HTC One M8 now comes in Windows Phone flavor

by: Andrew GrushAugust 19, 2014


The HTC One M8 is one of the best Android flagship handsets on the market today, thanks in large part due to its excellent build quality, front-facing speakers and fairly bleeding-edge specs. It seems HTC doesn’t want to keep the handset locked up and only available to the Android crowd, however, as it has now announced the HTC One M8 for Windows. That’s a bit of a mouthful.

While slapping Windows Phone onto an otherwise unchanged M8 might seem like a strange move to us Android fans, it is actually a pretty interesting entry for those in the WP camp. After all, the HTC One M8 offers a lot of differences when compared to other flagship Windows devices like those from Nokia. This includes things like an IR blaster with the Sense TV app, front-facing Boomsound speakers, HTC’s duo camera setup and HTC Blinkfeed. I’m no expert on WP handsets but I believe this is also the only WP handset with software keys, or at least one of the only ones.

If HTC can actually find success in the Windows Phone market, it could set a precedent for future releases from HTC and perhaps even other OEMs. Imagine if every major flagship came in WP or Android flavors (maybe even Tizen someday?), would certainly mean more options (and potential confusion) for consumers. HTC’s unique features could also be enough to convince those on the fence about trying Windows Phone to make the plunge.

The HTC One M8 for Windows is available right away exclusively from Verizon for $99 with two-year contract. Honestly, the M8 for Windows doesn’t change anything for us Android fans, but it’s still a pretty noteworthy development. What do you think, is adding a WP flavor a smart move for HTC? Will other OEMs follow suit?

  • roozbeh, again

    Yay, windows phone support.
    But I wouldn’t trade my 1520 for anything.

    • whatsa2

      X2 there but it has some nice features and things that are unique… so Its another good device with some features that will really appeal to users. Folder support is good for those wanting more of everything up front.

      • roozbeh, again

        No doubt the Z2 is solid, but I prefer the polycarbonate build of Nokia.

        • whatsa2

          Yes I like the poly…. but thats more from a reception perspective as I go to fringe areas a lot…
          Poly is better for a lot of reasons but for some it may not be something that get much out of… so what they visually like

          they can get away with,

  • Nathan Borup

    Looks pretty sweet with Windows on it… yet I still like Android better

    • Elliot Derhay

      I’m with you there. I do think it’s cool that they actually turned the tiles into “windows” to seeing the wallpaper. That’s a cool effect.

  • Jeff Muntley

    Glad to see HTC doing something different, but they lost me (M7 advocate) with the M8 – such an ugly, huge-bezeled phone, could not believe they designed such a monstrosity, and still find it hard to believe that people go on about it being ‘beautiful’

    • Luka Mlinar

      Yea, i also don’t find it as attractive as the M7. The new one is like a metal egg.

      • cizzlen

        LOL exactly. The M8 was so ugly glad I got rid of it.

    • Krazonite

      I admit I did like the look of my M7 better, but I can definitely live with my M8…I sure didn’t find it “ugly” enough to not purchase – though I wish T-Mo had offered the Silver model.

    • Mahdi

      Yea it looks weird in pictures, but when I bought it and hold it for the first time, I was amazed of how beautiful the phone is.

    • DavidVarghese

      You gotta see it in person. I agree with you that the M7 looks better, but the M8 doesn’t trail off far.

    • cizzlen

      It’s like the M7 should have been the update and the M8 was a down grade.

  • Krazonite

    This is cool.

    I have the Android M8 and would *love* to see HTC score a win on this. The more competition we have between mobile OSes, the better off we all are, regardless of our choices.

  • MasterMuffin

    Should have called it HTC One W8!

  • pseudo

    The software keys are in a few WP8 devices, the 630635 and the upcoming 530, also the successor to the 720 will probably be the same (find out in a few weeks)

    • Andrew Grush

      My bad. That’s why I said I’m not an expert on Windows Phone, have only dealt with older Nokia WP8 devices that didn’t. Wasn’t 100% sure. :)

      • pseudo

        Its not a problem , the only reason I know is because I read so many different tech forums, (some would probably call me boring) I just thought you might appreciate the point out. I really enjoy reading all the articles on AA. :)

  • Scott Ricketts

    Now my question is will someone do a dump of this and figure out how to port it to an M8? I mean the answer is probably “yes, it’ll just take time.” but I’ve wanted the ability to swap OS’s on my phone just to give WP a spin.

    • Mike Reid

      True or not, article wording seems to imply it’s just a standard M8 with a Windows load/ROM.

      If true, no porting would be necessary, unless trying to cross CDMA w/ non-CDMA.

      • cr_buck

        From what I have seen from the Windows Phone sites, HTC said it is the identical phone hardware wise. It is just a different color, gunmetal gray. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone at XDA is able to pull an image off one to flash to an Android M8. Interesting article I saw said the Verizon variant will be unlocked but will be with Verizon bands for LTE. Another person noted that the same phone also had the European LTE bands but nothing about AT&T. Of course AT&T took the wind out of Verizon sail on the whole exclusive thing saying they will be getting it too.

        I think it would be great to have a flagship phone that I can flash back and forth when I’m bored of one. I only wish the camera was better.

  • xoj_21

    windows phone who?

  • daisyboots

    Awesome!!! I personally have high hopes for Windows Phone. It has a lot of dedicated users (low market share non withstanding) and as everyone knows, diversity only helps platforms (ALL platforms.)
    Maybe being able to offer either OS will allow OEMS to put more Windows Phones out there, which might allow space for WP to gain some needed traction?
    Also; dual boot anyone? If I could easily boot Windows Phone on my Note 2, for sure I’d be playing (and learning, providing feedback, maybe buying apps… :) )

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    Looks great!

  • BatDroid

    So blinkfeed is there. What about other HTC apps???. If they provide good ports for other apps too, it might just come out to be one of the best windows phones ever.

  • daisyboots