HTC One successor (M8) launch may be set for February 2014, judge reveals

by: Chris SmithDecember 3, 2013


In a UK Nokia vs HTC case, a judge’s ruling may have inadvertently revealed the launch period of the next HTC One flagship model – so far mentioned in leaks as the HTC M8.

According to the ruling, the phone – which we seriously hope won’t be called the HTC One Two, and instead it’ll be known as the HTC One (2014) – will be launched as soon as February 2014. Here’s what the judge wrote in the filling, part of the patent case between the two companies:

HTC is close to launching the successor flagship model to the HTC One. HTC has not revealed the launch date. Nokia has adduced evidence which suggests that the launch date is in the first quarter of 2014, and possibly as early as February 2014.

BBC News says that the HTC lawyer did not contradict Nokia, “leading him to conclude the information was accurate.” Furthermore, the fact that a new One flagship model may be launching soon, may have been a good reason not to ban the current HTC One model in the region – just the HTC One Mini was banned in the case.

HTC One M8

“I am bound to say I am somewhat sceptical about this evidence given that HTC will shortly be launching a new flagship phone which cannot be assumed to infringe and therefore be caught by the injunction,” the judge said. “Nevertheless, I accept that there is a period between now and February or March 2014 when HTC is vulnerable.”

Considering that in January and February there are two important trade shows, CES 2014 and MWC 2014, respectively, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the M8 unveiled in the near future, especially if it’s indeed hitting stores in February or March.

  • yobbei

    It would be unwise for HTC to release the new One with Snapdragon 800 . They should wait until the new 2014 chips come out. (Maybe 64-bit cpu)

    • Mystery Man

      Probably will have the 805 not 800

    • Amine Elouakil

      Qualcomm not releasing a 64bit (useless) chip in the first half of 2014 so I don’t any reason or any way how the competition would use/access to 64 bit image Samsung selling their 90% S5 with a snapdragon non 64 bit and 10% with Exynos non 4g version on 64 bit.

      64bit is useless right now the SoC instruction sets is more important Armv8 would be th real evolution.

      As for HTC the M8 would have at least an APQ 8074AC S800 which is a more power SoC than the S800 8074AB that will come out in the Xiomi Mi3 which is in it self an enhanced version of the stock 8074 found and the Note 3 and what’s not. There is also a big possibility that it will be the 8084 (s805)

      • poop

        8974(AB/AC)*, by the way.

        But yeah, the M8 doesn’t need to have an 805, so long as it has an 8074AB or AC (preferably the latter) clocked as best as they can, as the AC especially can potentially match the CPU speed of an 805 (at least, the one announced model, the 8084). There are some other differences, though, that may leave the M8 in the dust as soon as an 805 device comes (that will especially leave it looking a bit like its little brother), such as memory read speed (which is nearly double an 8974AC’s) + the Adreno 420.

        But if they’re going for 2/14, have to say, it might only be luck that gets it to have any better than the 8974AC.

        • Amine Elouakil

          8074 is correct. The second number in Qualcomm naming scheme relates to the type of modem/radio included, 0 is with no radio/modem (the base model) and usually used to refere to the generation of the SoC, 9 is with the newest LTE modem. the AC and the 8084 are basically the same CPU wise but there is a catch!, the 8084 uses a newer arm instruction set which means it will perform better, also the memory brandwidt is not double, while we are talking about 32 bit dual vs 64 bit Quad, the frequency on the AC is much much higher than the one on the S805 the basic version (of course this will involve and there will be AB AC versions) and for comparaison the AB Verison has 15Gb/s brandwidt, the S805 24Gb/s the AC has a higherfrequency than the AB and of course this is the maximum speed, when you have the ram that takes advantage of it which is usually not the case.

  • MasterMuffin

    If it has a better camera than the original and a bigger battery, I can’t find any big flaws in it! I know there’s no removable battery and an SD card slot but seriously: premium build, premium specs, timely updates and a good battery life (if it has a bigger battery)!

    • FenCPH

      No removeable battery and no SD, no sale.

      • Amine Elouakil

        like the iPhone:( Samsung is forcing SDs out of your troat because they are the biggest SD Card producer in the world, and notice how only the SD Card producers that have all their phones availale with SD despite google recomendations

        • poop

          Fuck Google recommendations, dude. An SD card slot is a very useful addition; you don’t have to manufacture your device with a removable back and place it under there, just put it on the side like some phones do (cleanly, might I add). It may take some tweaking to get it on some devices, and hell, some devices may release with a bit of trouble with them, but if it can be up and running, an SD card is oh-so-useful especially for regular photographers and just general camera lovers.

          • Amine Elouakil

            SD Card is bad overated, and an obsolete standard, they either need to come up with a new stardard that fix all the issues or fix them in a way or another by moving to another generation that fix them (performance, security, lifespan…………………………..)
            Nand is more expensive but has no issue aside from being not removable I guess but is it slower to plug your phone to your pc or to open SD cap/back cover take SD, Plug it to PC or get card reader plug card reader and then plug the SD to card reader, when you transfer data, watch them capped due to SD Slow data speed transfer………….

