HTC One – One Month in the Life of an HTC One Owner

by: Joe HindyJune 15, 2013
HTC One One Month

This is my HTC One. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

The HTC One so far has been the kind of phone HTC was hoping it would be. It isn’t outselling the rival, the Samsung Galaxy S4, but it’s doing a lot better comparatively than HTC was doing at this point last year. At last glance, the sales numbers were 10 million Galaxy S4 to 5 million HTC One. Since no one really talked about HTC sales at all last year, that’s already a fantastic improvement. Of course, those are older numbers so both devices have sold a lot more since then.

Before we get started, it’s important to note that this really isn’t a review. Our own Kristofer Wouk already took care of that. If you’d like to see his written and video reviews, you can find them here. This is simply my personal experience with the HTC One over the course of the 4-6 weeks since I received the phone to give people an idea of what it’s like to own this beastly device. So without further adieu, let’s get started.

HTC One Home Screens

My HTC One Set Up

Let’s start with the basics. Despite what the reviews may have shown you, there are actually a couple of ways to set up the HTC One. HTC attempts to push Blinkfeed on you as your main home screen, but you can actually set any of the five possible screens as your main one. I opted for the traditional Android layout. So I use five home screens, with the third being marked as my main home screen. Blinkfeed is on the far left which means I can use it or ignore it as I choose.

A quick rundown of how I do things. Far left is Blinkfeed, near left is folders that hold all my frequently used apps, and the center is my main page with a clock and weather widget, a flashlight widget, and a battery widget. The near right holds my Gmail widget and some of my more functional apps, and the far right houses my most played games. Despite being limited to just four panels

I was able to put everything on my home screens that I wanted to.

–with the 5th always being Blinkfeed– I was able to put everything on my home screens that I wanted to. The only sad part is you cannot delete the Blinkfeed panel. Thankfully, I found it useful and fun so I don’t really mind.

One more thing I’d like to mention in this category is that I love Boom Sound. Before the HTC One I didn’t think I’d be using it that much since about all I do with my phones is listen to podcasts. Now that I have a phone where the sound isn’t coming out of a tiny little speaker in the back, I’ve found that I enjoy listening to music on the device without headphones. My Spotify account hasn’t seen this much use since 2011, my Google Music is swallowing up as much of my unlimited data as it can, and yeah even my podcasts sound better. There simply no arguing it, the HTC One produces the best sound of any smartphone speaker that I’m aware of.

HTC One Lock Screen Android 4.2.2

Moving around the OS

Once you get everything set up, moving around the operating system is just like every other Android phone. You unlock the lock screen, move around home screens, and access the menu via the notification drop down. That’s all there really is to it. So I haven’t really thought about it as I’ve used the device at all. Everything is as it’s supposed to be. The key, though, is getting the HTC One set up. As I mentioned previously, adding panels and selecting your main home screen is just one of way of doing so.

In the app drawer, you can change the grid from three by three to four by five if you so choose. You can also change it to alphabetical to get the old school paginated app drawer we saw in earlier iterations of HTC Sense. This is what I do, since I actually liked the old HTC Sense app drawers. For my lock screen, I use the Productivity set up, which you can change in the Personalization menu in Settings.

This is where things get screwy, though. Unlike stock Android (and even Touchwiz), you can’t long press an icon in the app drawer and add it to the home screen. You can only add icons to the dock this way. You have to long press (or pinch out) on the home screens to add icons. This was, admittedly, the most difficult thing to get used to on the HTC One, having moved over from a Nexus 4. Also, long pressing home screens doesn’t give you the option to change your wallpaper. You now must use the Personalization menu in Settings for that. Also a drag. Thankfully, adding icons and changing wallpapers isn’t a common practice for me.

So there are some quirks with the HTC One you wouldn’t find in a stock Android device. This isn’t a knock on Sense 5 or even praise for vanilla Android. I’m only pointing out the differences.

As you can see from the image above, I’m actually on Android 4.2.2. As is tradition at this point, I root every device I own the first day I get it. So when the Android 4.2.2 ROMs started leaking and ROM cooks started adding them to ROMs is around the time I got my Android 4.2.2 update. There are a few changes from 4.1.2, but the biggest and most noticeable change is the vanilla Android style quick settings, Daydream is now included, and you can now opt to show your battery level in the status bar.

HTC One Battery Life

HTC One Battery Life

I’m not going to say that the HTC One battery life sucks. Okay, yes I am. The HTC One battery life sucks. With some proper management and some self control, you can actually get more than a full day of charge out of it. However, I am what is called a power user. I average about 4 hours of screen on time a day. 

I'm not going to say that the HTC One battery life sucks. Okay, yes I am. The HTC One battery life sucks.

So on average I get about 10-12 hours of battery life before the phone dies. I do work at a desk, though, which means I can keep it charged pretty much all day long. As you can see from the screenshot above, my HTC One was one the charger five times total in two days.

