HTC One Max leaks next to the Note 3. Snapdragon 800 still a possibility? [Updated]

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 18, 2013

htc one max leak weibo (3)

Updated with report from Digitimes that claims the processor will indeed be a Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064.

The One Max has already starred in a variety of leaks, and, at least when it comes to its external appearance, we have a good idea of what to expect. When it comes to internal specifications though, there’s still some speculation going on, fueled by a recent tweet from @evleaks that claimed that the Max would run on a Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064, rather than a Snapdragon 800, as it was rumored initially.

Today, we have a new and extensive leak about the HTC One Max, originating from China’s Weibo microblogging platform, via SIM Only Radar. User TD Zhijia leaked several images of the upcoming oversized phone, along with a few interesting snippets of information. Note that the images below show a Chinese version of the HTC One Max, that could differ in terms of design and specs from the international model.

First off, we have a group shot including the One Max, its main competitor – the Galaxy Note 3, and the Galaxy S4. With its 5.9-inch display and front-mounted dual speakers, the One Max is noticeably larger than the Galaxy Note 3.

htc one max leak weibo (3)

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 And here’s that fingerprint reader that we’ve heard so much of lately:

 htc one max leak weibo (9)

The person who got hold of the Max has already rooted it:

htc one max leak weibo (4) htc one max leak weibo (5)

The device in question is a China Mobile version called HTC 8088, which features a detachable back plate and a microSD card slot, but not dual SIM card slots, as you’d expect from a Chinese model. Apparently, this may be a prototype or another type of non-final variant, and the commercial model would feature dual-SIM capability.

htc one max leak weibo (8) htc one max leak weibo (6)

htc one max leak weibo (7) htc one max leak weibo (2)

Which brings us to the really interesting part – the HTC 8088 seems to be powered by a quad-core Qualcomm processor clocked at 1.7GHz, with an Adreno 320 GPU. This is likely a Snapdragon 600 processor, though we can’t rule out the S4 Pro APQ8064 just yet.

htc one max leak weibo (11)

Interestingly, TD Zhijia claims that the final model could come with a Snapdragon 800 processor after all. That’s a claim we can’t verify in any way for now, so take it with salt.

Update: Digitimes quotes industry sources that claim the processor will indeed be a Snapdragon S4 Pro. Depending on whom you believe, the reason for this choice is either limited availability of the Snapdragon 800 or a cost cutting measure.

All rumors point to a HTC One Max launch in October, followed by in-store availability by the holiday season. We’ll keep an eye out for more leaks, so stay tuned.

  • Lin

    If the HTC One Max does not have a snapdragon 800 with 3 gig on Ram then I don’t even consider it a competitor to the Note 3. These are suppose to be flagship products. the best of the best. If they intend to cut corners then forget it.

    • hohopig

      But HTC has always at times cut corners unexpectedly. :( in one way or the other, in some phones that they really shouldn’t have.

      • nosmohtac

        I agree! That’s why they are falling so fast! I have had several HTC phones (only one android, the rest were windows mobile), and they always cut corners somewhere. Even the HTC One never excited me. What good is premium build materials without premium build quality.

        • weed

          Very agree. When i had HTC everyone was like Wow, what a premium device, most people had never seen anything like it, the use of metal was really impressive. But that didnt help against all the bugs and hangs and SleepOfDeath issues the phone had, what a POS, i have never seen anything like it, it simply didnt work and HTC did nothing to fix it, the issues continued after upgrades from Froyo to 2.3.3, and then continued again after upgrade to 2.3.7.

          Fool me once… Not again HTC, rest assured that i have cost you many sales. Sister of a friend didnt listen, she bought HTC anyway, now she can listen to my evil laughter for all the problems shes had, and all the problems she will have when (or if) the phone come back from “HTC service” (not sure what to call it but its definitively not service. I bet they return her phone untouched in 4 to 6 months, thats what they did when they were on top and thats why they are now on bottom. What HTC did is like the chinese milk with melamine, and still HTC dont understand why they cant get back up. “Ohhhh, why our customers didnt like melamine? We need to hire someone famous to do marketing, that should make melamine popular again”

          • ikke

            Lol HTC is the best in all ways, whooping the Galaxy Note 3’s ass by far. 3Gigs of ram is NOT possible at the moment cause the chips don’t exist, it’s as simple as that, Next year but not now….

