Today phones become obsolete in about a year, and completly obsolete in 2 years , TVs on the other hand is another story when someone buys a TV is for 4-5 years, the 4k TVs right now are just too expensive, maybe in 2015-2016 we might start seeing them more popularised

          • Bishop

            No, which is why 4K displays are 4K even though it’s just 3840×2160 and not 4096×2160. Why? Because our home TV’s, computer monitors and cell phones displays have an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 and not 1.90:1.

            Do you know why our 1080p displays are not called 2K? Only because we have focused on the vertical resolution and not the horizontal resolution. But now with the introduction of UHD TV’s, manufactures decided to focus on the horizontal resolution and not the vertical resolution. It’s why they call the new TV’s 4K instead of 2160p. Why do you think they call our TV’s 4K if the resolution is only 3840×2160? See how it’s called 4K even though it’s 3,840 pixels?

            1920×1080 is 2K. Right now you don’t see 1920×1080 advertised as 2K because they only focus on the horizontal resolution. But now that manufactures are focusing on the horizontal resolution, guess what will happen? If these rumors of the HTC One+ are true and it has a 1920x1080p display, guess what HTC will do. They will take the focus away from the vertical resolution, focus on the 1,920 horizontal resolution and call the HTC One+ a 2K display. And you know what? HTC would be completely right about calling their 1920×1080 phone as 2K because it is. All of our current 1080p tv’s, computer monitors and cell phones like the HTC One, LG G2, Galaxy S4 are 2k x 1080p. Just to put it simpler.

            it’s the reason why 4K tv’s won’t be called 2160p. It’s not that they aren’t 2160p but because they focus on the horizontal resolution. Please read on further about so you can understand why 1920×1080 is 2K.

            True, people replace tv’s less often, but the stores will continue to replace their 2K/1080p tv’s with 4K/2160p tv’s. When the consumers go into buy a new tv, that’s the one they will be most likely to buy. But yes, the transition takes a few years but it will be quicker than what it was going from SD to HD.

          • Amine Elouakil

            No again you are totaly mistaking and insisting in your mistake despite me providing prove, according to the Consumer Electronic Association that sets the standards, 3840×2160 is UltraHD or UHD and not 4K, 4K is 4096×2160 which is like 2K is not used, some TV Manufactures use wrongly the terms 4K.

            So again I invite youto check the official standards.

          • Bishop

            You are only using the cinema standards for 2k and 4k which have a specific aspect ratio of 1.90:1 and you are not focusing on the umbrella term 2K really is. 2K is not a specific number as 1080p is. 2K is an umbrella term, similar to HD that covers both 720p and 1080p, and 2k covers all the horizontal resolutions that have 2,000 lines or or similar. 2K only means 2,000 and it’s completely focusing on the horizontal resolution.

            Please read further about 2K before you wrongfully dismiss 1920×1080 as not being 2K. You might be in for a nice surprise when cell phone manufactures call their 1920×1080 phones as 2K this year.

            As I said, out TV’s, computer monitors and cell phones all have an aspect ration of 1.78:1. They can’t be 2048×1080 because that is not the aspect ratio of our displays. Please read further about it.

          • Amine Elouakil

            I’m not using cinema standards the numbers I’ve shown you above are one of many that represent 4K but none of them is the International standard, CEA in the US decided to follow the international standard and that to be said to follow the international naming and aspect ration for TVs and the standard is established the standard, 2K=/=1080p, 4K=/=2160P.

            It’s an international standard approved by the highest of consumer electronic organisations, I don’t know why you are holding this argument, You’ll never see a 4K TV, at worst case you’ll see 4K UHD TV, Just to have a different name from 8K UHD TV same for HD TV, there is 720p and 1080p

          • Bishop

            You don’t understand what the CEA did. You think that the CEA set the standard for what 4K, but that’s not the case. They didn’t determine if 3840×2160 was 4K or not, what the CEA did was name the new resolution display so all the manufactures can follow. They weren’t deciding if this resolution was 4K or not.

            What they did was get together to decide on a name for this resolution. They looked at all the options and decided it was best to name this resolution as Ultra HD (UHD). They looked at all the options from calling it Ultra HD, 4kUHD, Mega HD, Super HD, Amazing HD, Wow Awesome HD and what ever other name they thought about. The CEA only names it Ultra HD. They did not decide at all what 4K falls under.

            Like I said. The CEA didn’t set any standard as to what 4K is, don’t confise what they did and what was their purpose in calling these 3840×2160 TV’s as Ultra HD. 1920×1080 is 2K and 3840×2160 is 4K.

          • Amine Elouakil

            I’m not confusing what they did read again my post, International standard, aproved by CEA

            I don’t know what to tell you more, you are telling me that the international standards for TV are wrong and that you are right then you are in total disbelief but let put it this way you say 1920x1080p is 2K then sure, lets put this to challence, Find me one serious TV maker naming their 1920×1080 as 2K resolution, or any notirious tech website for that matter Go ahead I’m waiting here.

          • Bishop

            You said that “3840×2160 is UltraHD or UHD and not 4K.” Also that “4K is 4096×2160.” So are you saying that only 4,096 is 4K and 2K is only 2,048? Nothing else registers as 2K and 4K? Please explain this.

            Again the CEA only called it UHD to name the succesor of HDTV’s, because our tv’s are only 1.78:1. In order to achieve an exact 2048×1080 or 4096×2160 resolutions, the aspect ratios would have to be changed.

            Where am I telling you “that the international standards for TV are wrong?” Where do they mention anything regarding 4k or 2k? Do they? Nope. They don’t determine what the resolutions fall under, just the aspect ratio of our tv’s and the names of said resolutions.

            Think of a 4K successor to Blu-ray. the resolution will be 3840×2160. The BDA will have the decision to call it 4K Blu-ray, UHD Blu-ray or super Blu-ray or whatever they want. But regardless of what they call that format, it’s both a 4k and 2160p resolution.