Now, for the sake of trying it out, I spent a whole day using my phone as a phone. Answering texts and Hangouts messages, phone calls, and some light browsing. When I removed the gaming, the obscene amount of time I spend on social media, and reading 5 page articles all at once, I was able to keep it going for about 20 hours before it needed a charge. So it is capable of lasting a long time, but you have to keep an eye on what you use it for. As you can see from the screen shots above, I played Final Fantasy IV for 20 minutes this morning and spent a good amount of time in Hangouts and my battery was down 20% in just under an hour and a half.

I will note. Since I’ve updated to Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5, battery life seems to be a lot better. I’ve been leaving it off the charger all day and usually hit around 20% when I lay down to go to bed. So for you stock people who don’t root, the Android 4.2.2 update (when it does arrive) should help bring some better battery life as well. For root users who want to try this out on their own, I run either TrickDroid or Android Revolution HD. You can find both of those in the international HTC One forum on XDA-Developers.

final fantasy 4 on the HTC One

Gaming and Performance

One of the things I use my HTC One for the most is gaming. I have a host of console emulators along with some native Android games. To put it bluntly, they all perform swimmingly. In most cases, I don’t even see so much as a hiccup. There are only two times when I can make performance drop below perfect. One is in the game Ice Age Village. During a mini game called Kung Fu Scrat, every now and then there will be a moment of lag. The only other time is playing PlayStation games using the FPse PlayStation emulator and I have OpenGL enabled with high quality video mode enabled. Sometimes it’ll drop to 40fps.

The gaming and performance is so good that I actually recorded all the raw footage for Brad Ward’s and my Final Fantasy IV review with it earlier this week. It’s the first review that wasn’t done with my trusty Nexus 4. Don’t worry friends, the Nexus 4 will still be doing the reviews, but it was nice to see the HTC One handle it like a champ if need be. In FPse, the PlayStation emulator, I get a solid 60-70fps. As stated earlier, if I put all the highest settings on, it will drop to 40 on occasion. I usually play on medium settings so I can turn off the frame limiter and skip long, boring scenes in the games I play. Emulators for older consoles like SNES or Game Boy Advance don’t lag. Ever.

The UI and almost all apps are fluid and wonderful. I really never experience lag with this phone unless I really try to make it happen. The thing is that I’d love to go more in depth with stuff like performance and list off more quirks and other places where it may lag. The problem it I can’t! Usually devices have some specific parts that lag and it’s worthy of a discussion. The HTC One just doesn’t do that. Outside of the lags I reported above, I simply don’t see it lag. I’m sure it hangs on scrolling super long lists for a fraction of a second, but it’s not something I notice. I just use it and it just works. There really isn’t much to explain or discuss there.

What I did and did not like about the HTC One

So in the interest of time and space, I’m going to put what I specifically liked and didn’t like about the device in list form. Here we go.

The Good:

  • I can count exactly two places where it noticeably lags. That’s way less than every other device I’ve ever owned.
  • The build quality is phenomenal. I still take the HTC One out of its case just to look at it sometimes.
  • Boom Sound. ‘Nuff said.
  • The screen is gorgeous.
  • Blinkfeed has replaced my RSS app entirely.
  • HTC Sense 5 is not the bloated monster its predecessors were.  I can now use the iconic Sense Clock without shame.
  • HDMI output through a 5-pin MHL adapter works perfectly fine.
  • Quick settings included on Android 4.2.2. Sorry non-rooted people, you’ll have to wait a little longer for it!
  • I thought coming from the Note 2 to the 4.7″ screen of the HTC One would cause problems. Now 4.7″ seems great to me.

The Bad:

  • I can count exactly two places where it noticeably lags. It’s always those same two places (PlayStation emulator on highest settings, Kung Fu Scrat mini game) and it’s annoying.
  • The battery life is not where it should be. 10-12 hours is okay if you’re like me and sitting at a desk working all day. For people with lives, 10-12 hours means it’s going down in the middle of the evening, which is not very convenient. 

    I think the worst part of the HTC One is trying to objectively come up with things that are bad about the HTC One.

  • You cannot get rid of Blinkfeed.
  • No expandable storage means I can’t put all my PlayStation ROMs on there at once.
  • No removable battery means when something goes wrong during a ROM or kernel flash, it’s twice as annoying.
  • CyanogenMod is not fully optimized for the One yet. When it is, it’ll be epic. The last two times I tried it, it just didn’t feel quite right yet. Also, I actually use the TV Remote function in the HTC One.
  • I think the worst part of the HTC One is trying to objectively come up with things that are bad about the HTC One.

One Month With the HTC One Wrap Up

Overall, my experience with the HTC One has been amazing. There is really so little wrong with this device that it actually surprised me. Coming from last year’s flagships, I expected it to be quick and zippy most of the time, but really start to buckle when I put the pressure on. This has not been the case so far and I can’t rave enough about how great the performance has been. Now if HTC would’ve only spent a little more time on the battery and made things like Blinkfeed optional, I’d have no problem calling this the greatest Android phone of all time. However, because some features are forced and the battery can’t take a whole lot of strain, I’m forced to demote it to simply being one of the best out there.