    • Balraj

      Don’t forget note 3 comes with usb 3.0 !!!
      Note 3 has a long life when it comes to internal….I still believe this is a Chinese version n not for others…maybe two version of device?
      Let’s wait for official launch n see if it’s flop or hit or laughable

    • Amine Elouakil

      3gb of ram is useless but the S800 is a must

      • D’Ander McSullivan

        For the Note 3 is not useless due to its extra multitasking capabilities.

        • EnX$$

          for the note 3 you need 8gb of ram and is not enough because touch wiz still lags if htc doesn’t make S800,13mp camera,3gb ram for the HTC ONE MAX. i will go with the note 3 but i have to remove touch-wiz or use a launcher

          • D’Ander McSullivan

            I wouldn’t get ride of TouchWiz completely. I mean, that’d not make sense, in that case, I’d buy a Nexus 5.

            I already use a launcher (Nova) on top of TouchWiz on my Note 2. I get the personalization of a custom launcher without losing the benefits of TouchWiz.

        • Amine Elouakil

          The Note 3 needs even more than that and it will still lags…
          I give you that I didn’t test it but I had plenty of time with the GS4 and trust me I didn’t believe my eyes at the begining heck even 4 of my friends that had GS4 brought HTCs ( 3 HTC Ones and One butterfly)

    • Fred

      HTC never said this was a flagship…

  • Jin

    the design is not good looking for this size. better on original or mini

  • sourabh

    The stylus is a deal breaker to me,if the One max doesnt have it,isnt it just like a bigger One with a Snapdragon 800?Note 3 will be better due to the software and the stylus

    • Balraj

      I don’t know who down voted you but you got a point
      Spen makes note 3 special..without s-pen
      Note 3 is just another phone

      • Amine Elouakil

        The thing is the pen is still just a gimmick, not only that but HTC learned that is not the pen that makes the difference, but the actual hardware and the marketing behind it (HTC Flyer was a flop)

        • Balraj

          Note series became a hit because of s pen…
          Ppl who review note series reserve a page for the S pen
          It’s no gimmick..

          • Amine Elouakil

            It became a hit because it has better than Samsung Flagship that it goes with (Note 1/S2) (Note2/ S3) (Note3/S4) and of course coming at a convenient periode which is the holiday season.

            Of course they reserve an area for the S-Pen because it is supposed to be an added feature, it’s like reviewing a Lumia 1020 without going trough it camera or the One without speaking about BoomSound and so on.

            But the Question is does people use it that much ? no they don’t ( there are probably exceptions that uses it alot but that’s far from the majority)

  • RaptorOO7

    How sad, HTC had a good thing going with the HTC One, One Mini and they go and screw it up big time on the One Max. Lower end processor, 16GB only storage, no microSD slot its a device without a purpose. I mean even Samsung figured out you need at least 32GB of internal storage to get by.

    • holdthiscat

      Samsung figured that out, eh? You mean how they put 16gb in the S4, while the HTC One has 32gb? This particular model we are seeing also has an sd card slot. And low end processor? This device is running at least the S600. Not exactly slow. Your comment really seems to be the only thing without purpose…

  • Bone

    It ain’t got nothing on the Note III.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    It’s still just rumor and speculation…but it would seem that the One Max is a Samsung Mega competitor. Could this be more of a limited production (Sprint exclusive?) market test device for HTC? The S4 Pro is no slouch, and if they optimized it, like Moto did with the dual core in the X, It may be a formidable device yet…

  • Amine Elouakil

    Doesn’t make sense at all for several reasons:

