HTC One Google Edition

Famed Android developer Paul O’Brien is working on a project called Switch, which would allow HTC One users to quickly switch from AOSP Android to Sense 5, and back.

Dual booting, or having two separate operating systems on one device, has been the dream of many users torn between the clean and stylish interface of stock Android and the extra features offered by overlays such as Sense and TouchWiz.

Now Paul O’Brien, a leading Android developer and creator of the MoDaCo custom ROM, is working on a way to let HTC One users switch between Sense 5 and stock Android, and vice versa. The ultimate goal is to offer users a simple way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Dubbed Switch, the project is currently a work in progress, and, as you would imagine, is no easy task. O’Brien said he’s working on the HTC One now, but a Galaxy S4 version cannot be ruled out in the future.


Switch will give users the chance to enjoy stock Android without giving up features like BlinkFeed, the IR blaster, or Zoes. The details are not clear for now, but we’ll keep you posted on this exciting project.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Rezoan Prithu

    Thats a great idea… But it should be difficult…

  • Topcat488

    Yeah, but, but, won’t that cut into your profits from making the HTC One Google Edition.?. :/

    • HTC have already suggested they’ll allow existing HTC One owners to “convert” to Google Edition.

    • Should Paul O’Brien care about HTC’s profits? Besides, I am sure nobody at HTC thought of the Google Play Edition as a serious money maker.

  • Steve Rolling Jobs

    Will see how far this will go given HTC is sucks at software update.. look what happened to One S.. merely 1 year old product and now abandoned.. Maybe next year this SWITCH will allow user to choose 4.1 / 4.2 only.. (and thats why they encouraging their ONE owners to convert to Google Edition) coz they are lazy to make the update..

    • SeraZR™

      one s runnin gr8 on sense 5 -_- :P

  • alfreduran

    Hmmm sounds interesting, very interesting! :)

  • deV14nt

    I don’t think anyone dreams of having to reboot their phone to get all the features they want. Maybe a nightmare.

    But it’s cool for what it is. Better than nothing. Especially for devs and tinkers. Practical day-to-day usage? Not so much.

    • xtriker360

      It could be good if you are on tmoile and wants to use their WiFi-calling app, other than that, I don’t see much use for it.

  • jones23121

    What’s the launcher of that screenshot??

    • mihaits

      Action Launcher

  • suljo

    the one s didn’t get the update because in some regions htc coudn’t use the s4 (supply problems) so they used the s3 but now it turns out that the s3 version is performing badly (with sense 5)

  • End in sight

    I love this idea. Thanks for doing it. I wish the OEMs would take the responsibility to do this themselves. I just don’t want to get an HTC if I have to use Sense.

    • Right… But HTC already said they’re providing a “Google Edition” version of the phone with the Nexus builds of Android. What O’Brien is really doing is giving people to opportunity to pick the best of both worlds, if I read the article correctly.

  • Paula Carballo

    if samsung did the same I would buy the S4

    • jeff

      Samsung is the largest user of android and it cant even keep current with upgrades!!!!!