When asked whether or not I would recommend this over the Galaxy S4, I never know what to say. Different people have different needs. The HTC One suffers from a lack of expandable storage and removable battery. So people who keep 50GB of music on their device will obviously need something extra in the storage department. If their uses and preferences are anything like mine, then the HTC One is the superior device. If you like all that Samsung bloatware and need the extra storage, then it’s pretty obvious which one you should go with.

Next: 5 Best apps for the HTC One / HTC One accessories buying guide

I’d love to hear from some fellow HTC One owners. Do you find the phone satisfactory so far and what stuff do you like and dislike about it?

  • rob gray

    I love my one ,as i am on the road all day I love the car app

  • Ahmed

    You didn’t mention the camera.. how is it holding up?

    • Олег Александров

      it’s really good, especially hdr mode (much better than my old s3) and zoe.
      60fps hd video is a huge plus too.

  • Wudien

    Didn’t even mention the camera. Should have just stopped reading when I saw those homescreens.

    • icyrock1

      Not everyone uses there smart phones camera. Me being one of them.

      • JosephHindy

        Yeah I don’t really use my camera. I’ve taken like 3 pictures in 6 weeks and they looked like pictures that I took with a smart phone camera.

        Keep in mind this isn’t a review and I specifically state that sir, so if I don’t use my camera then I’m not really going to talk about it now am I? :)

        • Wudien

          i wouldnt expect a first day review to explain the depths of the camera. now, in a month, i would hope you have something to say! i just cant commit to this phone

          • JosephHindy

            I’m certainly sorry to hear that. I just can’t choose a smartphone based on it’s camera. It’s all very subjective. I mean I take pictures, the pictures look nice. Do they look nicer than the 13MP shooters out there? Maybe, maybe not. To properly test I would’ve had to take day shots, night shots, properly lighted shots, improperly lighted shots. With flash, without flash, with targets in motion and standing still. Then I would’ve needed a way to compare it to the Xperia Z’s 13MP shooter, the S4’s 13MP shooter, the Nexus 4’s 8MP shooter, and whatever else.

            Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of hardware and I’m not that kind of phone user :( So I’m sorry I didn’t have more about the camera. I think it would’ve cheapened the experience for everyone if I tried to talk about all 3 pictures I’ve taken (all of them containing my dogs) and one 30 second video I shot of my dog playing frisbee. For stuff like that I would recommend a more in depth review (I’m more than positive we’ve done a camera comparison directly with this and other devices). This is just my experience :)

    • positiva

      I was worried about 4 ultra pixels as my last phone was 8 meg and awesome camera. But this phone take incredible photos esp in macro mode the detail is amazing. It is better than my 8 meg camera. Clearer and sharper detail. so there might be something in ultra pixels (last phone 8 me. Also htc)

  • shabba

    Awesome is how I describe it.


    I somewhat disagree with the lag while gaming but by the sounds of it your playing moderate games and not Ralph Racing 3 or Wildblood type graphic intensive games. In those with the sound turned up to a fairly good level the phone heats up and when it does it lags, lags really bad in some places where many things are happening at once on the screen. It’s a great phone but if you enjoy the most graphic intensive fast paced especially games it’s not the phone I’d recommend, I’d go for the Galaxy S4. If you don’t game at all and style is more important then the HTC ONE is probably something you’ll want to check out.

    • MasterMuffin

      Pretty sure PS games are pretty heavy :)

      • JosephHindy

        PS Games are really heavy…and much larger than regular android games. FF7 (all 3 discs) is like 2.1GB.

        The Galaxy S4 won’t do any better. In the US, it runs exactly the same hardware (same CPU, GPU, and RAM) and the int’l version has issues of it’s own.

        • KID ANDROID

          I have both the HTC ONE and Galaxy S4 and I know they run the same CPU & GPU but the Galaxy S4 runs smoothly when it heats up where the HTC ONE doesn’t it lags. I believe it’s due to the metal build as its the only real thing different between the 2. The graphics on Real Racing 3 or Wildblood are more closely compared to the XBox360 then the emulated games from the playstationthe tstation

          • JosephHindy

            but of course, the only possible scenario where you’d sound like you knew what you were talking about -.-

            Well sure, you noticed what 15 million people haven’t noticed. Good for you, start a blog.

          • KID ANDROID

            They haven’t sold 15 million and others have noticed it thanks. Oh and I actually have started a website and have enough credit to get review devices from companies and actually have been asked by a few companies to check out their devices and tell them how to improve them and as well as all that I am a koodo mobile master. Thanks for trying to discredit me though.

          • JosephHindy

            HTC One = 5 million
            Galaxy S4 = 10 million
            5 + 10 = 15 million

            I guess the rumors about bloggers sucking at math are true. And I was serious, if you have something different to say, start your own blog and post it there. I wasn’t being facetious, you’re just an asshole.