    1- S4 Pro doesn’t come at 1.7Ghz but the S600
    2- Heck even the new Nexus 7 which is supposed to have an S4 Pro have an underclocked S600 Branded as an S4 Pro (which hints that Qualcomm is moving to a unified production line (S600 @ different frequencies) rather than making an S4 Pro at one line a S600 on the other and S800 somewhere else
    3- The Phone is a chinese version so specs will most likely be different on other markets
    4- They woudn’t call the One max if it will have inferior specs to the One.. with an S4 Pro, a Desire Max would be more accurate (a competitor the Samsung Mega)

    • Kartik

      I agree strongly with point no. 4. Thts a very smart thought, A One Max should be somethin above it or its a Desire Max..
      Thumbs Up.:)
      Hope good happens fr HTC and they have up to date hardware and some cool software with stylus etc, plus strengthen their marketing…

    • jjordan

      Motorola clocked the s4 pro at 1.7 and that’s the dual core version..

      • Amine Elouakil

        Yes but the Moto X X8 SoC is an Custom architecture at the macro level at least, and If I recall well the S4 Pro dual core comes at 1.5Ghz-1.7Ghz range, the thing is, Qualcomm makes the S600 1.7Ghz-1.9Ghz and charge the product a different price compared to the S4 Pro Quad (but both these SoC are basically the same, just that the S600 is the bunch that made the cut and can handle the higher frequency) making an S4 Pro @ 1.7ghz is like them self on the foot from a marketing and marging point of view

        If anything and in worst case scenario it’s an S600

    • cvgordo

      max could just refer to the screen size in that it’s bigger. you’d think the mega would have better specs than the note but that is far from the case obviously. htc pulling the same crap wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

      • Amine Elouakil

        I doesn’t make sense as explaned above, aka point 4, If they want to make a big screen phone they could name it Desire Max it would like the Desire U, just look how the One mini hardware is superior to the S4mini (appart from the SoC which the same but @ different clock speed), the note for me is an S4 Max they choose to name note because of the stylus obviously, the Mega is something entirely different

    • Rafael

      I disagree:

      1 – The CPU clock doesn´t mean anything. The S4 Pro can be clocked at 1.7Ghz as stated by Qualcomm website. (

      2 – Some tech guys (including Bogdan Petrovan of Android Authority) think that Qualcomm branded the new Nexus 7 processor as an S4 Pro because it is clocked lower than the 600 normally is (1.7Ghz). I disagree that this hint that Qualcomm is unifying its production line. I believe that Qualcomm thought in the marketing when it branded the SOC as a S4 Pro because its benchmark results would be something worse than other S600 powered devices thus damaging the Snapdragon 600 perception as a top processor.

      3 – Because it´s the Chinese version it doesn´t mean the international version will have distinct specs. The principal difference between the Chinese and International versions of latest high-end smartphones is the dual-SIM capability. A few devices have other differences like the Chinese version of the HTC One, where the only difference is the inclusion of a microSD card slot. The only country that tend to receive smartphones (Samsung and LG) with really distinct specs is South Korea.

      4 – With the One Max using the design of the One, there is no logic in naming the Max as something different than HTC One Max.

      • Amine Elouakil

        1- That was before they annouced the S600 the S600 is basicaly just an S4 Pro Quad at higher frequencies (Anandtech approves) APQ8064 and I believe what makes the difference is the Quality or rather refinement an S600 is the bunch that deal with high clock from 1.7Ghz and up while the S4 Pro name goes for 1.5Ghz nowadays so no from a marketing and marging perspective it’s suicide for Qualcomm to sell a 1.7Ghz APQ8064 as an S4 Pro.

        2-It wasn’t Borgdan Petrovan the information came from Anandtech and confirmed by iFixit. So you agree to disagree here, the 1.5Ghz will obviously have a lower results than the 1.7Ghz, but the S4 Pro Quad 1.7Ghz will have the same results as an S600 because it is basicly the same thing.

        3- The trend that Chinese HTC Product having lower specs than their international counterpart is a fact proven with product like the One SC and XC which were chinese counterpart of last year flagships are a proof of that.