          • Gilberto Valentin

            Though SD cards can be useful, I could care less for one especially for pictures. With the cloud storage features available in today’s age who cares…oh yea, those that don’t trust their data with Google or other cloud providers. If you look at trend, optical media among others are slowly fading out. You can’t buy a Mac today that has a DVD Drive. Yes, it is useful because we still depend on it much like you may still depend on the SD card…but it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker ;)

            Just my opinion…

          • arcwindz

            Not this cloud again, it’s been stated so many times that only the 1st world country can enjoy such thing. Not to mention the data limit and signal coverage, not every country have that provider who provide unlimited data and large coverage dude.

          • Gilberto Valentin

            And you really think those countries should be concerned with SD cards? “Come On Mannn”…lets be realistic. People will complain about everything even if there are other ways to accomplish the same thing

          • arcwindz

            Lol. What do you think this countries are? A country with people searching for clean water? Err… No. Sure we got bigger problems, but guess what? Consumers consume. Yeah we freakin buy a smartphone and we do care about that extra storage to get our music and videos on the go where our provider could only give us a dial-up connection quality

          • Gilberto Valentin

            Ummm…the reality is that you want more space to say you have more space because on a trip you want to put 50GB+ of music and movies as if you are actually going to watch or listen to all of it. Let’s face it, people want more space than they actually need at a given moment. I have a 64GB SD card that I never use outside of my car radio. I put about 15k songs in it and I only drive the car for about 2 hours a day to and from work? Did I really need to add that many songs? Not at all, but why did I do it? Well, because I had the extra space that I didn’t really need. I don’t listen to 15k files a day or on a trip or even driving 1200 miles north. That amount of music is over 40 days of continuous play. I could add about 15 movies instead. Do you think on a single trip or vacation I am going to watch 15 movies? No…..”Come on, man”…face it…people want more without really needing it. Now a days you could easily sync a new playlist over the cloud or home via WiFi on the fly…SD storage as a deal breaker for a phone…please…that’s nonsense!!!

            Chances are that if you want to add something to your SD card, you could spend the same amount of time probably cleaning up what you don’t want. With that said, bigger or smaller space becomes a moot point.

          • arcwindz

            And how about apps? Pictures? Not to mention videos. I don’t need 64 gb, that’s true, but 16 gb of internal memories is not gooing to cut it and 32 gb will give you some breathin room, while 32 + 16 can make you forget about all of your storage problem without paying that $$$ for the 64 gb version.
            Like i said before, it’s about ENJOYing cloud storage, sure you won’t listen to 10 gb of your music collection at once, but when you want to listen to it and you don’t have it, well, you know.

          • jbox

            Agree with you. Cloud storage is not available everywhere. SD card is very useful in some extreme situation (natural disaster, for example).

          • Gilberto Valentin

            I am not saying SD isn’t useful. I just think it’s nonsense when people see it as a deal breaker. And internal storage should suffice, even in your “natural disaster” example. All contact information doesn’t take much space. You can store good amounts of music or movies. If you need more space, chances are you can get the same phone with the bigger internal storage as an option. That’s almost no different than paying separately for an SD. Another thought, you can make cloud data available offline. If you loose data you could still grab cached items, such as music, for example.

          • unfortunately it is a deal breaker.

          • Noel

            It is easier and portable to just have it on your device( instead of logging around additional gadgets for storage or depending on cloud storage with all the myriad of issues that come with it). If Sammy can do it on their flagship devices the other OEMs can do the same no excuses.

          • Arturo Raygoza

            try streaming music all day in a dead zone.

          • Gilberto Valentin

            Try using internal storage?! You either purchase a device that has the higher internal storage for the extra $50 or the one that’s $50 cheaper with SD support where you still have to go out and spend about $50 for a good SD card. Like I said, people make it sound like it’s a deal breaker when it doesn’t have to be. There are options to accomplish the same. If you want more and more storage, you should get a laptop instead

        • jbox

          That goes the same for Google too. Google is pushing cloud over SDcard to promote their GDrive cloud service

          • Amine Elouakil

            No, because if google wanted they could have made Drive a mandatory part of the google play store, and it is not the case, sure Google needs to make money out of Android and getting but that’s not the point, they ecourage high storage capacity phones as long as it is Nand we are talking about

  • arjman22

    I would hate to wait till february/March for this phone just to find out it has less than 3000mAmp battery, and I’m in the market for a high end phone.

    • Amine Elouakil

      It will not have less than 3000mAh battery (Butterfly S, One Max) and another thing, didn’t you not lear that battery size isn’t ee

  • Anthonydotcom

    I love my One and would totally buy the M8. An 8MP/Ultrapixel would be nice though. Why do people like complaining about removable SD or battery? I’ll take premium build quality over removable stuff any day of the week. The best thing about Android is that we have options. :p

    • poop

      But it’s not like they even have to work on build; it’s doubtful that they’d take a step *down* in quality just so they can add something a lot of people are (much to the chagrin those who need or actually settle based on the presence of removable SD card/battery) fine without.

  • bushy

    The camera was a big fail for me, also battery life. I’d like to see a lot better shorter and much bigger battery before dishing insane amount of cash again – S5 looks like it might be a go this time.

  • Xavier_NYC

    I have a G2 now but if this has the same or better specs plus an 8-10 ultra pixel camera and at least a 2800 mAh battery I’m in.. I’m a phone whore smh.. Had a Iphone 5, HTC One, G2 within the last 8 months..

  • HTC_quietly_brilliant

    buy HTC phones ! support hTC !