          • KID ANDROID

            Lol wow your the one jumping down my throat for stating my personal experience with the HTC ONE which is what we were talking about so I’m not sure why your adding the sales #s for the S4 to your example, doesn’t really make sense to me. I use to like this publication but you guys really need to grow the hell up acting like this, it’s pathetic and very unprofessional.

          • JosephHindy

            “it’s pathetic and unprofessional” says the guy who upvotes his own comments -.-

            You weren’t expressing an opinion, you were trying to show that the Galaxy S4 was somehow a better phone despite them having identical internals, which is wrong. One snapdragon 600, Adreno 305, 2GB RAM set up is just as good as the next one, which means your idea that the S4 is somehow better is nonsensical. Not to mention that 15 million One and S4 owners didn’t notice this little problem (mine doesn’t lag when it gets warm) didn’t notice.

            I’m trying to tell you that your “evidence” is wrong, your experience is unique only to you, and you should not go around saying things like “I know this for a fact” when you absolutely do not.

            This is an opinion piece, which means it’s all me. It’s essentially one big long Google+ status update that I was allowed to post on the site. So if you’re looking for hardcore facts, you’ve come to the wrong place.

          • KID ANDROID

            Ok I don’t know where I up voted my own comments but anyways I know what kind of ppl write articles on this site now and I’ll be leaving you guys to call other readers assholes and make lies like I’m up voting my comments here. I’ll contact HTC and have them send me a different review device to see if indeed it is only the device they sent me this time, as others have stated the same issue on other sites comments sections it is unlikely it’s just the review unit I have at the moment though.

          • JosephHindy

            Okay so let’s look back on this chain of events here.
            1. You “disagreed with the lag problems”…whatever that actually means.
            2. You said you were a website owner and a blogger. Let me tell you something dude, a respected website owner/blogger does NOT go to other websites and blogs and say something as ridiculous as “I disagree with the lag problems.” I still don’t understand what that means. Are you insinuating I’m lying about the lag I experienced?
            3. You then try to revert yourself back to being “a reader”…dude you’re a blogger. If you own a site and blog, you’re one of us, which means you don’t fall into the category of “reader” anymore. Stop hiding behind that, that’s not what the pros do. If I showed my face on another well known blog trying to call their writers idiots, my ass would be laughed off the internet and that’s exactly what yours should do. If you have an opinion, write about it because your’e a blogger. Please leave the comment section for my readers.

          • KID ANDROID

            I never called you an idiot and I said that it does lag not argued that it didn’t, your just flipping it to try and hide you calling me an asshole. Your also saying that because I write about android I can’t associate with any other site and discuss things with them, really wow seems unusual to me. like I said I never said you were lying and what I said is I somewhat disagree with saying that it lags a little because when it heats up from a few hours of gaming it lags quite badly. If your readers don’t agree with you 100% then you feel the need to jump down their throat and end up calling them asshole for it, sorry but I think your in the wrong here completely. No worries about me commenting on this site anymore I’ll more than gladly leave you guys in your own world where you can’t discuss anything ( which Is where I foolishly thought the comment section was for) and let you get back to acting like your in high school.

          • JosephHindy

            I’m not ng anything. You’re an asshole, go away.

          • technology
          • EKfine

            wow… just wow… man! really?. AA is gettin fucked up.

          • End in sight

            This is my first time reading either of you so I have no past history. BUT, when people get paid by an organization, they represent that organization. If I am taking to customer support at United Airlines, and the person on the other end calls me an A hole (for whatever reason), then I consider that United had called me an Ahole, not just that person. So, consequently, when Android Authority publicly calls their readers Aholes, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Similarly, if employees of United called customers Aholes (regardless of the reason), they would be fired. Darcy, did you see this?

        • MasterMuffin

          But, but DDR3!

          I don’t have either phones so I can’t really say (I chose to not to go with the mass and get the next Nexus just for curiosity)

          • sedaine

            DDR3 was going to be my point as well. Fight!

          • MasterMuffin

            NO. Kid and Joseph are having fun, I don’t want to interfer :)

  • Miguel Meza

    Boomsound was really loud when I got the phone, but now it seems like it’s not as loud as it was. Dissapointed in that.

    • Jared Persinger

      It probably has to do with beats audio being on or off

      • Miguel Meza

        Beats Audio is on.

        • Joshua Pingley

          The speakers are actually louder with Beats off surprisingly. They sound fuller with Beats on though.

    • Mike

      I experienced the same thing several time in watching a video on youtube. I just stopped and went back to the native music player of the HTC One, and played a song, and then the audio was normal again (powerful sound, loud). I went back to youtube and the audio was loud again.

      So it seems that switching between apps that use the audio sometimes turn down the volume in a way you can’t turn it up again even by putting the physical volume rocker to the max, but just playing a song in the native player turn it back to normal!

      A small bug HTC should correct rapidly I guess!

  • Shane Rogers

    You can drag an icon (or folder) from the app drawer to a desktop screen without the pinch action. Long press on the desired icon, then in the top left of the screen you’ll see a “shortcut” item appear (to go along with the “move up” and “uninstall” actions). Drag the app/folder to the “shortcut” action and you’ll be taken to your home desktop. Then distribute your icon to wherever you need it.

