The HTC One (M8) may resist some water, but don’t push your luck

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 26, 2014

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Waterproofing is a growing trend in the world of Android flagships, with the Xperia Z2, Galaxy S5 – and, rumor has it, the upcoming LG G3 and Note 4 – offering a level of protection against liquids.

HTC has not jumped on the water resistance bandwagon, however. For the brand new HTC One (M8), sleek design trumped waterproofing. “It’s a beautiful phone, and I think that’s more important than waterproofing,” explained HTC Product Manager Graham Wheeler to Trusted Reviews.

Still the HTC One (M8) may have a level of resistance to elements, like this video making the rounds seems to suggest. (via TechSmartt)

So, what’s going on here? Did HTC made the new One water resistant and for some odd reason decided not to advertise this feature at all? Probably not.

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Likely thanks to its compact build, the One (M8) may resist water ingress to an extent, but that doesn’t mean it was designed to do so. The device was not rated for Ingress Protection (against water and dust) of any level, as far as we know. 

Update: HTC marketing boss Jeff Gordon explains on Twitter that the One (M8) does have an IP rating of IPx3:

Even if the device might go apparently unscathed through an immersion, it’s possible that water leaked inside, causing corrosion that can render it unusable in time.

Party tricks like the one in the video may be cool, but it’s better to err on the side of caution. Especially when you are dealing with pricey technology that’s extremely difficult to repair. The M8 may survive small accidents, and that’s a testimony to HTC’s great build quality. Just don’t push it too hard.

  • Ahmer Mughal

    Wooow Cool man

  • Guest

    Party tricks like the one in the viideo may be cool, but it’s better to err on the side of cauition. Especialy whenn you are dealing with prricey technoology thatt’s extremely difficult to repair. The M8 mayy surrvive small accidents, and thatt’s a testimony to HTC’s greatt build quality. Just donn’t push it too harrd.

  • Shark Bait

    Da Foooook!! imagine if they actually tried to make it waterproof!!
    fire test next please

    • Jayfeather787

      Fire is good.

    • dodz

      they had a video on cnet, where they torture tested and grilled an htc one( m7 2013), it still works, wonder if the 2014 htc one will also survive lol

  • Russell Chua

    I want this phone! It’s so cool, especially with the Dot View case!

    • krym73

      The Galaxy S5 and the S view case, puts this fly swatter to shame

      • Lisandro O Oocks

        The Galaxy S5 and the S view case, puts this fly swatter to shame…

        …said no one ever

      • Anthonydotcom

        Pfft, yeah you tell ’em. I’d way rather have a fingerprint reader and waterproofing than stupidly amazing front facing speakers, a second to none brushed aluminum build, and a magic camera. You should tell Samsung about your flyswatter concept. Maybe they can bake one into the S6 and call it SSwatter. It’s an S-App that you launch, wait for the fly to land on your phone, and S-Voice tells you when to swat it.
        I’m kidding of course about the flyswatter stuff.

      • Annon

        Lol the S view case is so not cool compare to this

  • Jayfeather787

    This handled quite well. Nice job, HTC!

  • James Hefta Sutherland

    I don’t think I’d ever risk it, but is always good to know.

  • MasterMuffin

    Waiting for your drop test :)

  • Brad Breitenstein


  • guy with guts

    Come on every phone has this level of protection. Any handset can handle such a dunk in water.

    • Suryawan Pranata Suryawan

      dude… dont forget iphone :p

    • Jesus

      Finally… someone with some common sense!

    • Enni

      Lol are you kidding me? Did you watch the video at all? My iphone would have been gone in 5 mins. That phone lasted more than 15 mins.

    • jon jon

      drop it in salt water and see what happens

  • guy with guts

    But i bet those speakers will have a negative effect due to water.

    • jnt

      Yeah I’d love to hear a 3 month follow up on that specific device. (sorry, late to this article…)

      • Arjen

        It does destroy the speakers. I have had my HTC One M7, which may not be waterproof, doesn’t matter, the speakers are the same as the One M8’s, I’ve never had my phone in water, just in the rain, after a few months, the speaker quality CLEARLY died away. It’s nothing more but a rusty old tweeter now.

        • M8 owner

          The speakers are not the same. I own an HTC one m8 and I’ve done my research before buying it. I’ve also first handedly compared the speakers. Get your facts right before you speak.

          • Arjen

            Yeah yeah yeah, give it some water and time.

