HTC One Max press renders with AT&T and Verizon branding leak

by: Chris SmithOctober 20, 2013


A couple of HTC One Max press renders showing AT&T and Verizon branding have been leaked, suggesting the phone will soon be available from these two U.S. carriers.

The images have been posted on Google+ by @evleaks, a highly trusted source of mobile-related leaks, and show us what seem to be similar images, aside from the carrier branding of course.

HTC One Max AT&T

However, upon closer inspection we have noticed that there are two different dates on the displays: AT&T has Friday, November 1 on it, while Verizon has Thursday, November 7. Are these the launch date for those two carriers?

So far, HTC has officially confirmed that the HTC One Max is going to be available in the USA from Verizon and Sprint, but the company did not actually specify a launch date for the region.

HTC One Max Verizon

HTC didn’t say anything about an AT&T HTC One model either, but considering that the HTC One is available from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, it would make sense to see quite a few of these carriers also pick up the HTC One Max in the coming months.

We’ll be back with more details about the HTC One Max launch in the USA once we have them.

  • Daniel Alday

    If this thing comes to T mobile, I may pick it up! Waiting for battery life tests

    • Jorell Albino

      Its HTC…battery life won’t be good…

      • Alexander Maxham

        Initial reviews have said battery life is really good though.

  • Aniruddh

    If the One didn’t I doubt the One Max will be able to revive HTC. Meh waiting for Nexus 5.

  • Allan

    It’s rather disappointing to see that this phone only has a S600. Why couldn’t HTC just hop in the same S800 boat as everyone else?

    Not that it won’t have speed for the time being, but this is another reason why HTC is failing; they just can’t make sensible decisions.

  • titto

    Too little, too late.

    Also no pen, no gain.

    Very disappointed.

  • Kenny Woodard

    It better be $99 on contract. Otherwise, you can forget this selling very well.

  • compthreat
  • RanRu
  • EnX$$

    it sucks that there is no Tmobile and it sucks that there is no 13mp camera and s800

  • htcHaHa

    wow this pos just got worse

  • Velvetmxo

    I’m happy with my Z ULTRA