  • Neil Cowan

    My HTC ONE has simply been the best phone i have ever owned! I cannot fault it at all and despite Samsungs marketing power i think that the HTC ONE is an example of how to make an almost flawless smart phone without adding fairly useless extra features. Battery life taking into consideration i still think that this phone will revive an excellent brand!

  • Alex Guajardo

    best phone ever i love it!

  • Joshua Pingley

    HTC One > S4. But Note 2 > HTC One.

    • Luka Mlinar

      Lets call the Note 2 for what it really is. A micro pad. Not a phone.

      • Dave Fox

        Let’s not, because it’s a phone, which any Note 2 owner will attest too.

        In my experience, people who say the Note 2 is too big haven’t tried to actually live with one. Those that do almost always say that the size is fine. Not a hard and fast rule of course, but general enough.

        • Luka Mlinar

          My friend has this purse like thing for her note 2. Want to know why? Because she can’t put it in her pocket.

          • Alice Hollend

            Chances are she won’t be able to fit any recent flagship in her pocket because it’s apparently considered that female clothing doesn’t need pockets for reasons other than decoration which means you can’t fit a diddly squat in there.

          • Dave Fox

            My wife puts her Iphone in her handbag because it wouldn’t fit very well in most of her pockets either, so does that make it a “micro pad” too? A sample of one is hardly conclusive proof!

            The simple facts are that Note 2 fits in pretty much any regular sized pocket. It isn’t a device for everyone, but then again what is?

        • Alice Hollend

          Perhaps you could share your experience? Thinking of getting a Note 2 ’cause I love the stylus.

          • Dave Fox

            If you take the Stylus away from the Note 2, you essentially get a slightly larger S3 with a better screen and battery life.

            As I’m not an artist what the stylus adds, for me, is the ability to use the device as a business tool in meeting for taking notes, annotating photographs (often of whiteboards) and also quick accurate selection of links without having to zoom in very often.

          • Abdel Aziz Farhi

            With 1 GB of extra RAM. S3 has only 1 GBs of ram whereas Note2 has 2. + Note 2’s CPU is clocked at 1.6 GHz which makes it faster comparing to S3’s 1.4 .

          • Dave Fox

            A large percentage of S3’s have 2GB RAM too – all LTE versions, all Snapdragon, and in some regions even the Exynos 3G version.

          • Abdel Aziz Farhi

            You said it your self, ” A large percentage of S3’s ” . I’m talking about international versions of both devices. Those you mentioned are region limited, mostly intended for North America. South Korea and some other countries. For Example where i come from Samsung only offers international versions of their phones. luckily this turned out to be good for once, we got the octa-core version of the S4.

          • Dave Fox

            You said the S3 only has 1GB of RAM – i merely pointed out that a large percentage them have 2GB.

          • Alice Hollend

            Cool! I was afraid all those pen features would be as gimmicky as everything they stuffed into S4 :P
            Unlike HTC One, everything I’ve heard about Note II’s battery life simply blows me away :D

  • MvP77

    Love my One. My only complaint is battery life. I get about 13-14hrs with 3hrs screen time. That’s good and better than most other phones I had but coming from a Note 2 I got spoiled.

    • JosephHindy

      I had this exact same problem.

  • Did you lose any camera functionality, like Zoe, when installing the 4.2.2 ROM?

    • JosephHindy

      I actually did lose Zoe. However, this may not be HTC’s fault, but the maker of the custom ROMs I use. I don’t know if I have a modified gallery app or a wholly different gallery app than what comes stock on 4.1.2.

      • SeraZR™

        Zoe needs HTC FRAMEWORKS which isnt on cm10.1 and such

      • Gelena Gee Fleary

        please send us a link to your wallpaper

        • JosephHindy

          If you download the app Zedge, go under their wallpapers and search “razr” you’ll find it! :) enjoy!

  • Luka Mlinar

    “You cannot get rid of Blinkfeed.” not that i have cash but this thing would put me off of buying it. Rate this comment negative as much as you want but i hate that thing. Just give me 5 home screens and huck off.

    • Mark Reisch

      Honestly I want sure about it but it is one of my favorite things about the phone. I didn’t want another ROM if it doesn’t have blink feed.

    • positiva

      I love blink feed. Read it everyday. Its My homescreen personal choice though I guess.

  • sfasfssa

    didnt HTC mention that roughly 2 Million were sold and not 5 million???

    • Amine Elouakil

      HTC Sold 5million phones last month alone, you think most of those phone were HTC One X or Wildfire 2?

      The guy who estimated 2million sales since release (3 months) seems to be quite high

  • Nash

    by far this is no comparison to SG4. if you talk any people having storage of songs more than 50gb that’s very unusual. pls just think of large numbers. they will have max of 10gb alone. and with regards to I don’t wanna spend that much money on something which comes in plastic. which is very identical in looks to Galaxy S3.
    so people might think I ve a S3 instead of S4. then coming to app icons of S4 with touchwiz. this is the most pathetic one on earth.
    I feel that The HTC One is the money’s worth. it gives me a premium look. and S4 doesn’t.

