HTC One M7 gets Sense 6 on AT&T’s network

by: Andrew GrushJune 4, 2014

Just last week Sprint and Verizon joined T-Mobile and unlocked HTC One M7 handsets by making the move to Sense 6.0. Late to the party, AT&T is said to be finally rolling out the same update. For those keeping score, that means all four major carriers now have rolled out Sense 6 to the One M7. The update has also already hit Canada and most of Europe.

So what’s new here? While the core version of Android stays the same, there’s quite a few changes that come with Sense 6 including a newly updated interface, an overhauled camera app, new motion controls, power management options including a battery saver interface, and improved Blinkfeed. HTC Sense 6.0 also make a pretty big change in the way that it updates individual HTC apps: you can now upgrade some of these apps directly through Google Play, starting with Sense 6.

How about it, have you received Sense 6 on your AT&T version of the HTC One M7 yet? Any other important changes in the update? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Michelle for sending us the tip!

  • Павел Вълков

    It has annoying ringing bug…
    Every time i get a call, and start ringing. When i take my m7 in hand , the ring tone stops for a second, and than continues ringing
    ……its rly rly annoying and amberassing
    I hope they fix this problem soon
    We tryed on two m7 from.difrent carriers in Bulgaria, same problem. We changed settings, ring tones, volume power. Nothing helps. It keep freezing when u pick it in hand

  • dzinxxx

    UK unlocked m7 no update yet

  • thadjudda1

    I got the update for the Sprint version. The phone feels like a brand new phone, but there are some things that I wish they would do a video on this channe. there’s no support for lockscreen widget for the Sprint version I don’t know about the AT&T. and I noticed that if you’re listening to musi, the lock screen widget can be expanded but I don’t understand why it don’t let you do anything

    • Brian Shieh

      did you check: Security -> “Enable lock screen widgets”? I think that allows for the lockscreen widgets. (I have a At&t model, so you might be correct as well)

      • thadjudda1

        God Bless You!. that’s what I had to do.. THANKS!!

  • Brian Shieh

    I got it….looks good, and extreme power saving mode is really cool.

  • thadjudda1

    still you can only put HTC crappy widgets on the lockscreen, they won’t even let you put Spotify or Google Music widgets on the lockscreen something that I used the most and they’re wondering why everyone goes Samsung

  • Who cares anyway

    I really want to have the Blinkfeed updated on the play store so I can use it on my Galaxy s3, it would be a very nice way to centralize my news

  • Kunal Bhandari

    I had purchased an unlocked AT&T Htc one from Dubai and currently I am using it in India. I still have Jelly Bean and Sense 5.0. I tried updating but I get a message saying ‘no software updates available at this time’. I even tried by clicking on AT&T software update but nothing happens further. Please help!