While most of the attention is on the HTC One M8, the last-gen version of the HTC One is still a very attractive handset and is more than capable of providing a solid Android experience for those that don’t need bleeding-edge specs. With that in mind, Best Buy is now offering the original HTC One (M7) for just $1 with two-year contract via AT&T, Sprint or Verizon from now until tomorrow.

For those that need the refresher, the HTC One (M7) is powered by a 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 CPU with 2GB RAM. Other specs include a 4.7-inch display with 1080p resolution, 32GB storage, a 4 UltraPixel camera, and a 2300 mAh battery.

To see how the HTC One compares to its next-gen brother, you’ll want to check out our versus comparison:

If you have your heart set on the HTC One (M8) but aren’t interested in paying the $199.99 contract price to get it, Best Buy is also offering the next-gen HTC One for $150. Right now Best Buy’s website only lists the Verizon and Sprint version, but AT&T is also expected to get in on the deal.

Anyone planning on taking advantage of the marked down price on the original HTC One, or are you more interested in the HTC One M8?

Andrew Grush
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  • Frank

    Sprint and AT&T are $199.00

  • bummed

    he’s right i just wasted my lunch break going over to best buy to get my new m8 and found that the 150 price for verizon only

    please get your facts straight so people dont waste their time.


  • Mhmd Ahmd

    Sprint and AT&T are $199.00

  • Jesus

    I simply don’t see a reason to buy this phone, when compared to the Galaxy S5.

    They roughly cost the same… but the One M8 doesn’t have anywhere near the features compared to the Galaxy S5 (You can call the S5 ‘bloated’ or whatever, but the price is justified). The One M8 is also not even water / dust resistant, or IP certified. The 4MP “ULTRA pixel” camera is a joke for a flagship, compared to 16MP (You may argue that the One’s camera is better for low light situations… but results of blind tests and simple comparisons show that there is no difference). The One M8 also doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, nor a dedicated heartrate monitor, nor dedicated smartwatch compatability. But still costs roughly the same as the Galaxy S5.

    Bottom line: If you’re looking to buy the One M8, I recommendation is to buy the Galaxy S5 instead, and get the best bang for your buck. 2 front facing speakers is nice, but not worth the price. Or, just get yourself a Nexus 5, have roughly the same amount of software features (i.e. not that much), and save a couple hundred bucks.

    • Mark Gardner

      sayssaysgsaysgsaysgosaysgosays go ….syasYou call me a fanboy. I see that you’re on another article bashing HTC. so either you’re a fanboy of Samsung or you’re just following the articles about HTC and bashing them. You’re either a Samsung fanboy or an HTC hater. Which is it? And quit lying to people …….the HTC One M8 is water resistant. That fingerprint scanner isn’t a big deal anyway. If someone is still amount their flagship out of plastic that is a joke! The battery cover comes off unexpectedly all the time. It is made of cheap materials. The HTC One M7 & M8 are both made of sturdy aluminum. These phones are truly like a jewel when you hold it in your hand. Don’t listen to this clown, he’s a hater. Don’t base your opinion on what phone you purchase on what he or anyone says. Go in the store and play with various phones for yourself. Compare them to one another. Take pics of things in the store with each phone and then compare the pics. Decide for yourself.

      • Jesus

        I sound like a fanboy, because to me (which are based on phone specs and FACTS, not opinions) the HTC One M8 is a joke for its price, compared to the competition.

        As for the cameras… heck, just do a search for the result of BLIND photo tests. Result (from Phone Arena at least) show that the M8’s camera came out LAST out of the flagships… and even the Galaxy S4 was ranked better.

        “the HTC One M8 is water resistant” – Seriously? No. If it is, then so is the Moto G, and Galaxy S3… and all the phones that survive being underwater. Being awarded an IP certification is the difference.

        “The battery cover comes off unexpectedly all the time.” lol you can’t be serious =/… The Nexus 5 is made out of plastic, but it’s no ‘joke’. THe Galaxy S4 and S3 were no jokes either lol. Neither are the Nokia Lumias. HTC’s ‘flagship’ – the Butterfly – is also plastic. All are state of the art polycarbonate (aka ‘plastic’ for you haters), not some cheap made in China toy plastic. Aluminium? Say what you want, but we can move away from metal now – this isn’t the 50s when everything was metal.

        Readers, go ahead and check out these phones in the stores. They will be priced similarly, but like I’ve said previously, the HTC One M8’s price is simply UNJUSTIFIABLE when other flagships with better quality and much more features costs around the same, and the Nexus 5 costs hundreds less than the One M8.

  • Jesus

    I would pick the M7 over the M8. $1 vs. $150… but the difference in hardware? Let’s see…

    1. Dual cameras on the M8, used to do that fancy focus feature (which other flagships can already do with one camera), which can be done with apps in the Play Store.

    2. The M8 has reduced usable screen size, due to the incorporation of on-screen keys.

    3. M8 has an SD card slot…

    All other differences (processor, etc.) are negligible because for the average user, the older processor is more than capable for everything! (Both are still using 4MP cameras, and neither are IP certified…)

    So there you have it. Would make more HTC Sense to buy the M7, and save $149.