            There are no companies now claiming 2K because we only focus on the vertical resolution. Can’t you understand that the only reason we call these tv’s as 720p and 1080p is because we only focus on the vertical resolution? Why do you think that now we are starting to call things as 4K? Because now we are focusing on the horizontal resolution. There is going to be no focus now that all these 4K displays are 2160p, but does that mean they aren’t 2160p? But please wait a few months, since 4K is now the buzzword, watch as HTC and any other phone company releasing a 1920×1080 phone will drop the 1080p label and will label their phones as 2K.

            Earlier you wrote “as for screen, 1080p sounds weird, if anything HTC leads in terms of screen technology, so unless they are planing something or their new 1080p if off the chart I dont see them without a 2k screen, Althout I’m not a believer in 2k screens I need to see one before judging.”…… So what was this 2K display you were talking about? a 2048x1080p display? Did you think any phone manufacturer was going to change the aspect ratio?

          • Amine Elouakil

            “You said that “3840×2160 is UltraHD or UHD and not 4K.” Also that “4K is
            4096×2160.” So are you saying that only 4,096 is 4K and 2K is only
            2,048? Nothing else registers as 2K and 4K? Please explain this.”

            No I didn’t say ONLY, what they are refering to as 4K UHD is 3840×2160 and it can only be that, the same as 1080p HD or 720p HD, on the other hand 4K or 2K which are not international standard, doesn’t have a set definition, there are different obviously a couple of well know format, and the most common is 2048 for 2k for example.

            CEA Just confirmed the international standard and you have just repeated what I said in my previous post, unlike cinema standards which are not set for example.

            And yes I think the 2K display argument was wrong, the next resolution would 1440p from 1080p i guess

          • Bishop

            Ok so we have established that the CEA only called 3840×2160 as Ultra HD, they weren’t classifying what 4K is right? Only that they chose Ultra HD, just like previous Tv’s have been Called HD (High Definition) and EDTV (Enhanced Definition TV). The CEA is not establishing what 4K is right?

            So you understand that 4K and 2K is not a set definition as 720p and 1080p, but an umbrella term used to described the horizontal resolution, but not a set 2,084 or 4,096 resolution right?

            So with this understanding, do you see why 1920 falls under 2K and why 3860 falls under 4K? Or do you have a specific number for 2K and 4K?

            You would only call it 1440p if you are referring to the vertical resolution. You can’t call the horizontal resolution as 1440p. What names do you think they will give the horizontal resolution of 1440p?

          • Amine Elouakil

            No we didn’t establish that, that’s your own interpretation again read what I said before, way before you even get that information from your search.
            Again you are drawing your own conclusions from your own interpreations forget that beyond CEA the HD and UHD are international standards approved by the UN Standards body. CEA Not establishing the standard, they approved it as a consurtium of companies making the products.

            “So you understand that 4K and 2K is not a set definition as 720p and
            1080p, but an umbrella term used to described the horizontal resolution,
            but not a set 2,084 or 4,096 resolution right?”

            What is this supposed to mean? you are just derailling from answering my previous question so please stick to the point.

            1440p is not a TV standard resolution but it’s an already established computer display STANDARD, speaking of whish, 2K computer display STANDARD is 2048x1080p where as 1080p HD is the obvious 1920x1080p.

            but again that turning around the bush, I repeat my question again, can you name one serious TV manufacturing naming it Full HD TVs or 1080p TVs 2K resolution

          • Bishop

            I already answeres your question but I will post it again……”There are no companies now claiming 2K because we only focus on the vertical resolution. Can’t you understand that the only reason we call these tv’s as 720p and 1080p is because we only focus on the vertical resolution? Why do you think that now we are starting to call things as 4K? Because now we are focusing on the horizontal resolution. There is going to be no focus on the vertical resolution now that they call them by there horizontal resolution. But does that mean they aren’t 2160p? But please wait a few months, since 4K is now the buzzword, watch as HTC and any other phone companies release a 1920×1080 phone, they will drop the 1080p label and will label their phones as 2K.”……..

            What do you mean that I’m derailing your question? I asked you to simply describe the numbers that fall under 2K and 4K in your opinion, pretty simple question but I will ask you again….. “So you understand that 4K and 2K is not a set definition as 720p and 1080p, but an umbrella term used to described the horizontal resolution,
            but not a set 2,084 or 4,096 resolution right?” Now if you don’t agree that 2K and 4K are qn umbrella term but actually describe a specific horizontal resolution. Then what falla under 2k and 4k for you. Since you said that 2k is not only 2048 and 4k is not only 4096. So what is it? What numbers are 2K and 4K in your eyes?

          • Amine Elouakil

            Ok So there a no companies calling their TVs 2K resolution while there are ones calling 1080p HD or 720p HD, so there you go you have your answer, so why are we beating this dead horse any more.

            2048 and 4096 refers to standard 2K and 4K as refered two in the PC Display standard, and they are the most common denomination for 2K 4K or 8K but there are other variations for specific uses, but in general TV standards are the following, SD /HD / UHD each has 2 sets, for PC Display standard you have almost everything (as pc displays comes in in different aspect ratios and resolution and beyond the display what is important is the pc signal output)

            1440p refers to WQHD and there is no other standard resolution that shares that number vertical resolution

          • Bishop

            Please understand why they call these displays 720p and 1080p. It’s only because they are referring to the vertical resolution of 1920×1080 and 1280×720. Of course no company is calling their tv’s 2K because no company is making an emphasis on the horizontal resolution yet of 1920 or 1280. I’m not beating a dead horse, but you seem to think that 1920×1080 is not 2K because no manufacturer labels them. Do you know why? Because they are not focusing on the horizontal resolution.