          • sabs546

            I have it out in the rain quite often (rains quite a bit in my town)
            and it doesn’t take effect, I use it in the shower to watch videos too and sometimes theres just a bit of water resting on it and I rub it off at the end
            and the phone was pre-owned so this is pretty splash resistant

            also a bag of rice will fix any minor injuries

  • Ben Edwards

    This reminds me of that time someone posted the infographic claiming iOS7 introduced waterproofing to iPhones and a bunch of people fell for it. *Patiently waits for upset HTC One owners*

  • Brad Pit

    This phone is destroyed , for sure. Even if it stays only 15min in the water.
    The phone is not only display. And THIS heavy sealed tin-can can’t be open to dry. NEVER.

    Soon, those 30-40 naive ppl that will buy this handicap brick , and try at home what this smart-a.. on the video do, will search for him, will find him, and will lynch him.

  • Thang Fozika
  • Melad360

    you could see air bubbles coming out of it.. this phone is gone

    • Marshall

      You clearly misunderstand IP ratings. They rarely mean devices are WATERTIGHT – just that water won’t enter in a quantity or manner which affects the device’s operation. The air bubbles mean nothing.

      • Melad360

        this phone is rated water resistant, not waterproof like the Sony phones or s5.. relax

        • Marshall

          What I mean is, you’ll likely also see a few bubbles if you put an S5 or Z2 underwater. IP67 doesn’t mean water can’t get in at all.

          • Melad360

            probably, but not nearly as much as what came out of the m8

  • luke

    Its interesting that the battery perecenatge increase from 19 to 27 percent from when he put it in to when he took it out

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Of course is fake. This guy is underestimating our intelligence.
      Or this video is made to hunt iZombies ?(because they dumb and love aluminum)

    • Tyler Williams

      it goes from 50 to 22%

  • Rohit Naik
  • xd feng

    Many computer products concentrate onrigid flex circuits for the cables’ high density and high reliability. The importance of cable materials and electronic components can be seen in large enterprises’ products.

  • Marshall

    IPx3 is ample for the majority of situations. This video might not remove doubt about the durability of the M8, but it’s encouraging. I’d much prefer the One M8 in a reasonable case (Casemate Tough, etc.) over fiddly, pesky port flaps on the S5 which when broken render the IP rating invalid anyway.

  • Rikki Paul

    Nothing of waterproof compared to my Xperia Z1 :))

  • Tình yêu Trong sáng

    I like to use as very friendly androi

  • Tommy

    If you liked the old HTC One, you’ll like the new HTC One, but the problem for HTC is that not many people bought the old HTC One. The One M8 will be enough to keep the company trucking for another year, but it won’t change its market position. And if you have decided to become a proud owner of this device, perhaps you’re in the market for a solid and beautiful protection case as well.


      I had the m7 and got an upgrade to the m8 as soon as it came out. I stopped using a case about a month later and other than the obvious wear and tear, practically nothing due to its second to none quality of build, design and parts I have nothing but amazement and 100% satisfaction. I’m very much looking fwd to the release of the m9. As. Far as Samsung, I got a tablet from them as a gift and the amount of crap they put on the phone is obnoxious. Also please don’t compare this phone to the galaxy it’s no comparison in looks build quality or functionality. HTC ONE IS KING !!!!!!!

  • Ticked off Mom!

    Got this phone for my 15 year old son in March and it was destroyed by the beginning of May. He decided to try the sink and swimming pool with his phone. It’s ruined and my money was wasted!! All because of this guy stupid video and my naive son for believing it. Guess who’s without a phone now!!!!

  • stl

    Just dropped my HTC One M8 in the gutter for 5-10 seconds, under an inch of water. We’ll see how it survives over the months…. Only detectable damage was to the edge of the case. Seems I can get the SD card slot to open due to a nick from the pavement that occurred directly adjacent to the slot and the pin hole.

  • Bob Smith

    The HTC One is not even remotely water resistant. After
    15 days, I dropped mine in the water for a couple of seconds. powered down,
    rice, etc.. . Returned it to HTC who “repaired” it for a very large
    amount of money. It’s been 3 months and the phone has had nothing but
    problems including my most recent speaker tick. I finally started using my old
    phone due to all of the issues.
    I have had other phones exposed to far more water than this and have never had these kind of issues. By
    the way HTC support was horrible! Had to turn them into BBB before they would
    do anything. After dealing with customer support, I will never buy another
    HTC phone.

  • rigo

    my HTC One M8 just took a dip and it looks all good but the touch isnt being responsive right now hopefully itll fix its self like the time it got water on the speakers and then after a week or two they were running again