HTC explains how the “zero gap” design of the HTC One came to be [Video]

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 4, 2013


HTC’s flagship phones have always been known for their excellent build quality and the attention to detail that goes into designing and manufacturing them. Last year’s One X was hailed as a champion of design in the Android ecosystem, but HTC definitely managed to outdo itself with the recently unveiled One.

Unlike other devices clad in a metallic casing, the HTC One does not have large plastic areas to allow the wireless signal to pass through. A metal case acts like a Faraday cage, blocking the radio waves emitted by NFC, wireless, or GPS antennas. So how did HTC’s engineers overcome this problem?

Myriam Joire from Engadget discussed with Scott Croyle, VP for Design at HTC, and the exec shed some light on the process of designing and building the innovative unibody case. Croyle said that some of the antennas inside the HTC One have been machined directly into the aluminum case through a milling process developed in-house specifically for the device.

To achieve the so-called “zero gap” look, HTC applied the plastic bits directly to the aluminum piece, then milled the ensemble down to the final form of the device. The whole process is said to take about 200 minutes for each case, and involves the use of a diamond-tipped tool and an electro-chemical bath.

Check out the promo video to witness a small part of the process and read Engadget’s interview for more insight on how the HTC One came to be.

  • jdj

    I have seen this commercial before from another tech company……. huh?

  • Fred R

    This is a joke, right?

  • cycad007

    I like that HTC is innovating. But I want to be able to replace the built-in battery myself without too much hassle. I don’t want the phone to break if I remove the cover to replace the battery. In essence, if HTC gives the consumer a phone with a built-in battery. The consumer should be able to replace the battery easily. This is the case for the HTC One S….it better be the case for the HTC One.

  • Guy De Vos

    This video tells us absolutely nothing.

  • Tom Tommarello Jr

    This was a let down. I love watching CNCs doing their thing. And this phone is extremely well built. I want an end to end production video of just the chassis, please!

    And now figure out a seamless way to integrate a removable battery and a MicroSD slot.

    • nebsif

      They always love to brag about using some fancy useless uber material.. reminds me of the black (chipping) one S.

      I’d take mSD removable battery and less bezel (coz srsly phone is huge for 4.7 2013) anyday over a piece of aluminium..

      • nebsif

        lol wonder why comments and rating is disabled on this video hehe ;)

  • Hmm…. I am definitely getting a distinctive aroma of malus domestica from this video.