            Do you think that because manufactures only make emphasis on the vertical resolution, that is the answer as to why it isn’t 2K? So when the manufactures focus on the horizontal resolution of 3840×2160 and call it 4K, does it mean it isn’t 2160p? No. You have to understand what qualifies as 2K and 4K and why companies actually call it 720p and 1080p. Guess what happens when a company decides to focus on the horizontal resolution of 1920×1080 instead of the vertical? Guess what they will call it? 2K because it is.

            You still didn’t explain what resolutions fall under 2K. If you’re so adamant in saying 1920 isn’t 2K, then explain what resolutions fall under 2K, since you said it wasn’t limited to 2,048.

            I think that you don’t fully understand the difference between the vertical and horizontal resolutions and while you stand behind the you’re opinion, you don’t seem to be making a strong case for it or you just limit your explanation similar to what you posted above.

            1440p is WQHD but a different aspect ratio will introduce a different vertical resolution as well. It is not only limited to 1080p, 1440p, 1600p, or 2160p.

          • Amine Elouakil

            then why it’s 1920x1080p your whole argument was that 2K = 1920x1080p do you that you are pretty much contradicting your self right now

          • Bishop

            How am I contradicting myself when I’m saying 1920×1080 is 2K and 2K is a general term for the horizontal resolution, 2K meaning 2,000. Please explain how am I contradicting myself.

            Also, how do you think companies will label the horizontal resolution of 1920×1080. Remember that 1080p refers to the vertical resolution. How do you think HTC would label the HTC One+ with a 1920×1080 display, if they were to market the horizontal resolution instead of the vertical resolution? What do you think HTC would call the horizontal resolution of their display?

          • Amine Elouakil

            Why TV Makers refers to their TVs as 1080p or 720 p HD? And do you agree that when we talk about 1080p resolution it’s automaticaly means 1920x1080p right? So how areyou contradicting yourself?, Well isn’t simple, You say that 1080p is a standard (for screen makers be it TV or Screen in general) and it refers to 1920x1080p do to the aspect ratio related to this resolution, then You go and tell me 2K is 1080p (Standard) which is totally wrong, 2K is a different standard then 1080p resolution, (while in PC Display standards 2K refers to 2048x1080p while there are some exceptional aspect ratios for cinema but they are not the standard) .

            So no 1080p Display RESOLUTION ( or for short Display) (I’m not talking about horizontal or vertical resolution I’m talking as a Resolution standard) is1920x1080p And you’ll never see otherwise, (are there resolutions, that have 1080p as their horizontal pixel absolutly, are they resolution standard 1080p HD, NO)

          • Bishop

            Answer this…..How do you think HTC would label the HTC One+ with a 1920×1080 display, if they were to market the horizontal resolution instead of the vertical resolution? What do you think HTC would call the horizontal resolution of their display?

            No, 1080p doesn’t automatically mean 1920x1080p. A 1080p movie that is 4:3, such as Casablanca, is actually 1440x1080p. To further add to that, a 1080p movie that is wider than 1.78:1, automatically loses the vertical resolution and it no longer is truly 1080p. In fact, all the Blu-ray movies that are 2.35.1 or wider, are actually closer to 1920×850, and the wider they are, the lower the vertical resolution is. YET, they are all labeled as 1080p even though they are not.

            2K isn’t a set standard, it only refers to the horizontal resolution in the thousands. And what horizontal resolutions are 1080P?

            “(I’m not talking about horizontal or vertical resolution I’m talking as a Resolution standard)”… Well you are ignoring the most important part of our discussion, because 1080p only refers to the vertical resolution and 2K only refers to the horizontal resolution. How can that be ignored if it is what this conversation is about. 2K doesn’t only mean a standard, it actually refers to the horizontal resolution. 1080p doesn’t only mean a standard, it actually refers to the vertical resolution.

          • Amine Elouakil

            The vertical resolution naming is used for set standards not for all resolutions, hint check other OEMs that made screen =/= than standard what they call their resolution, HTC will call it phone 1080p HD resolutions which is a standard.

            1080p the STANDARD -do you see how am specific ?- I don’t know why you are desagreing for the sake of desgeeing, we are talking about a SET STANDARD, if I ask you to name the resolutions which has 1080 vertical pixels, then it can be what ever, you’ll find different resolutions if I ask you to give me the standard 1080p it would be 1920x1080p and there is only one, it’s not hard to understand.

          • Bishop

            So what you are saying is that there is no name for the horizontal resolution of 1920×1080 right? It can only be refered to as 1080p right? Even if the aspect ratio isn’t 1.78:1, the aspect ratio doesn’t matter as it will be 1080p regardless right?

            Also, that HTC can’t focus on anything else but the vertical resolution of their 1920×1080 displays right? You say they will not call the HTC One + anything else but 1080p. They will not focus on the horizontal resolution at all right?

            Also, phone manufactures relasing a 2560×1440 display will not call their displays 2k or 2.5k at all right?

            Also, the 3840×2160 UHD can’t be called 2160p right?

            Just for asking for when the new phones start coming out in the next few months :) Best time to continue the discussions :)

          • Amine Elouakil

            You are just derailling from the point, all these questions has been answered in my previous replies.

            As for the new phones, you’ll see tons of annoucement in WMC in a couple of weeks from now

          • Bishop

            No, I’m not derailing from the point at all. You say that 1080p is 1920×1080 regardless of the aspect ratio. 2K can only be 2048×1080. HTC will only name their 1920×1080 displays as 1080p and never name the horizontal resolution. Phones that are 2560×1440 will not be called 2k or 2.5k. And finally that 3840×2160 can only be called UHD and not 4K or 2160p.

            That was pretty clear. We’ll continue the discussions in a couple of weeks then.

          • Amine Elouakil

            No, you are wrong, I never said the above, read my comments again, and again you are derailing with your own misinterpretation.

