HTC wants to be “bold, authentic and playful”, no longer “quietly brilliant”

by: Bogdan BeleMarch 25, 2013


The HTC marketing strategy is set to change in the coming weeks. For the launch of the HTC One, the company will sideline the “quietly brilliant” slogan, which everyone tended to associate with the brand until now. According to Ben Ho, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, the key words for HTC’s One marketing will be  “bold”, “authentic”, and “playful”.

Ben Ho, the man that replaced John Whang a while ago, seems to have some interesting new ideas, which he recently shared in a media briefing in Taiwan. Ho detailed how the HTC One marketing campaign will be centered on a few key concepts. “Bold” is about the innovation the HTC One brings to the table, meaning that HTC will promote its product features more than it has done so in the past. “Authentic” is about HTC’s ideas being original, not copied from other brands, while “playful” is about HTC smartphones including more features based on what users want.

Ho also suggested that the international campaigns will attempt to make the consumer understand the product before buying it and that they will differ according to the culture of the market they’re aimed at. This is because, while a brand can be global, an ad can’t be universal.

To promote the new concept (and avoid blaming its dire financial results on marketing again), HTC will spend in 2013 250% more on marketing in digital media and 100% more on marketing in traditional media.

What do you think about HTC’s new marketing approach?


  • Red John

    Htc One looks like a great phone just need to grab some attention away from apple and Samsung, good luck with that.

  • kreemer

    They’ve got it right. Most handsome phone out there.

  • Cao Meo

    Hopefully AA will get some of the marketing money from HTC :)

    • Key Lime 3.14

      Hopefully. It might stop them from pumping Samsung so much.

    • We’re not doing this for marketing dollars – we operate as a fully independent outlet! We love the HTC One, and are very interested to see how it sells. With so many good devices on the market, and many more set to come out soon, it’s a difficult time to be in the market for a new Android. :)

      • kurolife

        With a little bias towards Samsung products nevertheless, I’m curious to know what phone you own btw

  • Lolzz..whenever I read ho, I think that it is a typo and that you mistakenly wrote it instead of he…then I go back and read the paragraph again. ;)

  • jcarter

    HTC, Brilliantly Ignorant.



  • No, I still think Quietly Brilliant suits them better. Continue making awesome hardware for us techies to root and get rid of sense, but I just don’t see HTC as a becoming a big company (relitively speaking). Samsung makes all the parts in HTC phones, and Apple custom orders them from Samsung. It will basically be impossible to overtake samsung and apple, It is a battle for the rest for 3rd place

  • neighborhooddrunkpart2

    Does the HTC One have wireless charging?