First image of the HTC One Mini 2 leaks

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 4, 2014

htc one mini 2

The ever resourceful @evleaks just supplied us with the first credible image of the upcoming HTC One Mini 2. And yes, HTC One Mini 2 will likely be the official name of the device, common sense be damned.

Just like with the 2013 One Mini, HTC is repurposing the design of the flagship One, down to the three available color options, gun metal, silver, and gold. While the plastic rim around the device is still present, it’s much less visible than on last year’s compact One version. Other notable changes include the different arrangement of the front sensors and the rounded speaker grills.

We don’t have any details on the specifications of the HTC One Mini 2, but the image above suggests that the screen size may be larger than the 4.3 inches of the 2013 One Mini. There’s no depth sensor on the device, so it’s very likely HTC opted for a conventional 13MP sensor for the camera.

Update: Added @evleaks’ earlier tweet on One Mini 2 specs:

Thanks for the reminder, Norman!

No clues yet about the release date or price of the One Mini 2.

  • Ankur Raghuvanshi

    lol… well wonder in looks its just look-a-like of HTC one M7 (expect the on-screen keys) don’t know about the spec

  • Raghav Kapur

    Is it just me, or is the M8 and now, the M8 Mini ugly and worse than the M7 and the S5 in design ??

    • Flip Jumpman

      Corners are too rounded, on-screen buttons take up screen space and the stupid logo placement is terrible… M7 looks much better to me.

      • Raghav Kapur

        I really dont get its design. On-screen buttons+HTC logo+ Boomsound speakers. If they would’ve stuck to capacitive buttons as with the M7, at least the phone would be shorter nd lighter i guess, due to smaller dimensions. The design is making me move towards the Z2 unfortunately

        • Eldin Glova

          HTC One M8 needed that bezzel in order to fit all the gizmos it’s got inside… Pretty or not, it’s still the only phone with surround sound. Z2 is also awesome in it’s way.

        • geospa300

          If you take away the bottom speaker the bottom bezel is smaller than the Nexus 5 and one plus one so I can’t see what all the whining is about. I would take the boom sound over the pathetic sounding Nexus 5 any day.

          • virginia662

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          • Raghav Kapur

            Very true, i agree with that. The Nexus 5 ‘s audio is pathetic as compared to my M7. I was just saying that they should have stuck to the capacitive buttons to reduce the height. Hell, they should have just kept to the M7 design

          • geospa300

            I agree with you on that point because I prefer the capacitive buttons but before everyone was bagging HTC for not having on screen buttons just like everyone is critical of the power button on the top, I find myself always accidentally pressing the side power button on my Nexus 7 so I prefer it on the top so I hope they ignore the critics and leave it on the top.

      • Fred Chiang

        Do you actually have both phones like I do? Because I think the M8 is OBVIOUSLY better and more refined than the M7 in design, etc. I really don’t think the pictures of the M8 do it justice.

    • simpleas

      Never liked the bulgy rounded shape to it. I like it to be flat. Still better looking than the S5, ill admit lol.

  • Norman Zaczyk

    (In case you were wondering, mini 2 specs were revealed back here: …) He tweeted this shortly afterwards: HTC M8 mini (mem_ul): SD400 (1.4GHz x4), 4.5″, 720p, 1GB/16GB (+microSD), 13MP/5MP, a/b/g/n/ac, BT4.0, KK4.4.2, Sense6.0, buttons on screen.

    • Andrew T Roach

      Guarantee with those specs it will have better battery life than its big brother.

    • Aries Santoso

      1 GB RAM..? It’s just stupid for mini flagship… Z1 Compact way better with SD800 and 2GB RAM.. well if you care about hardware specs…

  • Joe Butler

    The All New HTC One M82 (2014)

  • Sarper

    If it really comes with a 13 MP camera instead of 4 UltraPixel camera this device will sell more than HTC One (M8).

  • takpro

    Than “not” then.

  • Eddy

    The One may be HTC’s flagship device for the year, but the mini 2 is a more approachable handset thanks to its reduced footprint, lower price point, and compelling performance/value.