            1-1080p the standard (Full HD)! can only be 1920×1080, 1080 vertical resolution can be part of whatever resolution, xxxx x 1080 but that is not a standard and not what manufacturers do and this has been explaned several times, when we talk about 1080p resolution everyone means the standard 1920x1080p and I’ve invited you to prove me wrong with just one counter example and you coudn’t. So you are wrong on this point

            2- You claim I said 2K can only be 2048×1080, you are totally wrong my comment is still there want me to quote for you ? like the above, and I repeat what I said, the standard 2K display resolution is 2048×1080, and I mentioned that there are other resolutions related to cinema with different aspect ratio and non of them is 1920x1080p. I can quote my comment if needed or you can just scrool above and check for yourself and this means that you are again wrong

            3- If HTC uses the FULL HD Standard you’ll either see 1080p HD, FULL HD, 1920×1080 or a combination of them, because they all mean the same thing, so I don’t get your point with this, so I guess again proven wrong?

            4- 2560 x1440 will not be called 2K or 2.5K (so this part is correct and I said that) because there is already a standard set for that which is QHD or 1440p or 2560×1440.

            5- You are wrong again, I never said 3840×2140 can only be called UHD your claim is wrong, as proven from the above (explanation for HD, QHD)and it’s written black on white in my previous comments and I explaned this, TV Standard are always split in 2 steps, there are tree main standards right now SD, HD, UHD, lets take the one we are the most familiar with right now which is HD, there is 720p HD and 1080p HD, or HD and Full HD ….ect, and the same goes for UHD, you’ll have XX UHD so it will be either 4K/8K(because it’s already a popular name even if it’s technicaly wrong) UHD or 2160p/4320p UHD or 2160p / 4320p, the UHD Standard is set, 3840×2160 is for the first one and 7680×4320 and by the way the P in 1080p standads for progressive scan.

            So if someone refers to 1080p or full HD… as 2K he is technicaly wrong, the same goes for 4K and 8K, and in any technical spec sheet, you find 4K or 8K without UHD then I’ll take everything I said (even if that in it self is not a proof that my argumentation is wrong and the facts are facts, but it render my demonstration not flawless.)

          • Bishop

            1. You keep confusing 1080p. I clearly stated that 1080p only refers to the VERTICAL RESOLUTION. A movie that is 1080p, like Gone With The Wind, has an aspect ratio 1.37:1 and the resolution is 1440x1080p. See how it’s 1080p yet it isn’t 1920x1080p? A movie like the new Star Trek, has an aspect ratio of 2.39:1 and a resolution of about 1920x850p. It’s only called 1080p to avoid confusion. WHY DO YOU THINK A 1920x850P MOVIE IS CALLED 1080P IF IT DOESN’T FIT THE STANDARD?

            1080P refers to the vertical resolution and you completely mix that up with FHD (Full HD) which is 1920×1080 because it has an aspect ratio of 1.78:1. Just like UHD is 3840×2160, That doesn’t mean that neither of them aren’t 2K or 4K. You are arguing for FHD and UHD, not 1080p.

            2. I asked you to name all the resolutions that you considered as 2K and all you said was that 2K is other resolutions besides 2048×1080. Yet you never detailed the resolutions you consider 2K. Please, right now, post all the resolutions you think qualify as 2K. Please list all the 2K resolutions.

            3. I asked you if HTC was to call their 1920×1080 display by it’s Horizontal name, what would they call the 1920 horizontal resolution? Yet you couldn’t answer that. Please and simple, if HTC calls their 1920×1080 display by it’s vertical resolution, they will name it – 1080p. If HTC were to call their 1920×1080 display by the horizontal resolution, they would call it – (PLEASE ANSWER).

            4. Really? They couldn’t name the horizontal resolution? They can only call it QHD or 1440p or 2560×1440…… I guess Black Magic is wrong for using the 2.5K term? They should have only labeled the vertical resolution?

            5. AGAIN you are only thinking about 4K DCI and 2K DCI and you don’t understand how 2K goes beyond 2K DCI and how 4K goes beyond 4K DCI. Which is why you don’t understand that 1920 is 2K for the 1.78:1 aspect ratio and that 3840 is 4K for the 1.78:1 aspect ratio.


          • Amine Elouakil

            1-No I didn’t confuse anything, and this is why I talk about derailing, we were talking about resolution the whole device resolution and you started derail, to veritical, and horizontal trying to find an escape plan, again 1080p resolution = Full HD = 1920 x1080 end of story. 1080p DOES NOT refers to veritical resolution, 1080 does, P =/= pixel check your facts please, when you read on a spec sheet 1080p or 1080p HD it automatically refers to 1920 x 1080 and for the 55544554785445 times you are invited to provide a single case where this is not what’s happening.

            2- I quote my self “I’m not using cinema standards the numbers I’ve shown you above are one of many that represent 4K but none of them is the International standard ” (13 days ago 4th response to you)

            ” on the other hand 4K or 2K which are not international standard, doesn’t have a set definition, there are different obviously a couple of well know format, and the most common is 2048 for 2k for example ” (from 11 days ago)

            “2K computer display STANDARD is 2048x1080p” “from 10 days ago”

            SO YOU ARE WRONG! You make your own interpretation and derail and put words to my mouth on your own, the above is what I said. if you want the list of 2K resolution you can easly find it on wikipedia or other encyclopedia but this is NOT the point.

            3-Why are you asking about horizontal name, It’s not a standard, no screen producer call their resolution by their horizontal resolution , you are just derailing DO YOU EVEN SEE THAT? If you want the HORIZONTAL RESOLUTION of that screen it is 1920 pixel but that’s it, the screen resolution will be refered to BY HTC Or ANY TECH OR SPEC SHEET BY Either of the folowing, FULL HD, FHD, 1080p, 1080p HD, 1920×1080 and NOTHING ELSE, NOT 1920 or 2K Obviously. Again if you believe this is not the case, please provide a single counter example, why can’t you do so if you believe what you are saying is fact.

            4- What is this even supposed to mean? Facts are given take them or leave is up to you, but please stop derailing.

