HTC One Max release date creeps closer, T6 confirmed to be One Max, coming to Sprint

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 9, 2013

HTC One Max

HTC displayed a moment of clarity and prescience when they came up with the HTC One, a device many consider to be one of the most hiqh quality constructed smartphones of all time. Their investment in more advanced tooling and manufacturing processes resulted in the HTC One having a premium and luxurious feel – something few smartphones (aside from the iPhone) evoke.

Of course, numerous manufacturers have hopped aboard the massive phone train, including LG with its beautifully thin bezeled G2, Sony with its 6.44 inch Xperia Z Ultra, Samsung with its formidable Galaxy Note and Galaxy Mega series‘, and many, many more manufacturers looking to achieve success and momentum in this segment.

Today, we’ve received further confirmation that the HTC T6 is the HTC One Max, and that its headed  for Sprint, some time soon.


Our sources are saying that HTC is going to be launching this device sometime in October, and we’ll be sure to do a nice roundup with its availability, pricing, and specs as soon as we have more info. EVleaks is one of the most trusted leakers in the industry, and (he) rarely, if ever, makes mistakes.

HTC One Max

And how about you — are you excited for the HTC One Max? What do you think of Samsung’s latest – the Galaxy Note 3? Is the One Max what HTC needs to get back on track? Let us know down below! And let us know if you’d like to see a microSD slot in the HTC One Max – you can be sure they are listening now more than ever.

  • Gilles LeBlanc

    No SD slot = no buy HTC one .

    • I think a lot of people are waiting to see. HTC did produce several variants of the HTC One, and one of those in particular had dual sim and a microSD slot, but it was destined for China. Hopefully they have a microSD in the One Max.

      • Frank

        They claimed there was more space without lte antenna so they were able to add the sd card slot

        • Exactly. I think LTE antennae take up a lot more space. It might be too difficult for them to fit it in, which would be a shame but not a surprise.

        • The phone has a 6″ screen. Surely they can find space in there someplace.

      • NarutoNamikaze1010

        HTC One 802w XD Wanted it!

    • Amine Elouakil

      Butterfly S ?

  • chuy

    SD needed for HTC to roll with the big boys…

    • EnX$$

      it has an sd card

  • Joshua

    If this is Sprint only, this is a major fail. I was on Sprint not too long ago before switching to Tmobile. I had/have the One on both and it’s worlds better on T-Mobile’s LTE network. I understand the color exclusives with the One, but you can still get it on every carrier in at least silver. If HTC wants to do better and compete in the phablet class, they absolutely must release this phone on all 4 of the big US carriers at least. This phone would be a definite buy for me. The only thing I would upgrade to from my One.

    • Charles Chambers

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Antony

      I have Sprint but I hate these exclusivity craps. HTC needs to release to at least all 4 major carriers equally!!

    • SolarMan

      IPhone was “AT&T only” for years……..and it sold like hotcakes.

      • harikrisshnan

        Sprint != AT & T :)

  • abdulkadir

    Curious to see htc ma with mem.card slot and changeable battery, will definitely make a switch to it from note 2.

  • Charles Chambers

    Please don’t be exclusive to sprint. They have such slow service in my area and they are among the most expensive.

  • raj

    Hope this device will spice up things for HTC
    They badly need a hit

  • The design of HTC’s beautiful

  • Randiod

    As for me. I tried all the carriers one time or another. I find sprint has just what I need. So I am looking for the next lastest and greatest. Not samsung tho. I have an gn2 and gn3 just does not have what I want in a phone.

  • eurominican

    I would get the one max instead of note 3 if screen is as big or bigger and has sdcard slot

  • Balraj

    Sd card will be available but only to China n it’s neighbours

  • ConCal

    I just hope the nexus 5 goes to sprint

  • Fred Gilbert

    Even though I don’t swap batteries on my Note daily it has saved my rear on several occasions. I would love to get the One Max but I seriously doubt that it will have either this or the microSD slot. Also, I would like to for my smartwatch to be designed specifically for my phone; no word on an HTC watch but Samsung has one for the Note 3.

    I wanted an HTC for my last phone too but the specs just didn’t stack up against the Note. Unfortunately I don’t see myself getting and HTC phone for a while. They need to hurry up and make a true phablet for the power user such as myself. Phablets use a lot of power, even more so when you use them all of the time(sold my tablet), and with intense usage also comes the need for a lot of storage. Plus, the S-Pen is just down right handy/nifty and it keeps getting better. Although HTC does seem to have the best build quality around, which is a huge step for them, so maybe they really are on their way to making a phone I’ll buy, this I sincerely hope.

  • EnX$$

    HTC i will hate you if there is no Tmobile

  • marc_bernard

    If you could rely on the cloud 100‰ then I say a MicroSD is not so important and even less if it has OTG support which I’m really hoping it has.
    The cloud becomes useless when you only get signal for 2 hours out of a 24 hour trip.

  • Jshdajhd Sdjhskadhqw

    If is Sprint exclusive then is a BIG fail! It should be unlocked!

  • Dee

    sd card / 64gb int at least + removeable battery then yes

  • Rhino”

    as a reply to people with problems about removable battery i think that has been resolved to some degree with the fact that the q800 cpu reduces charge times from 75% so the battery would take around 15 minutes at that rate and even at a conservative 40% its reduced to 30mins.

    but yes if its got sd card slot and 32gb/64gb storage id be very interested as stylus i never use

  • Unnathi

    Yes…im waiting for the max one.
    I currently have a samsung S4…..n want a good phone….now…..NOT MADE OF PLASTIC… HTC is the best….I would luv a sd card slot too…..

  • John Bailey

    There’s nothing saying this is gonna be a Sprint only deal. It makes no sense to put all that money into research, development and manufacturing just to put it on a 3rd rate American CDMA carrier. HTC doesn’t have that much of a hard-on for Sprint to do that. It would be ridiculous. Besides, when was the last time Sprint had a top-tier flagship type phone as an exclusive (since the Evo almost 3 years ago)?

    And here’s my take on microSD cards: They are extremely prone to failure. They are SLOW. They’re one of the biggest bottlenecks on a device. They are a bitch to develop software around. I thought I couldn’t live without an SD card, but then I switched from my GS2 to a Nexus and I haven’t looked back. SD cards are just slow and unreliable. Even worse when people keep their old 16GB Class 1 card that came with their old OG Motorola Droid and can’t figure out why they can’t record 1080p video directly to the card because the r/w speeds are pitifully slow, lol.. That’s my $0.02 on that.

  • JustSaying

    Everybody complains that it might be a sprint exclusive. In my opinion no phone should be exclusive to any company. I want a Nokia 1020 but its exclusive to at&t. I’ll just spend my money on a galaxy note 3 or the htc one max. problem solved. And the comment about the third rate CDMA company. check who has more spectrum.

  • L. Muñoz

    T-Mobile por favor:)

  • damien peoples

    Definitely needs an sd card slot. It’s the only thing that stopped me from getting the one.