  • YjPoh

    nothing more to say, i love my ONE

  • Garry DeWitt

    It’s been good to me so far. I will agree, my main complaint is the god damn battery. On one hand it’s great for any usage that isn’t games, but when you put the pressure on that qualcomm chip things go down_quick_, even undervolted with a custom kernel. On a side note does anyone with a qualcomm 600 chip in their phone that UVs want to tell me what your lowest voltage for the 1700mhz step was? I can’t get it below 1050mv which seems …meh.


    I have both HTC ONE and Galaxy S4 , I love the HTC ONE more than the S4.

  • Daniel

    The HTC One has a few problems.The menu button could be more sensitive that it should be. There is no settings button. Browser poses a difficulty when watching videos straight from the internet.

    • Amine Elouakil

      The menu button sensitivity was increased with one of the first updates of the phone (since some people were moaning about it) , there is a setting button…when you pull your notification bar, if you put the browser on the desktop mode, I have to agree, it hard to get resize the player using multitouch zoom due to text reamp, but the good part with the one, is that you can use the full screen button on the reader and watch the video full screen

  • R Hoppes

    Own it for a couple of weeks now and I absolutely love it. Simply put, it is FAST :)

  • silentbazz

    Cannot understand the battery life comments, I can get 2-3 days.. That’s right, Days, out of my htc one. It’s battery life outstrips the life I got out of my Samsung Galaxy S2. Apart from that, agree with this article, htc one is the best smartphone I have used.

    • positiva

      Wow. You must just your phone as a phone? That’s impressive. I get one day on powersave but I use my phone flat out.

  • AussieGreek

    I love this thing, 9/10 if you could get rid Of blinkfeed 10/10!!!

  • Mike

    Best phone I ever owned !

    Battery life is great if you’re not a hardcore gamer ;) I play on computer, not on phones, I guess gaming actually drains the battery out.

    I use my HTC One for calls, texts, Google Talk (don’t like Hangouts) Blinkfeed (reading a lot of news), Facebook app and chat, surfing on internet, with all apps synchronized all day long, two email adresses in push, downloading apps, I sometimes use GPS on Maps to go to meetings, and still I have between 30 and 50% battery left when going home at night. I got up to 18h on battery, with video watching for one hour.

    I found that activating wifi at both home and office improve battery life, 3G/4G is more power consuming.

    There is also an option in Power settings for deactivating Internet connection during long periods of inactivity that I have checked.

    I never use the power saving mode that you have in the notification drawer so you can have even more battery with that checked, for my use I don’t need it.

    Design is gorgeous, quality made, and Boom sound is the best audio on a phone at the moment.

    • blunden

      I have to agree. I have great battery life and I use it routinely at work. That is running CM though but I doubt the stock HTC rom is that bad.

  • Zi Farhat

    Come on I sold the galaxy S4 to buy the HTC One it’s awsme only prob the battery life everything else us great

    • Amine Elouakil

      Battery Life is as good as the S4, unless you are someone whocares about standby time, (you don’t use your phone for days)

  • WossMan

    How come no one else is mentioning the terrible audio/video sync issue when playing back videos. It happen in the stock Sense player as well as VLC beta and the full version of BS Player (Basically every player I’ve tried.) I even installed MX Player briefly to test it. It’s most obvious when a talking head is on screen. The voice sounds disconnected from the speaker and you notice it’s not in sync with the lips. My previous SGS3 had no problem playing back any video at all with BS Player, now a supposedly more powerful device stumbles on simple 1080p videos ripped from YouTube? What the french, people?!

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    I sure hope HTC fixes it in the 4.2.2 update or I’m getting rid of the One for an S4. I specifically bought the One because I watch lots of video on my phone and I knew Boom Sound and front stereo speakers would be awesome (which thy are). But the sync issue is way too distracting and I can’t stand the ridicule of my friends with “lesser” phones who don’t have this problem.

    • Amine Elouakil

      I have no such issue, and it’s even doubtfull you have a One unless of course you’ve got a faulty device but a software issue sounds less likely to be something unique

  • I love this phone but it would be a lot better with additional storage capabilities. I actually use blinkfeed quite often.

  • Michael Ferrari

    Where can I find that great wallpaper thats in the review?

    • JosephHindy

      In Zedge (the app, downloadable in the play store), search “Droid Razr” and it should pop up. Just download and tap the button again to let the app assign it.