            5- No I’m not thinking DCI, Sigh ! are we going to go trough this again….INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS! It might be the case that the international standard was choosen for 2K and 4K was choosen upon the DCI specs, but that doesn’t change the fact that those Specs ARE THE STANDARD (get it ? THE STANDARD with a specific naming scheem) there are obviously other specific resolutions and interpretations for 2K or 4K or 8K ( See I repeat this for the 22145124552452 time)

            Your whole clarification is wrong because you are again clarifying your own interpretation, which is as proven above and in my previous post (in which you choose to ignore half of it for whatever reason) is WRONG. If you can’t counter argue any of the facts presented above or previosly, I would like to ask to stop here because this is getting repetitive and tiring, a counter argument is bringing a counter proof, not just try to derail for the general rule to some exceptions and misinterpretations.

          • Bishop

            1. See that is were your biggest confusion comes in. You don’t understand that 1080p is just a marketing term, like most things, so the average person can understand it. You don’t know a whole lot about the different resolutions and that’s where your confusion comes in. Because for you to tell me that the 1080p doesn’t mean vertical resolution, it completely shows it there. You don’t understand much about this besides the marketing term. I guess onces you see companies labels 1920×1080 as 2K is when you will finally understand it. Simply because you don’t really know what these resolutions and aspect ratios are.

            2. You gave me the same reply of what 2K DCI is. Please, if you’re going to stand by that 2K isn’t 1920×1080, but also that it isn’t only 2048×1080, provide that actual resolutions to back up your statement. Again, you have failed to do so and just sent me to the net to search it for you. But I wanna see which are the resolutions that fall under 2K in your opinion. It would have been quicker to type the resolution instead of what you wrote.

            3. There you go again saying that no producer calls their resolution by the horizontal name. Do you think producers go around saying 1080p, 1440p, 2160p? And that is not derailing at all. We were on a new question which you answered. ALSO, LOOK UP THE BLACK MAGIC 2.5k CAMERAS. SEE HOW THEY AND THE PRODUCERS WHO USE IT REFER TO THE HORIZONTAL RESOLUTION. PLEASE LEARN AND DON’T BE SO CLOSE MINDED ABOUT IT. LEARN ABOUT ASPECT RATIOS AND UNDERSTAND WHAT 2K AND 4K MEANS BESIDES 2K DCI AND 4K DCI.

            4. You don’t know what my fourth comment is and you think it’s derailing? Please read up on the Black Magic 2.5K cams and then answer that. Get some knowledge about those cams.

            5. Since you love talking about these international standards so much, please post when are these intertational standards that say 2k and 4k are only the aspect ratio of 2k DCI and 4K DCI. Please, I would love to read it

            Please, you struggle to understand the basics of these resolutions. You only go by what the marketing term is and you avoid any discussion about the actual resolutions or aspect ratios.

          • Bishop

            Even if you don’t want to answer my other questions below, could you at least offer the resolutions you consider to be 2K? If you ignore the rest, could you at least clarify the resolutions that are 2K in your opinion. I’ll even repost my second point.

            2. You gave me the same reply of what 2K DCI is. Please, if you’re going to stand by that 2K isn’t 1920×1080, but also that it isn’t only 2048×1080, provide that actual resolutions to back up your statement. Again, you have failed to do so and just sent me to the net to search it for you. But I wanna see which are the resolutions that fall under 2K in your opinion. It would have been quicker to type the resolution instead of what you wrote.

          • Bishop

            Just wanted to know your stance about my comment below.

          • Bishop

            Also. Look up Academy 2K. You will get a real kick of how that only has a horizontal resolution of 1,828… Not even as wide as 1,920. :)

          • Amine Elouakil

            It’s not 1920. you didn’t answer me so far, I asked you to provide just a single example, and yet you can’t (one example is not enough to prove anything but might give you some credibility and so far … :( )

          • Bishop

            Read my comment below and reply to that post.

          • Amine Elouakil

            do the same.

      • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal.P

        Look, I am not saying that the camera is substandard I’m saying that the 4MP resolution is just not enough if requirement for talking a photo is more than posting it on twitter or facebook or whatever. However the camera itself is great the large sensor and ois helps to get more light in and this reduces noise great, but with that 4MP limit you hit the limits of the sensors resolution fast while zooming in for instance.
        And as for the 4K video recording is for achieving feature parity with Note 3 (and s5 for sure) so is the 3 gb ram- saying that you (or others) don’t use is shortsighted just because apps don’t use it today doesn’t imply they won’t in the future their memory requirements aren’t going down for sure

        • Amine Elouakil

          “I’m saying that the 4MP resolution is just not enough if requirement for
          talking a photo is more than posting it on twitter or facebook or

          Really? did you mean enough instead of not enough, because if you did mean what you said you are totaly wrong and it’s the opposite

          As for RAM, I disagree, 2gb is way more than enough, what I want is faster RAM which will have more impact on performance overall, look how the pc market has stalled recently, 6gb is more than enough for a pc to do everything you want from it (that is if there is no bottlenecks from other components)

          • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal.P

            “I’m saying that the 4MP resolution is just not enough if requirement for talking a photo is more than posting it on twitter or Facebook or whatever”
            I meant what I said its not enough- try talking pictures and zoom in to a part of the image.
            I have a 3.2 MP cam on my phone and I know how bad it bites when you try to take a picture of the clouds or something and you can’t zoom in on to the good part(I am talking of zooming after taking the picture) and I don’t think 0.8 MP is going to make a tangible difference to that. That is why I think at least 8 MP is required put in ultrapixel and OIS and that combo will be the best camera system
            As for the RAM- if HTC needs to put on a show of numbers to match Samsung they need the 3 GB these things matter to people making a decision based on these numbers

            As for faster RAM, great! but how much difference is the faster RAM going to make? We could try comparing HTC one(DDR2) and Galaxy S4(DDR3) but the s4 has a higher clocked processor that has to be accounted for keeping that in mind if we compare the performance( And here I’m assuming that the nature of the witchcraft Samsung and HTC do on the phones to improve scores are similar) I don’t think there is a tangible difference when using DDR3 RAM perhaps during burst photography or something.