        4- Using the One Fabrication process, High quality components (screen (most expensive part on an Smartphone)/speakers, AMPs../ contraversial Camera….) to then cut cost at the SoC, (Moving froman S4 Pro to an S600 or even an S800 is not the most expensive of upgrades (at most it’s a matter of a dozen of $) .
        If it were to be a mid range device (mid range specs) HTC would have made it cheaper by cutting cost in every area as it did with the DesireU and the Desire ressamble the One from the front.

        • Rafael

          1 – I agree with most of what you said. You have a very good point about the marketing and margin perspective. The S600 are, indeed, the same same chip. But it´s interesting to notice that there is an important difference between this new S4 Pro and the old S4 Pro. The Krait 300 core inside the APQ8064-1AA supports the faster LPDDR3 which isn´t the case of the APQ8064 of the old S4 Pro. S600 has the same memory type but it is clocked lower.

          2 – After posting my commentary, I was thinking about your ideas about an unified line and I agree that makes sense, at a cost perspective, selling the same processor with different names when clocked at different frequencies. The S4 Pro with a 1.5Ghz clock and the S600 with a 1.7 clock. This also make sense from a marketing to Qualcomm as I stated in my first post. I agree with your thinking about the benchmarks results. I only think that the new S4 Pro clocked at 1.7Ghz can, indeed, beat the S600 in specific benchmarks because of the higher clocked DRAM. To the OEMs, I think that using this SoC in a flagship is bad, from a marketing perspective, as a little more tech savvy consumer would see it as a last year processor. Not that it would matter to most people.
          There is one thing about the origin of the information. I never said that it came from Bogdan (Anandtech is indeed the source of his article). I only repeated some of his ideas. If you read carefully both articles, you will see that Bogdan explicitly said “Officially, S600 chips are clocked above 1.7GHz, which might explain why Qualcomm decided to call the APQ8064–1AA an S4 Pro”, while Anantech´s Brian Klug stated “Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro and Snapdragon 600 branding gets confused here, although Qualcomm is calling the APQ8064 inside the Nexus 7 (2013) S4 Pro, it’s more like an underclocked or lower binned Snapdragon 600”. As you can see, what I wrote is much more in line with the Bogdan´s thinking than with Anantech´s article.

          3 – This trend can be true for last year flagship, not only of HTC, but of other brands as well. But I think that trend is over. As I said before, the “latest” high-end smartphones, phablets and tablets don´t have significant spec differences in their Chinese versions. As I also said, If you take the One for example, the only difference besides the dual-SIM capability (which all versions of the Android flaghships have) is a micro-SD slot, and that only happened because, in HTC words, the Chinese version has a smaller radio chip and so, some internal space to spare. The reason because this year´s flagship can take a chance with the specs of their Chinese versions is that China became the biggest smartphone market in the world and has a immense capability of expansion with it huge population. Other reason is because Chinese OEMs, like Xiaomi, are pushing to the market smartphones with very, very good specs but with much lower price tags than the ones of the famous international brands. This strategy is being really successful as only Samsung is standing between the Chinese OEMs and the first spot in sales numbers. That old trend is not coming back. Not if a company really want to sell in the Chinese extremely competitive market.

          4 – According to evleaks, the reason HTC would cut cost with the SoC is the cost of adding a fingerprint sensor in the back of the One Max. I think that HTC will be making a really big mistake if this rumor is confirmed but as I already read in a lot of tech websites, if an OEM think that cutting one dollar of a gadget´s bill of materials is worth the risk then it will certainly take it (and remember HTC is not swimming in money lately and will do everything to maintain the largest possible profit margin). And you can be certain that HTC will not release it as a mid range device. The One Max will be released as a high-end phablet and HTC will do everything to highlight other specs of the device instead of focusing in the computational power. And if you look carefully, there is not a single Desire smartphone that really, really reassemble the HTC One design, not with the Boom Sound speakers and the overall design. Again, from a marketing perspective, it will not make sense to release a 2013 “high-end” phablet with the name of a last year´s device when the phablet is, probably, just a bigger version (minus SoC, size and fingerprint scanner). If the One Max really has a S4 Pro SoC, HTC will take a lot of flak from the high tech community. Using a Desire name will only make things worse with the ordinary consumer that can possibly think of the last year´s Desire, not this year´s One, and ditch the Max without giving it a second chance.