  • Duc

    its really quietly brilliant. not like samsung. too many useless features and their commercial is the only thing they can use to beat the ONE. love my ONE. to anyonne whos still wondering about the ONE or S4 i can honestly say the ONE is REAL art :)

    • das

      pity “art” does not make a phone good

      • truthonly

        Yes, coming from iOS I had the One for 4 days before trading in to an S4. The one has superb sound and is an exceptionally beautiful device but the user experience to me was not a smooth one, and immediately when picking up the S4 for the first time I felt the stability and the UX was so much more smoother and cleaner. It’s hard not to take your eyes off the One but the battery life and “buggy” OS along with no physical home button really got annoying for me but hey to each their own! :)

    • positiva

      From what I read people LOVE their phone if they have the one. Whilst s4 is a good phone its just a phone. With gimmicks I prob wouldn’t use. For me it’s the sound quality. I also think with the one you have to use it the more you do the more you love it (or I did) when I got it I was going to send it back next day coukdnt see the hype. But using it every day I am impresssed.

  • grapes_2

    Love the One. Changed to Nova Launcher on day 3, and Blinkfeed goes away with it. I tried both S4 and One outside in the sun, with sunglasses, and the One is much better in the bright sun. I have a Mophie as a spare battery.

  • Joe

    The first ever smartphone I owned was the iPhone 3GS. And then the BlackBerry Torch (which was a downgrade). And then I moved to HTC Radar (windows phone) which I did like as I thought windows phone was great but lacked apps. And I have many friends and family members who own Samsung phones (I’m not a fan). But now I have the HTC One and I’m in love with smart phones again. Everything on the phone I can’t fault, apart from what this article outlines with battery life, no micro slot, and no detachable battery. But Zoe, gaming, HTC Sense 5, boom sound, high quality screen specs, the sexy body, blinkfeed, customisable screens/phone and the size of the phone adds me to believe that this is the best phone I have ever owned. Simply amazing. Simply brilliant (I don’t work for HTC lol)

    Btw where did you get that background image for your phone?? The colourful water drop one?? Want that as my lock screen please :-)

  • nb2000

    Use epsxe for playstation emulator. Im using it on GN2 with all settings maxed still running all game smoothly.

  • Abdel Aziz Farhi

    Sens 5 is ugly.. look at those icons :|

  • murray401

    words cant describe how much i love this phone, and it kicks the iphone 5s ass on this comparison!

  • Il Darione

    Ok I come from the One S, and I do think this ONE is a very good phone, well constructed, tough, strong, heavy performing… However I am absolutely not satisfied…
    Sense 5.0 in my opinion sucks… Too rigid… I want to be able to have many more panels than the 6 or 7 on which it is limited, I want to get rid of that absolutely unuseful blinkfeed (I go looking to news when I want to, not that every time that I take my phone in the hands people can take a look to what I’m interested in)…and the keyboard has not improved a little… I still need to use use 3rd party applications to be able to write in a proper way…
    Cutting pasting and copying do not work properly… The cursor doesn’t work properly..
    And please, please the life battery…
    You have done a device for demanding high end users, 1080p with unrevealed pixel density, boom sound and more and more… With 2300mA? Are you kidding me?
    This means that under best circumstances I’m out if battery in the middle if the evening… If travelling and hard using… In the middle of the afternoon… This is intolerable for a 700bucks phone…
    I have to go around with portable charging

  • Rohan patel

    Had it for over a month and have no complaints. Battery life is the only part of the phone that isn’t spectacular like the rest of the phone. For web browsing it’s ideal. Otherwise it’s on par with other phones

  • Il Darione


    • positiva

      ? Keyboard is great and better than s4!! Predictive text is awesome. Copy and paste is awesome too. You must be using a different phone to me?

  • Androidlover

    I love the HTC One but I wish I could get the at&t bloatware off it

  • Khmalah Degeddingseze

    I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now I and I can say that it’s the best phone I’ve ever used. Period.

  • angel

    Love it, battery does not convince me.

  • MannyKing

    .What’s the wallpaper??????

  • KylieElizabeth

    I kinda hate the battery life. I’m a 15 year old whose always on facebook and Twitter and instagram and playing games. Every other phone I’ve had I could go a full day on but I’m noticing I’m charging this thing by the middle of the day if not earlier. And I’m really not liking that there’s a bunch of just random pictures from facebook all over my gallery; it bugs me. Other than that though I love it. I’m pretty positive I have the coolest phone in high school, the graphics are stunning, and Zoe comes in handy a lot. Finally a software you can take amazing action shots with!!

  • Michael Walgren

    I feel ripped off.. The salesperson at Sprint said it was the best . I had a GS3 before and this is not a step up. Can’t believe I wasted an upgrade. The battery is terrible, hope I can get rid of it soon and get a GS4 without it costing me a fortune.

  • NazeemH

    I have used many android phones before and I think htc one has a very good battery life. I turn off auto sync, adjust the screen brightness, only connect to wifi, 3g when I need.

  • shah

    is there anybody experiencing the static sound problem ? im really a music lover so it kind of freak me out knowing some of the user had this problem.. it really makes me thinking again and again before buying this phone..

  • MuNd

    Best overall phone for me. Actually HTC One has the best battery quality compared to other htc devices.

  • I believe the battery backup has increased in 4.2.2 update.