          • Amine Elouakil

            LOL Not enough for facebook and twitter? do you know at what resolution are you posting at FB and Twitter, do you know how much their compression rates lower picture quality? this is just stupid, It’s THE OPPOSITE, you need less mps for those because it doesn’t make much difference, after at certain amount.

            (4mp + OIS, is more than enough, the Ultrapixel sensor is already bigger than your average 13mp sensor, if you want to make an 8 mp with same specs, you’ll end up with a sensor that have at least the size of the one on the Nokia 1020 which is a No if they want to keep the same sleep design. It’s cheaper for HTC to buy a generaric 13mp sensor like all the other do, instead of getting their own ultrapixel cameras.

            I use my phone to take picture on the fly, while moving, to take picture at night when I’m out and hanging out with my friends …… conditions favors the ultrapixel + OIS combo than any other phone camera, if I want to take picture, I just go out with a DSLR.

            The thing about the DDR2 of the One and the DDR3 of the S4 is they basically have the same frequency the difference between the two is less than 60Mhz or something like that I can look it up if you want and give you the exact specs.

            When I talk about faster ram over more ram, the, I am talking in the case of the One, which has optimised software (the S4 still lags and shutter despite having relatively better hardware) also the 8x74AB/AC and 8×84 take advantage of the faster ram check out their respective specs

          • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal.P

            You misread me, I said its not enough for anything more than Facebook or twitter.

            “I use my phone to take picture on the fly, while moving, to take picture
            at night when I’m out and hanging out with my friends …… conditions
            favors the ultrapixel + OIS combo than any other phone camera, if I
            want to take picture, I just go out with a DSLR.”
            Exactly what I am saying, its only when taking pictures of something like scenery will the low MP count become irritating. As for the DSLR, I don’t have one and as they say the bet camera is the one you have with you.

            “When I talk about faster ram over more ram, the, I am talking in the
            case of the One, which has optimised software (the S4 still lags and
            shutter despite having relatively better hardware) also the 8x74AB/AC
            and 8×84 take advantage of the faster ram check out their respective
            Sure it can take advantage of it but what difference does it make in usage? Using camera in burst mode perhaps?

          • Amine Elouakil

            Ok I might have misread you, but I asked for your confirmation and you said, but anyway.
            What are other cases scenario you use the picture taken by your smartphone for, printing 8mp posters, picture editing…? As I mentioned the One 4mp is more than enough for what the 99.99% of people do with their phone picture.
            “as they say the bet camera is the one you have with you.”
            And that’s what I’m telling you, a Camera that offers much more flexibility as I explaned above, is better than a camera that might take a better/sharper image in optimal condition, which are not the case scenerio you are going to use it for

            As for the SoC, did you watch the latest Qualcomm demos with the S805, if you didn’t I suggest you to do so, , faster ram and SoC with help with faster post processing, pre processing, dynamic autofocus…………..

  • Arturo Raygoza

    I’ll keep my eye on it if it indeed has a micro SD I might consider it

  • Rohan J Singh

    Sounds like a perfect drvice .. I’ll buy it !

  • Andy Sun

    Hope the camera will be at least 8 megapixel –
    my only reason for not buying the HTC One

    • razi ariff

      Yup…8 ultra pixel at least

    • Amine Elouakil

      how many 8mpx posters you’ve printed recently?

      • Dane

        How often have you zoomed in and cropped a picture though?

        • Amine Elouakil

          Not that much. Phone cameras usually have too much noise when you zoom in, at least the One OIS which reduce them, so even if it 4mp you can still zoom some

          • Dane

            Can’t say I’ve had a problem but most of my photos are outdoors and I’m not cropping that close.

          • Kash Gummaraju

            Try zooming using an 8mp or 13mp cameras the pictures show very little noise, try it with the one 4mp(UP) camera the picture is horrendous. The camera is only good for lowlight, it’s terrible in regular light, especially if you have a GPE. HTC better give us a 8mp ultrapixel this time, I want better than iphone 5s pictures. HTC’s justification for using only 4mp was very weak, especially when put into use in the real world, also considering the camera purple flare issues, when the phone heats up, a purple flare just appears in your pictures when you take them. HTC better wait and do the right advertising, get it’s hardware toe-to-toe with Samsung, and work on improving manufacturing.

          • Amine Elouakil

            I owned 8mp phones like forever and one 13mp camera, when you zoom you get to see noise ALOT of it, I had a One since launch and I had an S4 for over a week because I was considering the switch and trust I prefer the One camera overall. I don’t have the GPE Version (GPE doesn’t have proper optimisation)
            Also most of smartphone users do not crop their picture, and by most I mean the majority and I doubt you do this, the One camera is one of the best when it matters, which is taking quick picture, taking picture on the move, taking picture in poor light conditions ……you know the normal and average use conditions for a smartphone
            I suggest you to read anandtech review of the one they touched everything, every single details, and for the camera alone they did a 4 pages section


          • Alex

            Whatever they do with the camera it’s not gonna stand a chance against the 16 mp ISOCELL sweetness of the s5

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I see 3 things that might give other manufactures an advantage
    1. only 2GB of Ram vs 3GB

    2. only 2900mAh, Xperia Z1 already has 3000mAh so I expect them to go larger with the next version or at least keep the 100mAh advantage paired with Stamina mode, and samsung will most likely go 3000mAh also or 3200mAh

    3. We will have to see if the camera has improved

    • Amine Elouakil

      1- 3gb of ram why? please give me one case scenario where you needed more than 2Gb on your phone, I would take the faster 2gb ram than any 3gb (or maybe touchwiz and co needs that much ram?)

