First HTC One Max camera samples, more info on the fingerprint reader

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 20, 2013

htc one max leak weibo (9)

The cat is out of the bag for the HTC One Max. We’ve already seen the device in two revealing hands-on leaks this week, but we expect even more details about the upcoming 5.9-inch smartphone to surface in the following days. That’s because Weibo user TD Zhijia has a Chinese version of the HTC One Max on hand and he is not afraid to show it.

The latest information originating from the Chinese leaker concerns the fingerprint sensor and the UltraPixel camera of the phone. TD Zhijia claims that the fingerprint sensor on the One Max has worked surprisingly well over several days of testing. The recognition rate is supposedly “very high” and the system rarely acted up. That’s certainly encouraging to hear – one of the reasons fingerprint-based authentication in consumer devices didn’t take off in the past was the flaky recognition, that frustrated, rather than delighted users.

Next, it’s the HTC One Max’ camera. TD Zhijia provides a few sample shots allegedly taken with the HTC One Max. However, they are nothing special and they were not uploaded at their full resolution (which is apparently, still 4MP), so we can’t really form an opinion based on them.

htc one max camera sample (1) htc one max camera sample (2) htc one max camera sample (3)

As a caveat, remember that this device is likely a non-final variant of the One Max version bound for China Mobile. With that said, are you impressed with what we learned so far about the HTC One Max?

  • Lee

    I guess that One Max would not follow the strategy “Latest and greatest” instead it will focus more on the price front and keep it’s price competitive.That might just work for them if they keep it in a slightly lower price spectrum(compared to NOTE 3,Z ultra etc.)

    • A Griffith

      Ask LG how that’s working for its awesome yet 100% unnoticed LG G Pro device. Its far better than my previous Note 2 but no one knows it exists even though its $100 cheaper off contract for a higher storage 32gb device.

      Strategy 101: Price is never a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    Wow…(possibly)short changing the processor, and now the camera too! What’s next…720p display? HTC Hasten To Crumble?

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      We now begin to understand why an entire board of executives walked out…

      • EvenInTheDarkestHour

        I hope this isn’t the harbinger of HTC to come. I have always liked their products…

    • Hector Luis

      hahaha .. and I am equal to you, hehehe have to wait for the international version .. because it was expected that someone from China published the terminal .. so is why I think have made ​​a low-budget phone from china … We have to wait for the release or official announcement .. to know if HTC finally goes bankrupt or not hahahha .. I still have trouble thinking that does not have micro 800 and 3GB … … then , why a long wait?? …you only imagine this terminal you with your micro 800 and everything as go 2 o 3 GB in red , black or blue??? sweeps away the market!! sure 100% … every body go back ….. :-)

  • Matthew

    I don’t care so much about the processor still being the Snapdragon 600. My One performs great. It will continue to run great on the Max I’m sure. What I am disappointed in is the camera still being 4mp. The UltraPixel thing is a marketing gimmick. The camera is ok, but lackluster. Want to zoom in even the tiniest little bit without pixelating? Fuhgetaboutit.. The only thing I envy on the GS4 is the camera.

    • Andres Galvan

      I agree. I’ve been wondering if the camera was 8mp with a f/2.0 lens, would the low light performance be that degraded? I would MUCH rather have it 8UP.

  • Brian

    Everyone [email protected] about something. I for one LOVE the “Ultra Pixle” camera. When I use my phone, it will be for quick indoor or low light shots and it is phenomenal for that. Zoe is a truly good addition to Android. I am very excited for this device because I want a note sized One. I actually like blink feed because my morning elevator ride I pull up google news and read the snip-its and blink feed is better.

    I will be a little disappointed if it doesnt have the 800 because I keep my phones for two years (Still rocking Bionic) and it wont be the “Best.” Also it looks really tall and I will have to get some hands on time with it before I make my decision. I am 6’2 so a bit phone is usually just my size. If I dont get the One Max I will prob get the Nexus provided it is just as good as the G2.

    Anyone know if there is a downloadable program like Zoe on the apps store?