  • crabbos

    I love my HTC One, the sound and speed are amazing. However I am fairly disappointed with the way it burns through the battery so fast. I’d prefer it to be 1-2mm thicker with a beefier battery.

  • Gelena Gee Fleary

    great review – pleas send the wallpaper link – looks amazing

  • NeilWeightman

    For future reference: “without further ado”, not “adieu”.

  • patrick

    this phone is garbage tthe battery SUCKS and it’s completely glitchy

  • Acer101

    I think the phone is great, but the biggest issues I was having was the battery life and the keyboard accuracy. After playing Zynga Poker online, I drained 24% in 41 mins. That’s a full 100% battery drain in 2h 50 mins! Jesus! That’s with power saver on, wifi off, Bluetooth off, screen brightness at 50%ish, no other apps running and autosync off. I called HTC and said I think my battery is defective and gave them the statistics I noted above. They told me that sounds about right. WTF?! I said how does 2h 50min battery drain playing Zynga Poker sound right to you? I realized that the game produces vibrating notifications frequently while playing so I turned that off and retested. The results were worse on the next 2 tests.
    Tonight I will be using “Battery Compare” to benchmark against other phones as well as Antutu Tester. Then I will use “BatteryGuru” which is a battery optimization app for snapdragon processors only that apparently increases battery life by as much as 5-6 hours. Will post back to let you guys know the results of the benchmarking and optimization.
    Also, HTC told me to do a battery reset and not to charge the phone all night. Battery reset can be done by Turning off the phone, charging 5-10 mins, then pressing and holding volume up/volume down/power button all at same time and holding for 2 mins. The phone should boot up when u let go. Regarding keyboard inaccuracy, they told me to recalibrate the keyboard, by opening up any keyboard screen and hitting the settings button. The calibration is there along with other keyboard settings. This actually worked for me and improved my typing.

  • Bjorn Peuskens

    Although I don’t use my phone very often, so battery life isn’t the most important thing to me, I am still doubting whether buying the HTC One or waiting for the HTC Butterfly S. Has anyone have any experience with the Butterfly S yet?

  • John

    The only bad thing I have to say about my One is the battery life. I get only an average amount of life out of it but that’s all.

  • Ahmed Bin Theeb

    Nice Review, Thanks am using it right now and the only bad thing is the battery. Another thing that i miss from my note 2 is the multiple screen.

  • Iy

    I’m getting mine on Thursday! I’m so excited..going to London with a badass phone!

  • s1234

    did you ever face a problem with the phone case heating up too soon when apps are running ?

  • truthonly

    I’ve been iPhone most of my life, and last week I traded it in for an HTC One. It’s a remarkably beautiful phone physically and although I haven’t dabbled with Android OS much I am familiar with it from my past phones before the iPhone 4 was ever released. About 4 days in my hate kind of grew more for the phone. The OS was really just not what I expected (and let’s not mention battery life) I was blown away by the clarity and sharp sound from the speakers and do believe every phone in existence should follow what HTC has done putting stereo speakers on the face of the device. HOWEVER, my fourth day in I decided to trade in my HTC One for the Galaxy S4 and immediately after swiping my finger and navigating through the S4 I knew the OS build was going to be a much more smoother and stable experience. Besides the bloatware from Samsung, they know how to build a great UI/UX and I have been in love with this phone since. The build and casing may not be great but the big screen, interchangeable battery and microSD slot are great features. Much better battery life and having a physical Home button feels so much better. Both great phones but HTC still needs to step up their game. They’ve finally built a great phone, now they need to focus on the user experience aspect.

  • positiva

    I find battery life on HTC one brilliant. Or at least compared to my last phone. On power saver (when I am out of the house) lasts all day until bedtime surfing net YouTube videos calls texts and emails and camera. At home on full brightness it only lasts 3 hours. But I have it full brightness sound blasting out. I love the one and the versatility of battery. When out and about I want my battery to last until I can get to power. At home I want full brightnessloud sound …. It works very well. Am really happy with my battery just turn on powersaver. It works. Well.

  • Antony Greenman

    I understand that the blinkfeed comments are in the interest of the average user who doesn’t want to root and ROM their device or mess around with it a ton, but seriously, for all the hassle people seem to make of not being able to disable it, it sure is easy to get around with Nova Launcher. Install, hit home, done. Gone. Am I missing something?

  • David Portillo

    Mine has 4.3 and it won’t hand off wifi to lte

  • kstatinet

    Bought HTC One silver (32mg) in June 2013 at Best Buy. In September 2014 phone stopped working after hard reboot. Sent to HTC for repair.HTC just sent me a quote to replace motherboard on this phone for $216. Really?

    HTC quality sucks. Phone was very well taken for. No single scratch, never been dropped, ideal condition.

    HTC Ticket #: 214378003900

    Asked HTC Customer service at least give some discount on repair. They don’t care. Even it’s one day after manufacturing warranty you have to pay full price. HTC One M7 can bought used on craigslist for less then 150 bucks and HTC wants over 200 for their crappy built phone that needs motherboard replacements.

    One word motherf**rs!