      2-2900mAh sounds weird to me, the Butterfly S already has 3200mAh. doesn’t make sense, so unless they had some issues in terms of design and they prefered to go with a slightly smaller battery, Im pretty sure that if sense 6 is similar to sense 5 in terms of efficiency and power management, it will have a better battery life than a 3300mAh competitor (unless they cut the gimmicks and produce a more efficient UI)

      3- Ultrapixel camera is good, I don’t get why the people that doesn’t even owwn an HTC One and never did take a picture with it complaiins about photos, some reviews said it is average in normal light conditions and excelent in low light conditions, others said, it’s great camera in normal condition, and one of the best in low conditions, if you want an extensive and well detailled review about the phone and the camera I suggest you to check Anandtech review they know what they are doing, unlike some other pseudo reviewrs
      And of course the natural progression is that the camera will have some enhancement, hardware and software wise

      • Roph

        You’re quite short sighted.

        When 2010 flagships came out with a monster 512MB of RAM and 1GB was coming, you’d be commenting saying “Why? Please give me one case scenario where you needed more than 512MB on your phone, I would take the faster 512MB ram than any 1GB”

        • Amine Elouakil

          No I’m not short sighted, but you are irrealistic here.

          2010 =/=2014, 512mb wasn’t enough for obvious reasons, but nowadays Android is getting more and more efficient and optimised heck Kitkat is supposed to run on a 512mb device smoothly and without any issues, I’d prefere having a faster ram than will add real performance, than having more ram that will only be benifical if you run dozens of apps at the same time and your software is not optimised (TouchWiz, Optimus UI ?)

          Look at PC market nowadays, even the heavy windows can run smoothly on any machine with 6gb if the there is no bottleneck in other componenents, while you have a 64gb on a consumer grade PC, if doesn’t make since for general application and you’ll usually won’t need more than 4gb.

          The HTC One, does not lag or stutter at all, which is a prove in it self that the device doesn’t anymore ram, if there were issues I would agree with you but that’s not the case here.

          So to sum up, more than 2gb for the next HTC One is useless unless if there is a significatif bump in terms of resolution (gpu will use more ram) and according to the rumors above it’s not the case.

          • TjaldidTjaldid

            This is a Top end phone and the fact that you don’t need 3GB ram is a good thing it means that when you need it you have it
            but the fact that competing phones all have better specs (cameras, battery, Ram and potentially 805 vs an 800) for the same price is a huge drawback for this phone

          • Amine Elouakil

            Faster ram more expensive than just more low end ram.

            What phone has better spec? if the One 2014 comes with the S800 then trust me the S5 will come with the S800 aswell.

            I’m pretty curious how are you able to tell that this has worst specs than it competitors, are you from the future?

          • TjaldidTjaldid

            well for starters the Galaxy Note 3 has 3GB and Samsung just announced 4GB DDR4 Ram for the latter half of the year and Sony and LG have already Made a phone with the 800 meaning that they have to do something new with their next Phone

          • Amine Elouakil

            Yes but does it matter, the Note3 still lags and shutter (not as much as the S4 but it’s still there) so yea the Note 3 might need more ram, the One no, aslong as they keep the software optimised and well sorted like they did with the current one.
            Faster ram will give you more performance than more ram, (also Samsung annouced 4gb DDR3 chips not DDR4 for smartphones we are talking) and the S800/S805 only support up to ddr3 with the ladder supporting a much higher frequency.

            Again you are wrong, are they going to get their SoC from Qualcomm from the future to release their phones? Qualcomm said the S805 is for Q3 2014 (mass production so unless they change this) any phone coming in Q1 (like the One ) and early Q2( like the S5 if samsung respoect it schedule although I doubt this) will have the S805

          • TjaldidTjaldid
          • Amine Elouakil

            As they did with the Snapdragon 800 which production started in May but the devices using it didn’t come till Q3.

            Also to answer your Sony rumor, is this for real? serisouly? if the Snapdragon 805 is coming out obiously there will be devices using it, my whole point is not WILL there be devices using it, my point is that WHEN, and if Qualcomm sticks to it usual schedule, The One 2014 cannot have the S805 nor the S5 and the devices released in the same time span, now Samsung can delay their release, or release only an Exynos version or whatever to match that, but that will mean unavailability of the product for a while.

          • Tjaldid
          • Amine Elouakil

            see, that’s what I’m saying, this year will see S800 AB/AC to -> S805 AA to S805 AB/AC unless ARM v8 + 64 bit storms the scenes and Qualcomm doesn’t want to be left behind but isn’t happening soon

        • Dane

          Two things strike me here, one, apple still run 1gb ram on the amazingly fast 5s apparently. So their management is probably better. Two, will any one honesty be able to notice faster memory? I recently upgraded the pc with two faster modules when I went to 8gb, can you tell the difference? Can you heck. No different speed ripping dvd to the phone either.

        • the truth

          Amine is clearly a shill. They obviously work for HTC to come on forums and promote them, and if the topic is Samsung or other competitors bash them.
          It seems Samsung aren’t the only ones that hired people to do this kind of thing. Just look down through the posts in their profile and you will see what I mean.

          • Amine Elouakil

            lol HTC pays some of it profit, ops it’s not the case, Also the funny part is that it was Samsung that was found Guilty for paying blogers to bash the competitors and not only that, but for many other anticompetitive schemes want me to post some?,

            My profile is there, (unlike you I don’t post under a temporary account) I’m no Samsung basher, I speak my opinion which I think it’s the truth (and it is the case most of the time) and I back up every single comment with comments and prof hence arguments

            Is this the new Samsung PR note they give you, call anyone that disagree with Samsung fanboys hired by HTC, what a joke lol.

  • Arturo Raygoza

    I’m glad they changed the name

  • Raaj

    Funny, how after a high school diploma, an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree later… A phone company manages to get me learning math on an annual basis…
    Last year I got to ONE. This year they introduced the “+” to make it ONE +.
    Oooh the anticipation what the next level will be next year… Words simply cannot describe it!

