Like the idea of the HTC One Max but wish you had another option besides the default silver color? Good news, black is on its way — at least if you happen to live in Hong Kong. On Thursday HTC officially announced that a black variant of the HTC One Max is now arriving to Hong Kong.

Although HTC didn’t speak on its global plans for multiple colors, we do know that the HTC One and One Mini are already offered in several different colors in various markets across the globe.  With that in mind, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see the black shade, and even possibly a red variant, arrive to other markets in the future.

Aside from the new black color, everything else about the black HTC One Max should stay the same. As a refresher, that means you’ll get a handset with a 5.9-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 600 CPU and 2GB of RAM.

What do you think of the black HTC One Max (or the Max in general), interested in picking one if it arrives to a market near you or does its size and/or specs turn you off?

Andrew Grush
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  • Robert John Hebert

    Since the HTC One Max didn’t have (idiots) the Snapdragon 800 processor, I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 instead with the Gear watch. Turns out, I really like the speaker on the bottom, it works very well when in my breast pocket. The Gear hasn’t been too bad, controls all media well, makes and answers calls, notifications work, my only wish is that it had health sensors for pulse, BP, oximiter, doppler blood flow, pedometer, blood sugar, etc., and GPS, magnetometer, pressure, inclinometer, temperature, etc..

    • dayo

      Are you dummie.all phones have their characters the max is good and pretty good.with the s800.Most of you clowns should try a phone out before saying. Oh the. Phone hasn’t got s1000 power processor People are still buying low or mid range phones you think they care about what stupid unit is in the phone.All I hear is is the phone Ok and most importantly it’s the beauty of the phone that most people see anyway.
      Yeah it’. Me..dayo

  • Androidway

    Who cares about this phone?

  • jed

    better win the LG G2 in Yugatech’s index finger challenge