All-new HTC One will be available on launch day in the UK

by: Andrew GrushMarch 18, 2014

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Although the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 were officially announced last month at MWC, neither handset has made its way into the hands of consumers just yet. To be fair, it’s pretty typical to wait a month or more to get your hands on a flagship smartphone after announcement.

What if you could get a new Android handset the very day it was announced? That’s exactly what HTC is reportedly getting ready to do, at least in the UK. According to Carphone Warehouse, the all new HTC One will be available on launch day (March 25th) at 4pm in the United Kingdom.

The HTC One will be offered at six Carphone Warehouse locations in London, and will be available to order over the phone by Tuesday, March 25th. Its unclear if this arrangement is specific to Carphone Warehouse or if the handset will also arrive just as quickly to other retailers.

If Carphone Warehouse’s claim is accurate, we have to admit this is a pretty impressive move on HTC’s part. Here’s to hoping that a similar release timeframe will apply to other launch markets as well.

What do you think, can HTC pull off such a quick release right after its March 25th unveiling? Are you interested in picking up the all new HTC One soon after it arrives, or are you more interested in other flagship devices from Sony, Samsung, LG and others?

  • MasterMuffin

    I don’t understand why all manufacturers don’t unveil their devices when they actually have something to sell

    • Be Cool

      Because they need to make some buzz before that,
      Imagine if S5 was on the market shortly after the unveiling?
      All the media propaganda was hiding the real features of S5 , but they couldn’t do it for long.
      1 You didn’t hear about the new tech camera, the first days. Right? They were speaking only about the pixels and “how useless is only the more pixels”. lol
      2 No special article about black&white mode . And the unique battery management.
      3 At the beginning they try to manipulate that the SoC of S5 was same like S800 “but just overclocked”. They still do not mention that S801 version of S5 is better than Z2 , and much better than “new HTC One”
      4 How many tech media sites so far, explained about, 2 nits up to 500 nits display Amoled? With no reflection. Making it the best out-door device today.
      5, Did they ever mention about the new and BEST Wi-Fi receiver?

      Well iPhone could start selling next day because is always a “magic”.

      About the “All New HTC One” brick nobody cares. So they could do whatever they want. It doesn’t matter. It was same with the old HTC One. Big noise from the propaganda(because is made of sealed tin-can), but only few real buyers.

      • MasterMuffin


      • xyz

        Actually i think its a strategic move by them. Its probably the most leaked smartphone of all time. The cat’s out of the bag and this phone was more hyped than the GS5 even. So in my opinion this is a pretty good ploy.

        p.s a few weeks ago AnTuTu benchmarks for the m8 were leaked, and it kicked the gs5’s ass. It scored 38000 compared to the gs5’s 35466.
        So i wouldn’t declare the gs5 a winner just yet. Lets wait till the 25th. And with that band-aid back cover and horrible horrible speakers, coupled with the possibly larger price tag, i’m gonna be putting my money on the m8.

        • Monji

          Benchmark don’t mean shit when it comes to user experience, my S4 with the SD600 benches at 28000 and is as smooth as a note 3 which bench more than 32k with the SD800

          • xyz

            Probably….but with touchwiz you have the worst user experience you can squeeze out of an android phone. What im trying to say is that 2.5ghz on the gs5 is not necessarily faster/better than 2.3ghz on the m8.

          • Monji

            naa it has improved a lot with kitkat I don’t see the usual lag that I used to see with 4.3. Ram usage came down to 1.1Gb instead of 1.5Gb

      • Uffe_Malmo

        Only a few buyers? The old model was a huge success that more or less saved HTC.

  • Uffe_Malmo

    Will probably just be a very limited number of units delivered like that as a PR gimmick. The release of the original HTC one was the worst in mobile history with extremly long waits until they sorted out production.
    Hopefully they learned something from that.