          In the end, it doesn´t matter if it´s a S4 Pro or a S600. Not using the S800, like the other phablet flaghships, will be a enormous mistake and I think HTC will pay dearly for it.

        • Rafael

          In the end, the One Max has a S600 SoC. Dumbest move ever by HTC.

          • Amine Elouakil

            Well, no, it’s 100€ cheaper than Note 3 so fine with me, not to mention it still perform faster than the Note 3

          • Rafael

            Yes, from a financial and built quality perspective, the One Max makes sense.

            But, no. It will not perform faster than the Note 3. You argued before that there is no difference between the S4 Pro and the S600. But you can´t say the same about the S4/S600 SoC and the Snapdragon 800. GSMArena already reviewed the One Max. You can argue that Sammy cheated the benchmarks and that they really represent real world usage but it´s undeniable that the One Max was kicked really hard by a all the other Android flagships, including the Galaxy S4.


            It also has the Adreno 320 GPU, not the 330, like the Moto X. And it´s heavier than the Z Ultra.

          • Amine Elouakil

            The One Max actually performs FASTER than the Note 3 try to open apps on each of them, for example opening the phone dialer on both phones, opening the Blinkfeed and it copy on the Note 3 (takes like 2s) switch between homescreens when you have widgets that loads, that’s faster for me, it’s like the One outpacing the S4, Like I said before from a hardware perspective the Note 3 is a beast compared to the One Max the S800 is obviously faster than the S600 that goes without saying but Touchwiz is just…. well you know what I mean.

            Let me resume it to you : Benchamarks =/= day to day usage….

  • SContrerasMer

    WTF?, Red Hat?

    i know that android is Linux based but you dont ussualy find the other distribution’s logo in your directories

  • Marsg

    Doesn’t change the fact that it doest have any special multitasking capabilities to take advantage of that large display, its just a bigger HTC one. The note 3 has split screen, floating screens, and the S-pen with its wide array of capabilities.

  • Lee

    It’ll be a bigger one that’s all.HTC won’t put much effort on this as it promised only one flagship device this year.Besides it could contain a better processor maybe snap 800 or just 600.Snapdragon 600 seems much on the cards.

  • Lee

    And it scored above HTC one in benchmark tests so it could very well be snapdragon 600

  • Kartik

    Lower processor is a Poor Show @htc but I have a reason to beleive tht its jus a rumor,, :Courtsey #Amine Elouakil

  • EnX$$

    HTC you will lose if you don’t make the HTC ONE MAX snapdragon 800 with 3gb Ram,13mp camera. if not i will not buy it i will go with the note 3 because HTC is here to change but for the worse everyday. HTC used to make the best specs now they make the weakest and worest specs.

  • nosmohtac

    I could be wrong, but the picture of the three phones together… . . It looks like the note 2 on the right, not the S4. There is no distinguishable size difference between the note 3 and the phone on the right. It just has more curve on the corners. I’ve laid my note 2 down next to several S4s and there is a pretty noticeable size difference.

    • Ivan Myring

      You are right

  • Ivan Myring

    Making it weaker than the real one would be a mistake.

  • RodrigoFreijanes

    Too much bezels.

    To 6 inches, it could be smaller. Look at down bezel! Up and sides bezels aren’t slim too.

    • Amine Elouakil

      the down bezel is fine, since it include the capacitive buttons

  • lil bit

    In the photo where the time shows 10:58, the chinese text above reads “do you want to lock the phone using fingerprint?”.

  • Clarkkent113

    Too large. The Note 2 (now 3) was pushing it. I have large hands and the Note 2 is basically a two-hand device.

  • Leonardo

    I’m Very like this :D The person who got hold of the Max has already rooted it
    Jasa Update Status Mengelola Facebook Fanpage

  • Antony

    If One Max doesn’t have S800, I will get Note 3. And I can predict that will be their final dumbest move for the company to fold!!!