    • Amine Elouakil

      Rumores =/= reality ever heard about that ?

      If HTC is keeping the One naming the M8 will the HTC One 2014, the + refers to a more powerfull version but not a full new model usually (One X+ for example)

  • Mystery Man

    I hope to never see a flagship with less than 32gb storage

    • Amine Elouakil

      lol, iPhone 5S, Note 3 ………..You’ll probably see them for a long while

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    LOL it’s not a rumour anymore hahah

    check out the Utilizing Devices :P

    • Amine Elouakil

      Just a piece advice, if you work in a company or a university student, never put wikipedia as one of your sources in your bibliography, you’ll get laughed at, Wikipedia is not a source, simply because anyone can writte anything on it.

      • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

        Yea I am and yea very true but who ever wrote the article need to approve the changes to view in the global internet, so then we all can see the edited content, Wiki changed that because lots of articles were edited like that before, but since I know that the chip will be released on late 2014 I guess HTC One+ won’t have it then :D

        • Amine Elouakil

          Qualcomm might just scrap plans for the 8074AC and just release the 8084AA it woudn’t surprise me, that is if TSMC follows, but if Qualcomm their old time table, I”m afraid the One will have the 8074AB or AC, and then they’ll release the One+ with the 8084 6months later

  • Impressed, yes. Kind of. I’m even ready to leap from the N5 bandwagon if the build quality betters the first iteration! I’ve had too much plastic. I’m craving for some metal now!

  • Stef R

    I guess the battery will have a larger capacity.. If you look to the HTC Butterfly S which came out this summer, they managed to place a 3200mAh battery in a 5inch phone.. If they wanna make there flagship device better they will need atleast 3200mAh and for sure if they wanna use a 2K display.

    • Amine Elouakil

      if they don’t put the 3200mAh it means technically it wasn’t possible don’t forget that both devices use different materials and the way antenas and other components are placed is different

  • Dane

    If my memory nexus is anything to go by, the battery life in 4.4 is incredible if you change the runtime setting to the New Android runtime. A few minor Apps don’t work yet which is probably the reason it isn’t default.

  • Ali Krakeb

    double lens? you mean two camera modules that produce 3d images?

  • Ismail Akram

    Well processor will be snapdragon 800 not 805 and llabtoofer have confirmed on the tweet.

    @aromero_96 It will be snap 800 for sure, MSM8974— LlabTooFeR (@LlabTooFeR) January 4, 2014

    • Amine Elouakil

      I don’t what to say about that, because he can’t confirm the rest of the hardware, so he doesn’t have a clue from what it sound, or rather I think he has access to software rather than hardware and he found out in the code MSM8974

  • Robert John Hebert

    The original HTC One and One Max should have had the 805 processor. HTC are idiots, shot in the foot, DOA. Give them a Darwin Award!

    • Brian Shieh

      Problem is, the 805 won’t available for the first half of the year. I’m pretty sure the One+ will use a upgraded 800 processor unless they release the phone later in the year.

    • Ismail Akram

      Yes 805 on original HTC ONE. you rocks man, how HTC get 805 when Qualcomm have not even announced or developed 805 at the time of Original HTC ONE.

  • Luka Mlinar

    8MP UltraPixel or nothing. 6MP will not fly.

  • Roberto Tomás

    those specs make no sense. 2GB ram and the 6-8MP camera? That means no 4k video… They might be happy about having qualcomm in the design, but I bet qualcomm isn’ too happy about showing up there.

  • Simon Belmont

    Hmm. HTC One+ kind of makes it sound like it’s just a refresh of the original HTC One (kinda like the One X and One X+), so they might want to rethink the name, though it is inoffensive as it stands, if it’s true.

    Frankly, HTC makes a really lightweight skin these days and I think 2GB of RAM will be plenty, especially combined with KitKat and Project Svelte. The Snapdragon 805 will be a really nice CPU/GPU increase over last year’s Snapdragon 600.

  • Cal Rankin

    memory cards slot AND software keys?
    This is fantastic!!! I bet there’s Verizon customers out there who hope this actually is on Verizon at launch

  • Brendon Brown

    If the One+ launches with S800 it’ll just result in a “2014 Xperia Z” where the phone is great and all the rest is also great but then you get smacked with an inferior CPU … HTC rather wait till you can get your hands on the 805

    • Amine Elouakil

      the Xperia Z doesn’t use the 8x74AB or AC, it’s uses the AA version (inferior version)

      According to Qualcomm time table they releasing the S805 aka 8×84 Q3 2014 (sampling is available right now tho) and that’s at least one quarter away from HTC One 2014 release and any phone released the same time as aka Q1 2014 will not have the 805 unless qualcomm scraps the 8074AC which is yet to be released

  • Dave Weinstein

    for a company that’s trying to come back from the edge, the don’t seem to be in enough of a hurry to release a flagship that will put them back on top.

  • ALi

    HTC One when the introduction, had a high price.I hope, the price of One+ will be good

    • Amine Elouakil

      I high price while being cheaper than all it direct competitor, you don’t want it for free….

  • k

    So this could be the even better version of htc one. Though i still prefer the 4.7 size. Hopefully these advancements make it less of an issue for me.

  • Ian Huntly

    Not enough on-board RAM for searches etc., 2 GB is very yesterday and I can not run my larger apps in this. 4GB PLEASE. Currently Note 3 is on my list just, but so plasticy.

  • Kal

    what will be the name of the next Htc … Htc one ++?

  • Dan

    Getting a MicroSD card is an important step in the right direction. I have not bought any HTC since the Desire HD because the newer models do not have the MicroSD slot and I won’t buy anything without that. If HTC also make the battery removable, as in the HTC Desire HD, then I will buy it. Otherwise, it will be Samsung for me.