HTC One Max to launch with Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5?

August 27, 2013

    htc one max leak (3)

    We’ve seen a number of rumors surrounding the HTC One Max, and this latest rumor that came our way via RB Men indicates that the new device will run Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5 upon its launch.

    What’s really interesting about this is the allegedly new version of Sense. When HTC launched Sense 5 everyone thought it was a huge improvement over the previous version, and now, if this rumor has any truth to it, it looks like HTC might be ready to take Sense 5 to a new level. On a related note, the repeatedly leaked HTC Zara has also been pegged to run the same version of Sense.

    htc one specs leak chinese

    RB Men‘s report goes on to mention a fingerprint sensor, which has been something churning in the rumor mill for some time now, though the report mentions its existence can’t be confirmed or denied for now.

    While it might be fun to hop on the hype bandwagon and hope for all this new stuff, we have to keep in mind that none of this has been confirmed or even denied by HTC. Until it is, it’d be wise to take all of this with a grain of salt.

    Nonetheless, we could hear more about the HTC One Max soon enough, especially with the IFA 2013 event taking place in Berlin, Germany very soon.


    • Cl3V3rNaMe

      2.1 ultrapixel? o.O they serious?

      • ViperSaga_ROM_User(Vardan Naza

        That’s the front cam. (-_-)
        All flagships, since HTC Butterfly have 2.1 MP MEGAPIXEL camera.
        Ultrapixel is just referring to rear-cam, while not showing the resolution it packs.

        • Cl3V3rNaMe

          ohhh ok, was already panicking that they killed the beast

    • ViperSaga_ROM_User(Vardan Naza

      I hope, Sense 5 is optimized for phablets and has some kinds of enhancements, for stylus input or multi-tasking enhancements.

      • MasterMuffin

        *5.5 :)

        • ViperSaga_ROM_User

          Thanks, corrected :)

    • RonWaran

      It is really a phablet! 2+ ulrapixels is quite the resolution!

      • Miles Edwin Cleave Wallace

        That’s the front camera

    • Miles Edwin Cleave Wallace

      I’m hoping sense 5.5 brings in multiple screen functionality. And that the “fingerprint scanner” turns out to be a rear touch panel as 5.9 inches is pretty big to handle one handed

      • ViperSaga_ROM_User

        Multiple screen functionality? You mean, you plug it into another HTC One Max and you can share the screen?

        • Miles Edwin Cleave Wallace

          Noo like split screen for multasking , so you can run two apps simultaneously

          • El_Goog

            Oh, ok. That’s called multi-window,multi-screen :)

    • Well…

      Everything looks sweet, I just hope the camera will be more than 4 UP.. atleast 5 or 6 ultrapixels would probably do the job very very well

    • gaga

      i thought its G2

    • Lee

      sense 5.5 :
      1.Customisable blinkfeed
      2.Ability to remove blinkfeed
      What else?

    • Androidslikebiscuits

      If only it had a pen….

    • cvgordo

      i’m pretty high on the note 3 right now but if htc can implement some sort of multi tasking equivalent to samsung’s multi window i can live without the spen and the bigger screen would be very welcome. don’t mess it up htc.

    • kickerr

      From the trusted source i have some news for you. I cannot give the name of source but it is from Turkey. S/He confirms that htc max will use different battery style it has not been used before on any mobile devices. With the help of thos technology htc one max battery will cover two whole days. It is kind a battery cover but it is not exactly like that. If this technology is patented then htc will gain so much money.. moreover s/he says that if this tech will be used on tablets then tablets will be amazing.. you will remember this post 1 month later..

      • JustAnotherDroidFan


      • El_Goog

        Thanks for the info. I hope, you/your source are not lying!

      • Henri

        And I am peter chou! LOL, dont feed the trolls.

    • kickerr

      Additionally there will be a pen that is special for one max. But it is not decided yet if it will be given with the phone (in box ) or will be optional.

    • Jorge

      @Cl3V3rNaMe 2.1 ultrapixels for the FRONT camera, which is actually slightly higher than most high-end smartphones (e.g. 1.2 pixel on iPhone 5 front-facing camera).

      All in all, HTC One Max looks like a better deal than Galaxy Note 3 thus far. HTC One Max Everything looks basically the same except that HTC One Max is made of metal, a much more expensive material than Note’s plastic. Also, considering that Samsung usually provides a microSD card slot (their excuse for not giving you more storage outright in my opinion), HTC One Max will probably have 32 GB vs 16 GB for Note. Either that, or Samsung will just charge you more than HTC for the same storage.

      • Bill

        16GB has been ditched for the 32GB minimum so your argument is moot there. Also rather have no bezels for a more portable device than the fail that will be the Max.

        • Jorge

          Even if the 16GB version has been ditched, my argument is that Samsung will probably charge you more for the same memory (32GB). Look at the GS4 vs the HTC One ($649 vs $599 for 32GB models, respectively). Samsung is a high profit margin company (like Apple), which is great for them but not for the consumer. Just my opinion though…

    • ConCal

      Wish it was 3gb of Ram just so it would compete with the Galaxy Note 3. But, I’m excited.

    • Noah Stelte

      Any rumors when it’s going to be available to the States and the pricing? I’m eligible for an upgrade on Sept 1st… Hopefully before November?

    • andrew

      Interesting that both the new Note 3 and the Acer Liquid S2 will both be capable of 4k (ultra high def) recording and playback because of the snapdragon 800/adreno 330 cpu/gpu combination, regardless of the camera used.
      Maybe the HTC may just require a firmware upgrade sometime in the near future.