HTC One Max and Zara: Mid-range and big screen devices could round out the lineup

by: Nate SwannerJuly 23, 2013

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If you like rumors, here’s a good two-for-one.

HTC is said to release two smartphones in the near future. The first, named Zara, is rumored to be a plastic shell device headed for Sprint. As @evleaks puts it, the Zara “is supposedly a mashup of the One and Desire families”. Interesting take, but oddly accurate. While no specs are available, @evleaks is reporting it will indeed go to Softbank’s new US company. Since Sprint will also have an HTC Windows Phone device launching in the same timeframe, it’s reasonable to assume the Zara will be Android-based.

If this all pans out, it looks like HTC is building on the foundation they laid with the One.

The One Max is a bit different, and perhaps a bit misleading in name. When we hear a name like Max, we assume the Droid Maxx, which slaps a big battery behind a familiar device. The One Max is more like a Note 3 competitor, only it keeps the same gorgeous build as the original One. Same aluminum chassis, but this one is alleged to be wrapped around a 5.9-inch 1080p screen. HTC Source is also reporting a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, a 3,300mAh battery, and the familiar BoomSound speakers with Ultrapixel camera backing it up.

The One Max is said to make a stop at AT&T, but not as an exclusive. Set to be unveiled in the later part of Q3, the One Max could end up being a contender in the Note 3/Xperia Z Ultra showdown. Nobody minds HTC being late to the party, so long as they bring something good to the mix.

If this all pans out, it looks like HTC is building on the foundation the laid with the One. While they don’t seem to be messing with the success there, other than making a mini and Max device to round out the lineup, they will be offering the decidedly throttled-down Zara. We’ve never had a problem with HTC’s plastic devices, and the Zara will probably be a good device for Sprint, so long as the hardware behind the plastic is worthy of the new HTC brand.

  • Gilles LeBlanc

    They will no doubt pull a sony xperia z ultra with the no flash huge bezel shinanigans Chances are the thing will have 16gb internal and no SD card slot. looks like I’m being sucked into plastysung again…

    • Grman Rodriguez

      Didn’t you praise the Z Ultra a few weeks ago?

  • For the One Max, if it does indeed have a 3300 mAh battery, then that will be excellent. If they can, like they do for the Chinese version of the One — make it so it has a microSD slot, then we’ve got a winner. And, make the bezel 30% thinner than the one on the HTC One. I would consider this over the Note 3. Maybe.

    • DrCarpy

      Agreed. I fear that if the HTC Max doesn’t have great battery life and the Micro SD slot available, it will fail greatly. I think North americans are becoming put off by HTC providing better global variants that are hard to get a hold of.

  • chris

    Zara = next Evo?